Summary: As the new wave of littles head into their junior year of high school the drama is higher than ever. Plus a new group of freshman are in and they mean trouble.

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Chapter 1: The Breakfast Club

The six students sat at a round table in the cafeteria eating breakfast at The Eden Hall Academy. They had a look about them that was both inviting and foreboding. It was the table everyone wanted to be at, and no one dared approach without being expressly invited. Four girls and two boys were always laughing and enjoying themselves. They were the Eden Hall In-crowd, and it was obvious.

Reese Layton was a tall blonde girl, her slender body tucked perfectly into her red cheerleading uniform and her hair pulled into a ponytail with her bangs swept off her forehead to the side.

The boy sitting next to her, TJ Riley, had his arm around her shoulder casually, his dark hair would be curly if he'd let it grow, but he kept it shaved close to his head. His school tie was pulled down and he'd switched the usual uniform blazer for a cardigan this year.

Sitting on TJ's other side was Connie Vanderbilt, who's every molecule spoke of her preppy New England upbringing. She'd started highlighting her chestnut brown hair, so it was a golden blonde color. She was wearing their school uniform completely unadorned by anything but the string of pearls her boyfriend Donavan McQueen IV had given her to ease the pain of separation while he began his freshman year at Yale.

Next to Connie was Tony Duncan, with light brown, almost blonde hair and light green eyes. Tony was sharp witted and on top of things always. He was still tan from a summer spent relaxing at best friend and as he called him "half step nephew" TJ's pool. His girlfriend, Elizabeth Norris, Lizzie to her friends, of whom she had many, was sitting next to him.

Lizzie had frizzy black hair that she almost always had in a ponytail. If Connie and Reese were testaments to what WASP genetics and upbringing could do, Lizzie was a full on portrait of the life of a girl from a Chicago south side neighborhood. She talked tough and her bite was a bad as her bark, and her dark skin and exotic features showed off her Italian and Greek heritage.

The last one was Stephanie Gaffney. Stephanie was intensely focused on her oatmeal, as she had been for the beginning of the school year. Her long dark hair was pulled tightly off her face in a bun and her body was perfectly sculpted now because since she broke up with her boyfriend all she'd done was channel her anger and sadness into ballet.

"Is your breakfast interesting this morning Stephie?" Reese said lightly. Stephanie looked at her best friend and roommate.

"Hm?" She said. "Oh, I guess I spaced out. What are we talking about?"

"Well, I know you said you wanted to focus on ballet this year," Reese said, "but really, I think the squad needs you, plus I need you if I'm going to make a run at captain next year. The only person even close to being good enough for the spot is Bella…"

"No," TJ shook his head. Everyone rolled their eyes. "You're not sucking Bella into your cult."

"The cheerleading squad is not a cult," Reese and Stephanie said at the same time.

"Oh the children of the corn talking at the same time thing," Tony nodded, "that goes a long way to prove your point."

"Besides," Stephanie said, "Bella's already on the freshman squad, if she's good enough you should have her bumped up to JV, you'd probably make her life."

"Well, that's true," TJ nodded. "Or, I guess it would depend on who showed up, real Bella or demon Bella."

"Hold on," Gordon Conway said shushing his friend Kevin Reed at the table they were sitting on. "This is the best part of my day." They watched as Bella Riley, perfect goddess, as far as Gordon was concerned walked past and then settled in with her boyfriend Eddie Cole and kissed him.

"I don't get it," Kevin shook his head.

"I know, right?" Gordon said, "I mean, what does she see in Cole?"

"No I meant this obsession you have," Kevin said, "I mean, she's hot, sure, but she's like a total ice queen uber bitch."

"You're just mad because she won't do your bio homework for you and didn't think you were funny when you said, 'isn't that what lab partners are for?'" Gordon rolled his eyes. Kevin shook his head and glanced across the cafeteria and looked down quickly as Connie made eye contact with him. "And your fixation on my sister isdifferent how?"

"Connie's not your sister," Kevin said, "you know technically. And it is different because she doesn't call me, 'what's your name again?'"

"She is my sister," Gordon said, "you know, same mom, same dad, that makes her my sister, and she once asked me if you were a little bit retarded, and I didn't say no, so that's why she's nice to you." He stood up.

"Dude!" Kevin shouted after him.

"Are you OK?" TJ said walking up to Stephanie. She looked at him and swallowed. "I mean, are you really OK?"

"I'm fine," she said, "it's just hard. I mean, Aaron wasn't just my boyfriend, he was my oldest friend and adjusting to life without him has been strange." TJ nodded. "I thought I was covering well."

"I know you better than that Gaffney," he smiled. She laughed. "Have you talked to him?"

"Nope," she shook her head. "He's been calling, lately, but I'm just not ready." He nodded. "Have you heard from Eva?" She asked.

"Got an email last night," he said, "'London=awesome. How's Dad?' She's out of her mind." She laughed.

"I think it's romantic," she shrugged. "Mikey's a wreck, by the way, he keeps thinking they're dead."

"Mm, he and my mom should start a club," TJ said. Her cell phone buzzed. "Is that Aaron?"

"Yup," she ignored it.

"What if it's important?" He asked, "like Leslie's really sick or Brett's stuck in a storm."

"If it were something like that Julie or Taylor would call me," she shook her head. "The same if something were really bad with him."

"Sure," he nodded. "So listen, we were all going to get something to eat…"

"I have to practice," Stephanie shook her head.

"You've practiced every day for the past two weeks," TJ said, "you're coming to get pizza with us."

"Fine," she nodded, "but I want to change first." He smiled and walked away. She closed her eyes and leaned against the lockers. What made all of this harder was that she couldn't tell anyone what she was really avoiding. She couldn't tell anyone that she was having trouble with letting go of Aaron, but she was having more trouble dealing with the fact that she was pretty sure she was in love with her best friend's boyfriend, and that same best friend didn't deserve an amazing guy like TJ. She sighed and walked over to her dorm and into her room.

"Oh, are you actually coming with us?" Reese said. "I'm shocked."

"I haven't been that bad," Stephanie shook her head. Reese looked at her. "If you and TJ ever break up, you'll get it."

"Why would TJ and I break up?" Reese said looking at her.

"I didn't say you were going to," Stephanie said, unbuttoning her blouse and uniform skirt and changing into a teeshirt and jeans. "I said, if."

"Oh, right," Reese said. She didn't know if Stephanie had seen her at that Blake party, making out with a guy who was not TJ. She'd been drunk and instantly regretted it. "Well, let's go."

Stephanie and Reese walked to the edge of the campus. Stephanie stopped once they got to the gate, seeing Aaron leaning against his car. He was staring at her intently. She took a deep breath.

"I'll catch up," Stephanie said. Reese nodded and kept moving. She walked over to him.

"Hey Steph," he smiled.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, awkwardly shifting her weight.

"I missed you," he said, brushing his thumb against her chin. She jerked away. "Come on, baby, don't be like that."

"Aaron, we broke up," she said. "Do you have any idea how creepy it is for you to drive out to Minnesota and sit outside of my school? I don't want to see you!"

"Stephie, I love you," he said. "You refused to talk about it!"

"I don't love you," she said. "Not that way, not anymore. I mean, of course I love you, but, I just can't be your girlfriend anymore."

"After what happened between us," he said. "How can you say that? Did you not love me that way when you were taking my pants off? Or when you moaned when I touched you?"

"Aaron don't," she said and closed her eyes. "It's over. The sooner that you accept that the sooner we can be friends again. Just go home."

"I'm not leaving without you," he shook his head. "My mom's already going to grill my ass, I can wait around."

"Steph," TJ came jogging over. "Is everything OK? Reese texted me and said," he stopped.

"TJ its fine," Stephanie said. "Aaron was just leaving."

"What's he doing here in the first place?" TJ said.

"Stay out of it Riley, it's got nothing to do with you." Aaron said. TJ stepped up to him. "Take a shot Preppy, I've been waiting on it for years."

"TJ," Stephanie pulled him back. "Go, I'll catch up with you guys in a little while." TJ nodded. Aaron smirked.

"Are you with him now?" He said.

"No, TJ has a girlfriend, in case you didn't remember." She crossed her arms. "Stay if you want, but don't come near me, or when your mother calls me I will tell her where you are." He sighed. "Go home Aaron, at least for her. This will kill her." He sighed. "It's over, just stay away from me!" She walked away. Once she got around the corner she saw TJ standing waiting for her. "Hi."

"You do realize that he's stalking you now, right?" TJ said. "If you asked him to, my dad could file,"

"He's not a stalker," she said. "He's just intense." TJ snorted. "TJ please don't tell your father about this, he has enough to deal with, with Eva running away and everything. Plus he'll tell Julie and Jimmy and I can't deal with that."

"Fine," TJ said, "but if he comes here again, Tony and I will kill him."

"Oh, that's sweet," she laughed, "but there's no way that would happen."

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