Written by: Akuma-Chibi (AKA: Devil-Babe-911)

Summary:Everyone has somebody to love and live for; it just takes some people longer to find their someone...others it takes a while to realize that their someone was always there. But, what about the unwanted, the people who are bad mouthed and made into secret's since their birth? What about the ones that had only ever seen eyes filled with hatred and disgust, all of which were directed towards them? Pushed away, ignored, insulted, looked down on and ridiculed all their life, do they have someone...anyone...somewhere...that will love them?

Anime: Naruto – InuYasha

Main Couple: Kagome/Gaara – All pairings have been decided!

Genre: Romance / Adventure

Rated: M (Medium Violence) (Excessive Sexual Themes) (Excessive Blood and Gore) (Attempted Rape) (Mild Language)

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Gaara & Kagome – Main Couple

Sasuke & Naruto – This one will be amusing in the way it develops. Not Yaoi at first.

Sango & Deidara – I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to get the pair to meet, but they will.

Hanabi & Hikaru Tsuki – Hikaru is from the 3rd movie. A young prince worthy enough for a 'Hyuuga' to marry. Lol.

Gekkou Hayate & Uzuki Yugao – The referee examiner person at the Chuunin exams preliminaries. He had the cough. Yugao was the one crying when he was killed, has purple hair and was an ANBU much like him.

Ino & Shikamaru – Yes, I kept at least ONE original pairing. I just think they even each other out...in a weird...sort of way.

Itachi & Hinata – Do I need a reason? No!

Ayame & Kiba – Like you didn't see that one coming. If Kouga isn't there, she has to have SOMEONE with that cute wolf/dog like features. He has fangs so it's close enough. Lol.

Anko & Izumo – Izumo is actually one of my favorite characters. Hehe.

Kimimaro & Tayuya – They look cute together. Humph!

Sakura & Sai – If things go accordingly, he should meet at LEAST Kagome and Itachi.

Neji & Tenten - ...say, does anyone know if Tenten has a LAST name? Alright, I lied, that's TWO original characters on the most likely list in Naruto.

Miroku & Temari – Pervy has an official excuse for his Pervert attitude. He was raised in the Red District Area. Hehe.

Genma & Shizune – Also cute together.

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A Second Farewell


These memories torment and haunt me;

Such pain and horror surrounding,

Lurking in every side of my heart.

From past experiences, Gaara knew Kagome was an amazing girl, and that there was something in her, similar to himself...however, unlike him, she had a whole village that worried about her. This he knew because, not even a day after the letter arrived at Konoha, an ANBU was already passing through the gates of Suna.

In fact, he stood before him now, staring at the two Shinobi of sand that were in front of him, blocking his way to the girl laying out cold on the bed behind Gaara. "Leave," Gaara told the guards that had chased after the Leaf ANBU.

"What...! He trespassed─"

"No, he was anticipated. I had a letter sent to Konoha just yesterday, and they sent someone, as requested. Now...don't make me tell you again."

"..." The two guards exchanged glanced before leaving.

I can't seem to cast aside these thoughts away

and it's ripping everything in me apart.

It hurts so much!


Gaara moved out of the ANBU's way, letting him move forward and take hold of the girls' hand. "...thank you for saving her." It was muffled by the fox mask, and softly spoken, so Gaara almost didn't hear it, but the thank you rang clear in the silent room.

"Who is she to you?" Gaara asked curiously, "She is...special..." He didn't finish the sentence, he didn't need to.

Why can't I just break free?

It's like a poison coursing inside me,

The ANBU turned and looked to him for a moment, speaking clearly, his voice was cold and hard. "Whatever she may be to you, she is far more precious to me. If you try, now or in the future, to cause harm to her...I will not hesitate to kill you."

A venom running through my veins,

Burning and wreaking havoc within

"The same can be said to you."

The ANBU lifted Kagome into his arms, and sparing Gaara a single glance, he gave a small nod in what the younger would assume to be gratitude before leaving out the window without so much as a goodbye.

And leaving nothing but blackened pain.




Blue eyes traversed over the sequence of color strokes that appeared around her, before her and behind her. Reaching down, a slender hand with lithe fingers brushed against the passing blue and brush strokes of yellow, dipping into the colors, white streaks interrupted the display of colors where her fingers had taken residence before she withdrew them and the colors went back to there natural current. In fact, that's what it looked like; colorful brush strokes of water.

Just lift these binding chains upon my hands

So that I might be able to touch once again;

"Kagome, love~"

Her ear's perked at the soft voice, an unfamiliar voice, one she'd never heard before. "Hello?"

"Love, do you know me?"

"...no...maybe..." A frown appeared on her soft lips, pale from the circulation of blood not her own flowing through her veins. "...I don't know."

Piece back the shattered parts on the ground

Of whatever heart inside me that remains.

A memory not her own, flashed before her eyes. A man with his arms wrapped around a very pregnancy woman's waist, hands circling the growing stomach, smiles gracing their lips as they whispered unheard word of love and affection to one another. The woman with her black hair falling down her shoulders in silky locks, vibrant blue eyes filled with adoration as she looked upon the handsome man that she knew only to be her father. "...daddy..." The man pressed his lips in a gentle kiss to the woman's. "Momma..." The woman gave a silent laugh as he pulled her into his arms. "Momma! Daddy!"

This damned prison that forever traps me,

This forsaken darkness so I cannot see,

Tears fell from her eyes as she watched the scene before her play out. It was tearing at her heart, that it was no longer there, for her to see, or touch...the two people before her were gone...and one of them she couldn't recall the smallest detail of...all except her looks.

"Hush love...no one has left you. I'm here, Kaguya is here, Yuki is here...we love you, and will always be here for you."

"But you're not here! I can't feel you, or see you, or hear you anymore!"

These breathless lungs drowning in the black sea

That lay before my spirit as I fall from your grace

Are all from this oblivion that has befallen my soul.

"Kagome..." A pair of arms wrapped around her shoulders and she glanced up to see the familiar brown eyes of her father.


"Kagome, do you remember what I told you...that night you left with Jiraiya?"

"...you said you'd be there when I came back..." She cried, leaning back against his chest. "You weren't though...you weren't there...you lied..."

Kami, lift me up from this darkness!

It's killing me,

"No, I never lied. I was there...with you. That's where I've always been, with you Kagome. Come on baby-doll, you know I would never leave you if I could help it. I love you so much...the same for your mother, she loves you too, and we will always love you, and be here for you."

Torturing everything inside me!

Stop this bleeding heart,

Heal these wounds within.

A pair of hands took Kagome's and she glanced up into the blue eyes of the mother she'd never known. "So beautiful love, I wish I had gotten the chance to raise you...I wanted to be there, helping you out along the way...but I'm happy...you have so many friends...and you've made family...Itachi, Mikoto and Sasuke...Ayame, Naruto, Kiba, Shikamaru, Chouji and Tobio...Kimimaro and Tayuya as well...so many people love you. Sango and Miroku are there with you too, and you know that, as long as they can, they'll be there for you."

Turning her hands in her mothers, she held tightly to them. "Are you and Daddy going to disappear again...?"

This hurts so much!

I can't take it anymore!

"..." Rai smiled, "I love you Kagome...as long as my blood runs through your veins, I will be with you. Same with your daddy...we will never leave you...love."

Right before her eyes, her mother began to fade, "Mommy!"

I'm trying so hard

To make and change things;

"Baby-doll, someone is very worried over you, you should wake up, and let him know you're okay. We'll be here for you," He whispered, "When you need us most...we'll be there."

To turn these ashes into the flames they once were,

To remedy whatever it is that I've done wrong.

"Daddy!" Once more, she watched as her father faded. Her eyes were filled with tears and for a moment, she wanted to follow, but her fathers' words struck her painfully. She couldn't leave behind her friends and makeshift family, she loved them too dearly to leave them. 'Daddy...Mommy...I love you both so much...I miss you...'

But I can't seem to make you smile any longer

And I'm the monster in the mirror.

It hurts so much!

~End Dreamscape~

'...' Kagome looked up at the ceiling that had sheltered her for many nights during the three years that she had resided in Konoha. No, it wasn't her room in the place the Hokage had set up for her...it was the familiar room in the Uchiha district, in Itachi Uchiha's home, with Sasuke, and their mother Mikoto...it was the warm bed she'd sleep in waiting for Itachi to return...hoping he'd return...the pillow was laced with tears...her tears...no doubt from the dream she had just had. A weight on her hand informed her that she wasn't alone. Looking to her left, she felt her eyes widen in shock at the sight of Itachi holding on to her hand, sleeping in the chair by her bed. Next to him, on the floor, was Sasuke, whose head was resting on the bed, and sitting against the wall, staring silently at her as he watched her put together her surroundings, was Sai, who had his art pad out and a paint brush in hand with ink beside him.

Silently, he stood up and made his way to her side, sitting next to her bed on the right, across from the Uchiha brothers, he took her free hand in his and gave a small, and clearly practiced smile.

Kagome felt more tears swell up in her eyes as she felt truly happy for the first time in a long time. Not thinking about Itachi when she did it, she launched forward and hugged Sai, waking Itachi and Sasuke up at the same time.


Kagome cried contentedly, "Sasuke-Nii...Itachi-Papa!" She released Sai and hugged the brothers tightly. "I'm so glad, to be back home..."

"..." Itachi climbed onto her bed and lifted her into his lap, holding her close to him, he smiled, a true, genuine smile, "We're happy you're back too. You owe the Kazekage's son a thank you, by the way."

"...Kazekage's son?"

"Mm, he talked like he knew you."

Kagome frowned, "I don't know the son of the Kazekage." She felt the bed dip and smiled when Sasuke moved to sit beside her. "You sure they knew me?"

"...he had red hair and aquamarine eyes...a gourde on his back..." Itachi said, thinking maybe she'd know him by description rather than title.

"...Nanashi..." She whispered softly to herself, a soft smile appearing at the thought of the boy from so many years ago. "Yeah, I know him..."

Itachi felt an overbearing need to protect her as he watched the smile form on her lips. "Well, you can send him a thank you note, for now, go back to bed."

Kagome watched Sai lie down on the other side of Sasuke, arms behind his head as he drifted off to sleep himself. She laughed at Sasuke who was glaring at the quiet albino. "Alright, your right...I'm still tired anyways." She told the fifteen year old who held her close to him. "Itachi-Papa...I'm so happy to have everyone here as a part of my family; thank you..." She kissed him on the cheek gently, following up with Sasuke, and then ending with Sai who was sleeping already. Lying back down, she let sleep take her into a world of dreams once more.


Itachi watched the sleeping girl with adoration and sighed, "She'll be kissing everyone tomorrow...I can just see it now."

Sasuke laughed, "Keep Tobio on a leash, and Kiba too."


"Mm, he's had a hush-hush crush on her since the day that he, Naruto and Shikamaru had knocked her over on their way to the Academy."

Itachi chuckled, "The dog is smart enough to know what's not his to touch, he can smell a threat...and I am most definitely a threat. Tobio however...that boy is too oblivious to notice a threat, I'll have to talk with him one-on-one."

Sasuke smiled, 'Like that would work.' Lying down, he too let sleep take him.

Itachi glanced over at Sai after about five minutes. "I know you're not asleep."

"..." Sai opened his eyes and stared emotionlessly at Itachi.

"With Danzo locked up, you would think that you'd smile more often."

He glanced down at Kagome, "We couldn't do anything...to help her."

"...no, we couldn't...but that won't happen again. I won't let it. Tomorrow, the Hokage is going to have her cross-examined...again. She'll be interrogated like a common spy..." Itachi clenched the sheets of Kagome's bed irritably. "They'll be suspicious of her for a couple weeks, I'm sure."

"Will you say something about it to Kagome?"

"...I don't need to...she's a smart girl. She knows what her association with Orochimaru brings her, and she also understands that it's necessary...no matter how ridiculous it may seem..."



(The Next Day)

Kagome stood before the Hokage, eyes shut as Ibiki explained what she was to expect. "As interesting as this sounds, and don't take me rude when I say this...but, I've heard it all before." She opened her eyes and looked Ibiki into his. Something was wrong, something she felt was inside her, and had she been on the outside looking at the same thing the men in front of her were, she'd know what it was that she felt...

Things would start to change...and Kagome knew, it wasn't going to be easy getting familiar with these changes...and what would the others, her friends, think of them...her family...Kaguya...how would she fare...

Take it away, I can't do this anymore!

This venom is tearing me up,

And what's worse,

I can't fix the damage done,

Someone please take it away...

Remove this poison in my veins~


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