Summary- The 8 gets their brains switched by a new gem that villain possesses. It's up to the guys to get them back. Will they?

Disclaimer-I don't own anyone but the A.D.R. I do own Munchie and his crew, the demon merchant, and the new villains lackey

Dark Gems

Human Mutant Brain Toss

One day at a Jewelry Store, a demon merchant named Trades was coming out of with some gems he stole.

"Hmm… These gems look familiar." Trades spoke. "Well here comes one of my helpers, Nature, would you like to help trades some goods to Demons in Demon World."

"Sure, Governor, what are giving me in return?" Nature asks.

"Another hat I guess."

"Alright, Governor."

So Nature helps the Demon Merchant and gives him the hat but what Nature doesn't know is that he put the Gems he got inside of Nature's hat.

"Thanks, Governor." Nature replies.

"Welcome, Nature." Trades reply. "Now I must go to demon world to do some trading for money…."

All of a sudden Trades was picked up by…

"You have what I want merchant." The voice spoke.

"Who are you?" Trades ask.

"Mate, I'm your worst nightmare." the voice replies.

"Hang Roo! I don't have them a prairie demon has them in his hat."

"In hisssss hat…" Another voice replies. "We'll get hisssss hat."


"Guys, there's a problem." Mikey gulps.

"What is it?" Leo asks.

"Donny and Kurama are stuck inside are in the possession of that demon guy."

"Not for long!" Yusuke replies. "Spirit Gun!"

Yusuke's shot hit the demon knocking him out. The demon falls down and lands by the others.

"Nice shot, Urameshi." Kuwabara replies.

"Thanks, now let's take this demon to spirit world."

"Now we can get some rest." Raph replies.

"Hi, Governors, sirs." Nature greets.

"Nature, what are you doing here?" Hiei asks.

"Oh, I'm just walking around…" Nature replies as Hang Roo tackle him and one of the gems fell out of Nature's hat and it crack in half and mist came out and surrounded the guys and turtles and they fall to their knees holding their heads and they pass out.

"Oh, no, Governor, sirs." Nature replies in shock.

"At last,we got the Dark Gems, mate." Hang Roo replies as he ran off.

"What was in my hat?"

Nature dust his self off and picks up his hat and the Black Dark Gem as the 8 woke up.

"Are you guys ok?"

"Yeah as soon as kick the shell out of who did this to us." Yusuke replies not sounding like himself.

"Huh?" Nature asks confused.

"As if you would." Leo replies darkly.

"Ok?" Nature asks even more confused. "Those two don't sound like they usually do. "Come on, Governors lets take you to the Turtles lair."

They got the Turtles lair. Nature tells Leatherhead, Koenma, and Professor Honeycutt what happen to the 8 guys.

"Hmm… I see." Leatherhead replies.

"Oh, dear." Honeycutt replies.

"Oh, great." Koenma replies.

"Yeah, two of spoke like they have someone else's brain." Nature explains.

"The Dark Gems!" All 3 spoke.

"They are like the Kingdom Crystals and Dragon Stones." Koenma replies.

"There are 3 of them: The Black Gem- It switches their brains, The Grey- makes strange stuff happen to those whom are affected and the Indigo Gems- Turns anyone into wildcats. And the cure one is a moonstone color." Leatherhead explains.

"Ok, so what you saw is that Yusuke had Raphael's brain, and Leonardo has Hiei's brain." Honeycutt explains.

"I'll go see who's got whose brain." Nature replies as he went to a machine and someone was under it. Nature notices it Kuwabara under the machine.

"Hey, Nature, can pass me that Double sided screwdriver?" Kuwabara asks.

"Ok…wait don't you like videogames." Nature replies.

"No, I don't I have fix this machine so we can use it in the near future."

"Ok, I think Kuwabara's got Donatello's Brain which means Michelangelo has Kurama's Brain." Koenma replies.

"I just saw Donatello relaxing and watching a martial arts tournament and Kurama is meditating." Honeycutt replies.

"I think Donatello's got Yusuke's Brain and Kurama's got Leonardo's." Leather confirms.

"So that means Hiei and Raphael has got Kuwabara and Michelangelo's Brains…uh oh." Koenma replies.

"Come back here, Hiei!" Yusuke yells at top his lungs.

"Why should I I'm already faster that you." Hiei teases as Yusuke jgrowls angrily.

"Shut up, fearless leader." Raph replies.

"Well you can't do much you can't follow orders…" Leo teases.

"Just shut up!"

"Ok, guys come down." Mikey replies calmly.

"Yeah, so can watch my martial art match." Donny replies.

"Uh, governors, I have some bad news." Nature states calmly.

"What!" The 8 boys reply annoyed.

"You been infected by some Gems called the Dark Gems."

"What!' Yusuke yells.

"Uh, I was kinda my fault, Governors, because they were in my hat but I didn't know…" Nature replies as the boys gave Nature angry glares. "Sorry!"

"Who has it them?" Leo asks in monotone voice.

"I believe Hang Roo and Snake Eyes have the other 3 Gems."

"What!" The 8 reply in shock and gave Nature another glare.

"Well, Governor, I must go I have…"

Nature tries to run but Yusuke grabs him.

"You're not going anywhere." Yusuke replies angrily.

"I know where Hang Roo and Snake Eyes are hiding if that helps, Governors." Nature replies nervously.

"Where?" Leo replies with his sword at Nature's throat.

"Leo!" Mikey yells. "Don't scare him. Now where are the two A.D.R. members hiding, Nature."

"In a warehouse." Nature replies as he wanted to faint.

"Calm down, Nature, Leo or Urameshi won't hurt you beside I fix the tracker so we can find him easier." Kuwabara replies.

"Let's go." Don replies.

At the warehouse

"Now we can steal what ever we want and we did it without Dingo and Bongo." Hang Roo says excitedly.

"Yesssss, we did those two thought we didn't have enough brawn for it!" Snake Eyes say boldly.

"We make up foe it with brains, mate."

"Not yet fox imp for brains." Yusuke replies.

"The Turtles and Detectives!, Detective, did you sound like that red mask turtle?" Hang Roo asks confused.

"Yeah, I have his brain, Roo boy!"

"Oh, well, then we have a surprise get them mutts!" Hang Roo orders the Demon dogs as they charge at the guys.

The 8 fought the Demon dogs easily and Hang Roo and Snake Eyes are in shock.

"Now we got you." Leo replies darkly.

Hang Roo and Snake Eyes run off and drops the Moonstone colored gem and it cracks open and mist comes out and surrounds the guys and turtles and they pass out again.

"I got the moonstone." Nature replies. "Are you 8 alright?"

"Yeah, I think so." Yusuke replies. "I'm missing the Martial Art tournament."

"I saw it, Yusuke." Don replies.

"Who won?"

"Some guy name Kotaki Hygras."


"Thanks, Kuwabara, for fixing my stuff."

"Welcome." Kuwabara replies.

"I'm sorry, Nature for scaring you." Leo states apologetic.

"It's ok." Nature replies. "Here's the cure gem."


"I had Kuwabara's brain which I thought was empty but now I see it's like Mikey's hollow." Raph teases.

"Hey!" Kuwabara replies in annoyance.

"Kuwabara is fool but Michelangelo is an idiot." Hiei replies.

"Hey, I am not an idiot that you think I am." Mikey replies in the same tone Kuwabara had.

Everyone just laughs

Meanwhile Hang Roo and Snake Eyes went back to their old lair. Dingo Starr and Bongo laugh at them.

"Shut up, mates!" Hang Roo says angrily.

"Now it's our turn and we'll show you brawn is much better than brains." Dingo Starr says boldly as he and Bongo left.

To be continued…

Up next: The 6 have an 'out of body experience'