The scene changes to the beauty parlor Carol walks in and turns on the lights she hears snoring "What's that ?" She walks down into the main part and sees Juan Luke in a chair asleep with the hair dryer pulled down over his head "Juan Luke" she walks over to him "Juan Luke what are you doing here ?"

Juan Luke looks at her "Sleeping !!"

Carol looks at him "I mean what are you doing here ?"

Juan Luke stands up and rubs his eyes "My apartment is being fumigated for termites"

Carol looks at him "Well if you needed a place to stay why didn't you say something I would have let you stay with us"

Juan Luke looks at her "Well I wouldn't want to impose"

Carol smiles at him "nonsense come on"

Juan Luke grabs his bag and heads toward the door

The scene changes to the next day Juan Luke comes running in the Salon where Carol is working on someone's hair "Carol guess what ?"

Carol looks up "What ?"

Juan Luke walks over to her "Counting Stars wants us to do their hair"

Carol looks at him "Juan Luke isn't that the Sam band that sewed the last salon that cutting a hair off"

Juan Luke gets excited "Yes which makes us next in line isn't that great"

Carol smiles nervously "Yea that's great"