Dragon's Bounty Chapter 3

::notes:: Yes I intend parts of this chapter to echo the last 2 chapters, it's

not from lack of new ideas, its to give you a feel of the universality of time.

I now wish I had named Drake- Syvan, isn't that a scrumptious name? Drake is

supposed to reflect Drache like as in Draco, and all things dragon- like, cause

this is Dragon's Bounty for another reason. After this chapter I'd really like

to hear how much you want of flashbacks, Who you like best and want more type

time on? Can you tell this is my first fanfic?

~ telepathy~

:::::1978::: First Meetings, The setting of destiny

"I don't think you should go." Iris pouted on her sister's bed looking through

Leilari's little black book. Her older sister was busy tossing clothes from one pile on the floor to another, looking for 'just the right look'.

"Mom wouldn't approve," She continued.

Sigh. "Mom isn't going to find out."

She was getting so close to finding the book. Ever since she had heard about it

from grandma, it had become her obsession. Long ago, lamia had stolen their family heirloom.

A book of spells that would make circle midnight green with envy, and witch history that belonged WITH witches. With this in mind Leilari continued to stuff her purse and jeans with pouches of herbs and other stuff used to cast spells.

Iris sniffed disapprovingly, She saw spells as pointless, Astreans didn't NEED

spells! Mom was always nagging her older sister for disrespecting the family business.

" The wrong kinds of people hang out at the Black Iris."

"The kind of low lifes that stole our family scrolls- The Shiva El Drache will

be there, Oren told me so!"

"Will you give it up already?" Iris was lighting a few candles. Her older sister was always angry about something, that's why Gram. said she would never have the family 'gift'.  To use it you had to be calm, forgetting everything.

As if sensing her thoughts, Leilari glared back green eyes darkening. I AM

going to prove myself. I am NOT the black sheep of the family she told herself

not really convinced, which only served to make her madder. If she got the book

back, they would all have to admit that she was special, worthy of entry in the

Astrea family history. She would be known as the avenger, the girl who returned

the Shiva El Drache back to its rightful place. No one would get between her

and her goal. Her prize.

She picked up the phone

"Oren? You there? It's me. Yeah, could you tell me the party is, That club? uh

Huh." She wrote down the address. "Thanks."

When she failed to get a response, Iris tossed sparkly bellbottoms to Leilari.

"Thanks" The older girl said begrudgingly.

Silence continued until Leilari was literally dressed to kill.


"Don't get yourself killed okay? I don't want the job of older sister." Iris

said solemnly closing her eyes. "If you go tonight your life's course will be made certain." She opened her eyes again.

"There you go, a foreseeing for you." Iris said Decisively.

"Success then" Leilari grabbed her purse and headed for the second story

window, not risking the door. Dad would kill her if he knew she was going to a club.

"Bye" She climbed down the piping and fell to the grassy side yard.


"See that witch over there? She's power."

"She's trouble." Drake Mornglori corrected, turned away from where his brother

was pointing. Examining the red liquid in his glass. Really, wasn't that much obvious?

"I heard she's practically engaged to a Harman."

"Ah, but not yet" Delphis grinned wagging a finger at his friend. "So she's

still fair game." He said getting up from his stool. The others in their group

were pretty skeptical.  After all Harmans were witch royalty. Who would give up

being a princess among your own for a guy who wasn't even a Redfern?

Drake glared at his brothers retreating back, the arrogant, prissy... and a few

other choice words not politely uttered. He always thought he could charm his

way into anyone's bed. Just cause he was eldest, and the holder of the scrolls.

The witch in question was tall, curvy with willow hair and grace. His superior

sight said leaf green eyes were between those dark lashes... Definitely Dangerous.

"What's your name sweetheart?" Dephis used his golden smile to best advantage,

putting his arm around her shoulder, or trying to. She moved before his arm

touched hers, turning to face him. A surprise, most girls here had little wit indeed. A catch truly.

She glared at him, and then smiled silkily.

"You are Delphis Mornglori aren't you?"

He leaned in. "A fan?"

She edged away. " You're what? 500? I have this thing against guys older than my great grandparents, the whole generation gap thing."

He frowned "Some women appreciate the... experience."

"I bet."

~And you are?~ he was getting annoyed.

"Leilari Astrea."

"Astrea...ah, the fore seers." he said placing the name.

"We're not some seers!" She protested.

"What will you have? drinks on me."

"Strawberry daiquiri."

After they had their drinks, she tried to remedy the situation.

"You look like a man of power, are you?" flirting.

Delphis was confused by the mixed signals the girl was giving him. Red light fell onto his face from the dance floor.

"I Am." he confided leaning in.

"And what would the source of such power be?" She said, trying to get him to confirm what Oren told her.   He looked suspicious then, and she regretted pushing her luck. "Besides your personality." This game of black widow and grasshopper had to be down carefully. With the patience she did not yet possess.

"Answer me this, How did you know who I am?" he threw back

Don't mention the book! Her mind nagged.

"Rumors- of lamia with 'shifter skills catches a girls interest." She said

evenly with the right amount of flirtation.

His eyes narrowed "Some would call us 'tainted'" testing her.

"I wouldn't!" She responded. Was she too quick to answer?

He raised an aristocratic eyebrow.

"Oh? And why's that?"

He wanted proof. This had to be handled carefully, not giving away her own families secrets.

"Hybrids take the best of both worlds, a lamia's.... endurance and speed, with a

Shifters ability to.... transform... use their baser instincts... and what women

wouldn't be satisfied?" Plenty of innuendoes laced her carefully phrased

response. If he thought she was interested, maybe he was willing to share


His crafty self-satisfied smile told her she had hit her mark.

He led her over to his table where his group of lackeys were waiting. She allowed him to put his arm around her shoulders. The lackeys were unimportant, but another lamia held himself similarly to Delphis and had his same golden looks, he must be a relative. His intense glare made her nervous though. It was as if he could see past her illusions, past everything she was. Dangerous. He would be an obstacle. The others looked so self centered that she doubted they

could see past their noses to see what was really going on.

"Look what I found boys."

"The seer who can't?" a red-haired lamia smirked. This one, if he knew anything

would blab it quick.

She turned back to her host. "You're friends?"

Everyone at the table was under his employ, the shifters looked dangerous.  Was

this a sign of wealth to try and impress her? The Apollo was his much younger brother Drake. It was hard not to stare at his perfect classical sculpted self. He was good looking? So what? A lot of vampires were. Don't get distracted girl!

Delphis was soon taken off with some girl he knew, off to the dance floor. One of his regular 'ladies'.

It was a perfect opportunity to casually drug everyone's drinks. The servants soon

looked very drunk. Drake didn't drink anything she could get near. Always reordering his drinks.  A sly one. If the Mornglori clan had stolen the Shiva El Drache so many years ago, and if Delphis was out of reach... maybe she could still weasel out some information out of Mr. Brooding. If she could even get him to open up to her, so far he was acting like she had some fatal contagious disease!

How was tonight supposed to 'set her destiny' as Iris had said if she couldn't

even get that much information out of them? She didn't feel like playing the

easy girl to this guy. Somehow the very thought made her feel dirty.

She got up from her pointless conversation with Mr. Stoic, putting back on her

deerskin jacket,

"I'd like to say it's been fun or something... but it hasn't."

Could he stop staring at her? Please? Oren Harman would beat this guy's head back

into his rather attractive bum for looking at her that way. Which would be a

rather nice show of emotion from her boyfriend.

His eyes bored into her back, analyzing. "You hate my brother don't you?"

She froze and turned around carefully.


~So what are you trying to get out of him?~

Goddess! If he knew, she was soo dead.  Was that her destiny? To fail without

doing any damage?

"And if I am?" She asked cautiously

"I'll help you, really. If you had any brains you would have stuck to me first

instead of mooning over him." Drake smirked.

Her stomach dropped into her feet when he said that. She hadn't expected it at all. And something else entirely. She may not have been a seer like the rest of

her family, but this she could feel. As if she could hear her sister laughing at

her now.

"Oh? And Why's that?"

He smiled in that self-assured way his brother had, his lips looking kissable.

What an unsuspecting witch, he could see her glowing blue veins. He imagined

that they held very sweet tasting blood. He did what was instinctive to him in such situations, casual seduction.

He reached out his hand to take hers. To kiss it and look in her eyes with

brooding bad boy charm. Only it didn't quite work out that way.

He did pull her towards him, with the purpose of kissing her hand, but all other

thoughts, original intentions evaporated at the skin-to-skin contact.

He felt an electrical shock pulse through him. His arms pulled her closer to him. He would have thought it a witch trick, except her eyes for once were real, devoid of illusion, of guile. For the short time he had known her, he already instinctively knew how she operated. It wasn't a trick. Then there was only one other option.

As one they uttered the famous three-word phrase---

" What the hell?"  in the same amazed tone.

What were you expecting? I love you? They just met!

Breath became labored, rough.

This can't be right, he thought. He shoved the little logical voice in his head that told him exactly what was going on and the significance of it. He didn't WANT to know. Multi-hued lights shaded their bodies making everything seem far off, unreal. Their minds were off in La la land. AkA where all pairs of silver cord bound people go. And she was seeing the reflection of herself. Someone who struggled to prove them self. Who saw failure as worse than fatal. To whom

power and it's pursuit was life. It was too much.

She pulled away, hoping no one had seen.

"Maybe we should talk about this outside?" She suggested. Afraid to hope that

help would be this easy. He nodded, careful not to touch her again, but   lead

her through the crowds to get out of the popular nightclub.

His car was warm...even if he appeared not to be.

"Why would you want to help me?" she said trying to ignore what had happened

when they touched.

"He has something I want."

"The Shiva El Drache?"

He looked surprised. "You know about it.  Then you aren't some small timer." He

made it sound like that was a compliment to himself.

"We're on the same side."

"The other half of the other." he purred.

She glanced back at him, they hadn't discussed it yet. Please don't say the

word. She didn't want to think about what this meant to her plans, and to forget

the feel of his lips on her hand, or the urge  to knock him down right here and

now and get a more personal knowledge of those lips. She felt herself losing personal control.

He just stared at her when she didn't respond.

" Can you please just drive me home now?" her voice held desperation.

"Fine," He said starting the sports car. He would get his chance later. He had

an eternity of patience. " But it won't change anything Leilari Astrea."

The ride home was pretty quiet except when he kept glancing over at her.

"What?!" She asked  at one of the stoplights, none too friendly.

"Nothing." He turned back grinning.


When they reached her home, she looked at it with more gratitude than normal.

~I'll see you tomorrow~ he stated, not asking for permission.

She didn't answer but instead ran up to her porch, seeking refuge in her house.

"Where have you been Young Lady?"

She was too tired to argue.

Iris grinned at her sister, following her up the stairs.

"Did you meet Prince Charming?"

Leilari stopped in front of her door at that.

"Charm is an overrated attribute. Keep your stupid prophesies to yourself!" Her

voice broke over the last part. Locking her door, she fell on her bed mentally

exhausted, not wanting to think. She mumbled. "I shouldn't have gone."

Her family exchanged glances downstairs. "What's with her?"

End chapter 3.

Chapter 4 will still be in 1978.  I live off of comments. They are the air I breathe.