Chapter 54

This night you're mine….


After the wedding, House and Victoria took a few days at a nice bed and breakfast near the beach. Blythe stayed at the penthouse to help Anita and to spend time with her granddaughter.

They arrived in the evening and went directly to their room. It was a lovely Victorian style room with a four poster bed. Victoria started to examine the antiques in the room, but House pulled her into his arms.

"Time for that later, Mrs. House. Right now, I need many thanks for getting your favorite singer to serenade you."

She shook her head, laughing. "I still can't believe you did that! Why didn't you ever tell me that you'd met Billy Joel?"

He shrugged. "Once my patients are cured, I don't really think about them. No more interest for me."

"Have you treated anyone else famous?"

"A jazz musician, a senator, a baseball player, a soap opera star. Some others that I really don't remember."

"Only you would treat famous people and shrug it off. You probably remember the poor patients more."

"If their cases were more interesting, then yes."

She put her arms around him. "I love you."

"Cool. Time to show me how much."

Clothes were shed fairly quickly, then he pushed her back onto the lovely bed. He wasn't concerned with the duvet, only with the woman under him. Kisses became more intense and it wasn't long before he slipped inside her and they finally, truly consummated their marriage.

After, they lay entwined in each other's arms.

"This was much better than the sex on our other wedding night," she told him.

"You're lucky you got what you did that night. A hot waitress came on to me."

She looked at him. "What? You had sex with a waitress on our wedding night?"

"That's not what I said. And why would you be upset about that now? It wasn't a real wedding. And you were having sex with your laptop at the time."


"I didn't have sex with her. I said she came on to me. But I turned her down and had sex with you instead."

"It was angry sex."

"I was angry."

She sighed. "I know. You had a right to be. Another example of what a bitch I was."

"Well, you're not now, so it's all good."

"Greg, we're so happy right now. So…easy with each other. Will it always be like this?"

"Probably not. You can be pretty stubborn and opinionated. We'll have fights."

"I can be stubborn? What about you?"

"I am the most easygoing, agreeable guy you could ever know."

She burst out laughing. He tried to hold a straight face, but couldn't and he laughed too, then pulled her close to him.

"Okay, it's true, between the two of us, we'll probably have some knock down, drag out fights. But just think how much fun making up will be?"

"There is that."

They fell asleep after that.

Their future would hold many changes:

They found a lovely ranch home in a nice neighborhood. Victoria was unable to sell the penthouse in the current real estate market, so she rented it out to visiting executives until the economy improved. But she never considered moving back into it. Their new home was perfect for them.

Victoria grew bored with not working. Several headhunters had contacted her about jobs, but she was reluctant to enter another high pressure position. In the end, she started her own consulting firm so that she could set her own hours.

Which came in handy two years later when they had a son. Victoria hadn't wanted to get pregnant again, but once again, nature had its own ideas. After the birth, she had her tubes tied, since late forties was too old (in her opinion – and House's too) for a woman to have more children.

Anita married Sean, but continued to work for Victoria. She was closer to the House children than she was to her own grandchildren, since she was with them more.

A few years after their marriage, Victoria's father tried to convince her to take a job with Marsden. He wanted her to run the company with her brother. But she refused. She'd walked away from that and begun something new and she wasn't about to give it up.

Victoria's determination had fueled her brother and Drew finally came out at age fifty, and entered into a civil union with a long time lover. Victoria and House helped him plan the ceremony. Their mother attended. Their father did not.

And despite all the changes, some things remained the same:

They loved Andra and their son unconditionally and were not afraid to let them know. Victoria and House both made sure they made time to spend with their children and despite the usual disagreements that families have, they stayed a close family unit.

Most of all they loved each other, despite many fights over the years. But they always found a way through them and making up was always great.

But as they lay there sleeping on their (real) wedding night, their only thoughts were how much they loved each other at that moment and the hope that they always would.

This night will last forever.

Thanks so much to everyone who read this story. It was an interesting ride for me too. I love all of you for reading and reviewing. Hopefully you'll enjoy my next work. See you soon!