My name is Kangee. It means Sioux in means Raven. I use to live on a resveration. But when I was about 5 my tribe was killed by these wolf things and I was taken away from my home and taken to a lab. I learned later on I learned that the wolf things that attacked and killed my tribe were called Earsers and that I was at the School. And everyday one of the people in whitecoats would take me out of the cage and take me into a room and be tested on One day they put me to sleep and the next day I woke up with wings and lion ears and tail. It was weird. I asked one of the people in the whitecoat what they did to me. He said that they put lion and hawk DNA in me. In other words the made m6% human, 2% hawk and 2% lion. Or 96% human and 4% griffin. Anyways I lived at the School for about 8 years. And everyday woud be the same thing. I would be tested then shoved back into my mouse cage. Then one day one of the people in white coats came to my cage and let me out. I thought he was going to run more tests on me. But he didn't. Instead he let me free! He took my to this house in the mountains and taught me how to fly. His name was Jeb. One day he he went missing. I assume he's dead. But you never know. He might be back at the school but it doesn't matter. I'm 16 now and am on the run again. You see after Jeb died (or left) the wolf things set the house I was living in on fire and I've been traveling ever since. So here I am flying but gold wings shining in the sun when I crash into something. And it wasn't an airplane. I was a girl. With wings!

"Hey watch-." She starts to say then looks at my wings.

"Max are you alright. Whose that?" A little girl asked. The girl whose name was Max looked at me. She looked like she was ready to fight. Soon four more kids apprear behind her. Me being the shy type take off downward as fast as I could. My cat like ears hear them following me.

"She's an Earsers. Gazzy have any bombs" Bombs! I fly even faster and when I hit the ground I'm running on all fours. I do that somethings. I tend to run faster. After many minutes of running I hide in a small cave panting. I feel my lion ears pop out and I listen. I don't hear them but I can smell them easily. I decide to stay in the den. I take my small Native american blanket out of my pack and lay down and fall asleep.

I woke up screaming. I instantly stop afraid that the flock might find me. Even though I stoped screaming I'm still whimpering and holding my blanketclose to my chest. I had the same nightmare I've had since I was taken to the School. Its when my tribe is taken away from me. My tribe was everything to me. Even though I was only 5 I remember a loy. I remember playing with my twin brother. I remember my Granny making this blanket. I even remember when my Poppa become chief. And I was only 3 then. I sighed sadly, brought my lions back in and slowly move out of the den. Before I could even check for scents something kicks me in the stomach. I double over in pain. I looked up half expecting that it was Max. But it wasn't it was an Earser. Great just great. The Earser knees me in the nose, I feel it break and the Earset grabs me by the hair and threw me into a tree. I groaned in pain and start to sit up. I see Max and the rest of her flock attacking the Earser. A blonde guy walks over to me and runs his fingures across my ribs.

"They're broken" He tells me and I notice that he's blind.

"H-How do you know that. Your blind"

He sorts "I can feel them pretty well your so skinny" He's right. I'm the worst when it comes to finding food. The guy turns around. The Earser is gone and Max and the rest of the flock are walking over to me. I push him away and stumble to get away. The guy puts his hand on my shoulder. "Its alright we aren't goig to hurt you"

"Speak for yourself Iggy" Max growls. I back away.

"max she's hurt. And she isn't an Earser like you thought"

Max rolled her eyes "I guess your right. What's your name" She asked(more like ordered)

"Kangee" I say

"Kan-what!?!" The tall one with black hair asked

"Kangee. I means Raven in Sioux"

"What's Sioux?" The little girl asked

"It's Native American" I tell her "Now its your turn introdue yourselves"

Max rolled her eyes "I'm Max. This is Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel" She points to the members of her flock.

I looked at Iggy "Your blind" I said again.

"I thought I said that already" He chuckled. I thought for a moment.

"I um could make you not blind" I tell him. I see Max widen her eyes.

"You can do that" Angel asked. I nodded my head.

"Do it!" Iggy yelled making me flinch.

"A-alright. No need to yell. Close your eyes" I mumbled. When he closed his eyes, I kissed my fingures and touch each of his eyelids. "You can open them now" He opened his eyes and looked around.

"I can see!" He yelled and stood up taking me with him. He spun me around in circles. I winced in pain. He set me back down and him and the flock are talking happly. I smiled and started to sneak away. I don't think they heard or saw me leave. Thankfully. I walk back to my cave and grab my stuff. When I walk back out I see the Flock standing there. Iggy walked up to me. "Why'd you leave" he asked

"Well um I thought Max didn't want me so I left" What a big fat lie!

Max smiled gently at me. I felt like a little kid "I didn't mean that I just have some trust issues. Your welcome to stay with us" She told me.

I put my pack on my back. I start to say no but am cutt off "Come on Kangee. We can help you get food and teach you to fight" Iggy said.

I sighed "Fine whatever"

Iggy smiled a huge grin. "Alright we are staying in a cabin not far from here. Follow us" Max told me. I spread my wings and instantly flinch. "You alright"

"My ribs" I try not to whimper. Before Max could say anything Iggy swings me into his arms.

"I'll carry her"

Max nodded. "Walk or fly?" She asked the flock.

"Fly!" They all answered. They then all spread their wings and take off into the sky. About 10 minutes later we land infront of a pretty wooden house. Iggy sets me down and helped me inside

MPOV(Max's Point of view)

"Iggy and Kangee sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G" Nudge muttered and we all start laughing.

"Max" Angel said tugging on my shirt

"Yeah Angel"
"I can't read her mind"
My eyes widen "What really?" I asked

"Yeah! Its so weird. At first I just saw these weird tent things then her mind went blank" She said her eyes widening.

"Max what are we going to do?" Nudge asked.

"I don't know Nudge. We'll just have to keep an eye on her" The rest of the flock nodded their heads and we walked inside.