Kangee's POV

I whimpered in my sleep. I feel like crap. I must be sick again. I tend to get sick a lot. Though it never spreads to other people. I forgot to tell Iggy and the Flock. Now they are going to be worried and I hate making people worry. Especially when they worry about me. I whimpered again as my tummy did a flip.

"Kangee are you alright" Iggy asked gently

"No, but I will be" I said as my tummy did another flip. I whimpered "I get sick a lot. But it's not contagious" I looked up at Iggy. He sighed and put a strand of hair behind my ear.

"Well Max and the others went to the store to get you a thermometer" He said

"No need my tempature is 103.9" I said "It always is"

"How long are sick for"

"Three days" I whispered

"What happens?"
"I get sick, get the chills, headaches, I also get sleepy and weak" I explained and closed my eyes.

"Are you tired now?" He asked and I nodded. He started to hum my lullaby and I drifted off into darkness

Iggy's POV

Poor Kangee. The flock didn't get very sick but Kangee got sick who knows how many times. I gently set Kangee on the bed and walked out the room when I heard the flock walk in.

"Hey got your thermometer"

I grimaced "Yeah about that turns out we didn't need one"

"What why?!" Max asked

"Well it turns out Kangee gets sick a lot. Don't worry we cant catch it. But she said that her tempature is always 103.9" I explained

"How long will she be sick?" Nudge asked

"Um about three days"
"Well this will be fun" Max groaned

Yes it would.