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His Body and Soul

„Zoro, come! Cook- San, he is…" Robin ran towards Zoro and stopped right before him, just to grab him on his shoulders.

"Cook- San is having trouble and I don´t know why but he just told me to run away and not to look behind! He didn´t even move as they came along and stopped us!"

Zoro grabbed the black- haired woman on her shoulders.

"Calm down! What happened?" he asked with a hard to suggest look in his eyes.

Two hours earlier

"Bye, Nami- swaaan~!" the blonde yelled and looked over his shoulders to look back at the Sunny where the red- haired girl shook her head and walked back onto the ship.

The cook and Robin were chosen to buy some extra- stocking because this time they would be long at sea till they got to the next Island. This Island was a warm summer island but it didn´t look like you would like to stay for a long time… It was a very poor Island with a huge Town. In the Town there were Pirates and Thieves and other dark- looking people walking around through the dirty and ratty streets.

The blonde man wasn´t very happy to get here the food- supply for the next month. There were less good stuff to choose and also a limited choice of ingredients.

After they got everything they had to buy it already went dark .They walked through a street where no one but an old dog was to be seen. Suddenly a dark frame walked out of another street behind them and also a person covered in darkness set his footsteps in front of Robin and the cook.

They suddenly stopped. The cook shrugged and looked behind him.

"Good evening, sirs. What can we do for you?" the blonde asked with a calm, dark voice. His whole body stiffened so he could just jump and kick their asses if they would ask for. And they looked like they would…

"Good evening my dear Blondie!" a dark, dangerous voice answered. "What are two such beautiful Ladies doing so late at night in such a grotty place like this?" His voice was full of sarcasm. Now actually there were six of them around Robin and him.

As the cook heard the voice he shrugged. His hands started shaking and his whole body began to tremble. Robin looked up into the face of cook- san and also shrugged. The blonde man went completely white. The bags he carried fell off his hands and suddenly he looked down on the street and stood completely still. The man in the shadows moved now. As he went into the light of the street lamp you saw that he was about 50 years old. He was taller than the cook and really needed a shower and a coiffeur. He went right in front of the cook and took his chin with his right hand. He forced the cooks face to look up into his own. The cook almost looked like he was in pain but still didn´t move. He just clenched his hands into fists so hard that his knuckles went white.

"Cook- San, what-" Robin started but was cut by the harsh voice of the cook.

"Robin… Run…! He said simply.

The man in front of him looked him in the eyes. A dark chuckle spread out of his throat.

"So- you all of a sudden, hehe… Missed me my little girly- cook?" with these words he grabbed the blondes ass with the other hand. The cooks' hands were trembling and he winced but still didn´t move…

Robin crossed her arms to attack them but the cook held her back.

"They´re too strong for you. Go get the others."


"I said RUN!!!" the cook yelled angrily glancing in her eyes. Robin shrugged and ran away just right past the grabbing arms of the other guys.


"How long ago?" Zoro asked a light of fear swung within his voice.

´What is it now, crap- cook?´ he thought angrily. He knew the cook could beat the hell out of the devil in person so why didn´t he do anything?

"About 3 minutes I guess." She answered in a hurry.

"Show me where." Zoro answered.

Robin turned around and ran back to the street where it just happened, Zoro right behind her.

In the street both of them couldn´t believe what just was happening. The cook was on his knees, the ugly old man right in front of him. His cock hard in the cooks face. And he did respond like it was a normal thing to get raped by an old ugly corpse and not to fight back. A single tear ran down his right cheek, his eyes were closed. The other guys stood aside and laughed and discussed who to be next. Then they got aware of Zoro and Robin. One of the other unwashed Neanderthals walked right in front of Zoro and looked him straight into the eyes.

"My my!" he said. "Another beautiful, green- haired Lady to play with!" he said darkly.

The cook behind him shrugged and spit the THING of the other man out. He looked totally horrified to Zoro and Robin. He hadn´t guessed Robin to find anybody of their crew that fast but Zoro told them some hours ago that he wanted go drink some beer in a Pub nearby the ship. He surely got lost again… They weren´t even NEAR the port…

He looked down in disgust of himself, totally ashamed that both of them saw him like this.

The man in front of Zoro stepped closer to him, entering his personal space. He lifted a hand to touch his face as suddenly the blondes' dark voice from behind mumbled:

"Don´t you DARE to touch him!"

The man in front of Zoro looked over his shoulder and chuckled.

"Yeah, of course pretty Lady." he said and looked again at Zoro.

"Turn around, Robin." Zoro said calmly.

"W- What?" Robin said irritated.

"Just turn around. You don´t want to see what happens next…" he said in a dark voice. His eyes were fixed at the blond man sitting on the street. No one else but him saw the dark red and black Aura around his thin body.

Robin glanced one last time at swordsman- San, completely irritated and turned around.

As the screams and the cracks and the wet- crack- tones started she was absolutely happy not to know what did happen behind her back. Just once she saw a red fluid flying past her side.

Zoro couldn´t believe what he just saw. He knew the cook wasn´t a weakling but that… The blonde had build up an Aura of hatred and death and blood- lust just to explode as that poor stupid guy touched Zoros face. They didn´t stand a chance against him and even Zoro was a little shocked and scared of the cook right now.

Soon the whole street fell silent. Suddenly Robin heard a ´THUD´ and a slam like a body falling on the knees and then hitting the ground with the whole body. She wanted to turn her head but Zoro said she really shouldn´t and walked past her. One minute later he stood in front of her with cook- san unconscious on his back.

"Let's go back to the ship and set sail." he said calmly. As Robin saw the sleeping face of the cook she gasped.

It was completely covered in blood. But for some reason she knew it wasn´t HIS blood…


Back at the ship Robin yelled at Chopper. But as the little reindeer tried to look after the cook Zoro just said that everything was alright and that it wasn´t his blood. After that he passed by and went under deck. The cook was already awake but didn´t move any muscle. Zoro took him in the bathroom, took off his clothes and placed him under the warm shower. Then he went into the men's bunk to get some fresh clothes ignoring all the questions of the other crewmembers. On his way back he also told Robin not to lose one single word what just did happen. She promised.

Back in the bathroom the cook still stood under the shower. He didn´t even move one muscle in his whole body and looked down to his feet. Zoro helped him out, dried him and also had to allure him. It was like the blonde was in a trance. Like his soul went out of his body and had forgotten to come back. And for some reason it scared Zoro to death…

After the shower he laid the cook down in his hammock to let him sleep. That was three days ago.


"Oi, shit- Cook! Get up on your lazy ass the crew is starving!" Zoro yelled and pulled on the blanket lying up on the unmoving body.

A low mumble and a hand pulling back the blanket to cover him again just fueled Zoros anger.

"Oi! I said get the hell UP now, shit- cook!!" he yelled again and kicked the body under the blanket from behind. The cook didn´t even react.

Nami and Robin and Chopper and Ussop and Franky and Luffy and also Brook had tried to get him up but it didn´t work. Finally they choose Zoro to try his luck. The first day he said the cook would get up when he wanted to, he also said it the second day… But now at the evening of the third day he also was a little worried about him. He didn´t want to eat and barely drank the water they brought him.

Zoro sighed again and sat down by his side. After about ten minutes he just said:

"Tell me."

Nothing else but the body under the blanket shrugged and pulled himself even closer into a ball just like to hug himself.

Ten minutes past by…

30 Minutes…

One hour…

About two hours went by but Zoro still sat there by the side of the cook and stared at him. Finally a low voice under the blanket asked:

"How long do you plan to sit there and burn holes into me, shit- head?"

Zoro smirked.

"Tell me…" he repeated once more.

After almost five minutes the cook answered with a low voice.

"I knew these men…"

"From where?"

"From- from the Barratie… They had been guests as I was a kid… About one year after Zeff rescued me… But I never forgot them…" the cook said calmly.

"What happened? Tell me…"

"I- I don´t want to… Why should I? It´s too personal and- and…"

"Then stop crying and get into your kitchen, girl!" Zoro said darkly.

The cook suddenly sat up and gripped Zoro by his collar.

"Don´t you DARE ever name me THAT again!!" his eyes were wide, a fire of hatred burning deep in them.

´What the- ?´ Zoro thought and gasped. He never had seen the blond man like this before. What was it? ´What happened??´

"Tell me…" he calmly said.

The cooked calmed down looking in Zoros eyes, a single tear silently running down his left cheek.

"It- it was night… All the cooks but Zeff and me and another one whose name I can´t even remember…" he chuckled sadly and looked down on his hands. "where not at the Barratie. They had to buy new food to stock up. At that night they- the men came back to steal from the Barratie what they could get… Zoro if you EVER tell ANYONE on this planet what I´m going to tell you right now then I promise- I KILL you!!! Got it??" the blonde at his collar looked him straight in the eyes.

"Got it…" he really scared Zoro to death right now…

The cook released his collar and laid himself down at his side to face the ships wall. He couldn´t face the Marimo right now…

After some moments he went on:

"They killed… the first cook in his sleep and almost Zeff, too. Then they took all the money we had onboard… And with me… I- I am a beauty, am I not?" he chuckled to himself but only sounded disgusted.

"Well, they had their fun with me and left me on the kitchen floor, almost dead, too… After that- as I was able to walk again- I showered for about three or more hours but since that day I felt kinda dirty, you know… The day- as I heard that ugly voice and saw that ugly face again I remembered everything and… I suddenly- I suddenly couldn´t move anymore I couldn´t do ANYTHING… I was too weak." He snuggled more into himself. He now just looked like a ball…

Zoro sat there, eyes widened, completely shocked… His heart was aching in a way he felt the last time as Kuina died…

Now he finally imagined WHY the cook treated his body so bad, WHY he was smoking and holding back when his body was aching and WHY he made all of this ´I´m a cool guy and a Ladies man and no one can fucking beat me up´- thing… Why he did not like his own body…

After a while he said:

"You are not weak… You made them pay back for what they´ve done. They will never hurt anybody anymore."

"But that was just because… because…" he sighed, his voice broken. "Because Robin and you stood there and as he touched you I couldn´t hold back anymore…"

Zoros blushed. What was the cook trying to say? But before Zoro had the chance to ask the cook continued:

"I lied to you…"


The cook rolled over to face the green- haired man. The bangs before his left eye fell aside and now he looked him in the eyes with both of them, sadly- almost in pain.

Zoro shrugged and understood… They did it… It wasn´t an accident… They did it… A red hand of hatred catched his mind but he calmed himself down and looked at the cook just to lay a hand on the scarred eye.

"It´s not necessary…"

The cook widened his eyes and then suddenly did something Zoro had never expected to happen. The cook grabbed him and pulled him into a deep embrace, nuzzling into his neck. Zoro again sat there in shock but soon hugged the cook back. He heard the light sobs from the cook and felt the light trembling of the body in his arms but kept silent as if he didn´t notice.

After a while the cook pulled back, looking into Zoros face. He didn´t break the embrace but stared into his deep green eyes.

At that night they shared their first kiss...

Afterwards as the cook already had fallen asleep Zoro thought about it and touched his lips lightly, still sitting beside him, heart beating fast, blushing deeply...

First he lend his face down to the cooks… his lips only a few centimeters away from the others. Then the cook closed the space between their lips for a gentle, short kiss. He pulled back and looked confused at the cook by what he just had done. The cook looked back with his sad deep ocean- blue eye. Then, suddenly the cook kissed him again. One more butterfly kiss on his lips. But after that he didn´t pull back. It was Sanji who licked his lips, begging for entrance… Zoro kissed him again and opened his mouth to a deep, sweet, sorrowful kiss… The blond had one arm around his shoulders and ran his fingers of the hand from the other arm through his short hair. Zoro hugged him around his chest and pulled him even closer. Hot tongues were fighting for dominance but soon they just played with one another, no one the dominate part… After Sanji pulled back, both heavy panting he looked again in Zoros eyes, a small smile playing around his mouth. After that Sanji gave him one last butterfly kiss on his lips, breaking the embrace, saying:

"Good night…" and snuggled himself back onto his hammock under the blanket.


The next morning the whole crew was woken up by the wonderful smell of fresh Coffee, Toast and as much Pancakes as they could eat. Not everything was back to normal; a cloud of sadness still was around the cook… But after some days as he finally realized that everything was over he decided to life on… He had a dream to fulfill and he didn´t want to stop!

About the kiss not a single word was spoken between them… Only the first time they met and looked at one another they blushed deeply and looked aside… A little "Morning…" on both of their lips.

Two seconds later they discussed about the ´ugly´ Haramaki lying upon the kitchen table… Three seconds later they again were a cloud of swords and legs and ´Ouch´ and ´damn Marimo´ and ´Question´ and so and so on… *chuckle*

And also the crew didn´t ask him or Zoro or Robin what did happen. If Sanji wanted to talk he would do it by himself…