I don't own anyone but the TMNT Girls. Princess Diamond, the jewel, the villainess and her minions, and May and June from the Island of the Demon Women.

Escorting Princess Diamond

In Genkai's Compound the girls are relaxing. They are cooking lunch for themselves and May and June. The girls are chatting about their boyfriends and May and June are training to be stronger warriors with Genkai.

"Wow, a day without missions." Sashe says in a relaxed tone.

"Yes, a day without missions." Ninji replies in the same tone.

"Where are the boys?" Kiri asks the girls wondering where the boys are.

"They went to someplace that had in Demon World they had to stop a giant monster from destroying a village." Botan answers Kiri flipping food in the air.

"Figures." Shizuru replies nonchalantly.

"Hey, Girls, wanna help us train." May ask the girls.

"Sure, May." Keiko replies as the girls finish the food.

The Girls help out with May and June's training. Of course their training isn't going well again. The little girls are beating the other girls in training. Genkai and Splinter shake their head in disappointment. Koenma comes soon after.

"Hey, girls, I something to tell you." Koenma spoke up.

"I hope it's not another mission!" Ninji says to Koenma annoyed.

"It is, Girls."

"Here we go again."

"What's our mission, sir?" Botan asks ready willing to go.

"You have to escort a royalty to her castle." Koenma explains the mission to the girls.

"Who's the Queen?" Yukina asks wondering about whom they are escorting.

"She's not a queen…"

"I'm a Princess!" A young girl's voice replies in snobbish tone.

"Who's this?" Kiri asks looking at the little girl.

"My name is Princess Diamond, princess of the Elementians." The little girl answers Kiri. Princess Diamond looks like an eight year old girl with blonde hair, green eyes, pointy ears, she is short in stature about as tall as May and June. She wore a royal dress that was pink and sparkly.

"So we have to escort Princess Diamond to her castle?" Keiko asks Koenma.

"Yes, I wanted the Ninja Turtles and the Spirit Detectives but you eight will do nicely." Princess Diamond replies in a snobby tone.

"Will do nicely?" Ninji growls angrily.

"Calm down, Ninji." Botan replies calmly trying to calm the female ninja turtle.

"We'll do it." Sashe replies seriously.

"Ok, Excellent." Koenma replies excitedly.

Meanwhile another Elementian is planning. It is a teenage female who has blue hair, purple eyes, pointy ears, she is got a female model's body type. She is wearing a royal purple dress that is short and it fits her body type.

"Rain, Flare, and Cobalt, come." The female commands her three henchmen.

Rain, Flare and Cobalt came. Rain looks like a young female with long grey hair. She has pointy ears like an elf; she wears a Goth like dress with a pink belt, she wore pink wristbands. Flare looks like a Tasmanian Tiger Centaur mix with a scar over his right eye He has stripes on his waist and his arms. He has red wristbands Cobalt is a polar bear with brown fur at the tips of his ears he has a belt over his shoulder to carry his sword: Earthquake. He has a tattoo of a strange symbol on his left shoulder. He wore warrior pants and blue wristbands.

"Yes, Madam Morgan." The three obey.

"I want you three to get something for me." Morgan says in calm tone.

"What is it, Madam?" Cobalt replies in calm gentleman voice.

"The Elementian Stone." Morgan replies. "Princess Diamond holds it in her possession."

"Yes, Madam." The Three obey.

"Oh, be aware that Princess Diamond has body guards." Morgan warns to her henchmen.

"Who is Madam?" Flare asks in a light tough tone.

"It's the Turtles and the Detectives girlfriends."

"We'll get rid of them as soon as possible, Madam." Rain replies in Goth like voice.

"Good, now leave me." Morgan orders.

"Yes, Madam." The three obey.

"Soon I will get the Elementian Stone and I will Queen of the Elementian Kingdom."

She laughs sinisterly softly.

To be continued…