Twilight Diaries

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Chapter 1: You're my Sister

Through the streets of Italy one Damon Salvatore walked to the house that used to be his home when he was human. He had planed on murdering his father who Damon still hated after these last 7 years of being a vampire. When he looked through the window he saw something he didn't expect. His dad was already dead on the floor, but what really surprised him was there was a little girl sitting on the floor looking at him.

He knocked on the glass and the little girl turned around. She opened the window. "I know you." That was impossible. "You're my brother." He saw the painting hanging on the wall of the younger brother Stefan and him. It would be easy for the girl to realize who he was with this painting

"I guess I am." Damon said.

"Will you feed me?" He felt like yelling at her. She was just a stupid human, but as he looked at her he saw she looked a little like him. She had brown hair and these brown eyes that looked so sad. How long had the old man been dead for?

"May I come in?" The little girl nodded and Damon jumped through the window. "Where are the servants?" He was given a confused look. There were no other humans on the property besides the girl. Damon did not know what was going on, but he knew he had to take care of this little girl. "What's your name and how old are you?"

The girl held out her hand meaning to say five and then said "Bella." Damon picked up the little girl.

"Well Bella Salvatore, you're going to come live with your big brother." Damon didn't know why but he felt very protective of this girl who he just found out was his little sister. Damon once again jumped out the window this time with Bella protectively in his arms. He ran her back to his home in another town far away from his dead father.

Damon laid Bella down on his bed. She had fallen asleep and was holding on as tight as she could to Damon. A smile came onto Damon face and he couldn't believe it. A little girl was able to make Damon smile. Right then Damon knew that he couldn't ever let anything hurt his baby sister and that would mean when she was old enough that he would have to turn her. There was also the problem with the sun though. I will have to get her a ring and I know who knows how to get them.

"You," Damon pointed to a girl on the street. The girl who Damon remembered drinking from a couple of times and who had a crush on him came right away. "I need to find someone and I need you to look after my little sister." Using his powers on the girl she agreed. "I'll be back soon." So Damon went to look for Katherine's old maid.

-Bella's POV- 500 years later

Dear Diary:

Hey I don't know why I've decided to start this thing. In all my 500 years I have never had the urge to keep a diary. Maybe it's because I'll be on my own for the first time. I've never been away from my over protective big brother Damon Salvatore. He's the one who turned me into a vampire. Maybe I should explain some things. One yes I am a vampire. As in the whole drink blood and sunlight thing. Although my brother was able to get me a ring to protect me from the sunlight. My brother raised me and turned me with my permission when I was 17. Now I do drink human blood, but I get most of my blood from blood banks and even when I do drink from a human I've only ever killed two humans. One was when I was young and unpracticed and the second time I was protecting my brother.

Okay onto why I'm living on my own now. Damon decided he wants to torture his little brother. I have no need to meet my other older brother. From what Damon tells me he drinks from animals. I mean come on. I understand not wanting to hurt humans, but you don't have to kill and it's easy to steal blood from the hospital. I've decided I want to try high school so I've moved to a town called Forks and am entering as a junior. Just because I've never been to school before doesn't mean I'm not smarter then probably all the teachers in the school. I've lived through most of history and math is easy. Forget about English. I love books. My library is huge and I've met a lot of famous authors.

Well anyway I better get going. I have my first day ever of school tomorrow. I doubt I'm going to have anything in common with anyone, but let me try this experiment. After I graduate I think Damon and I will be heading to France or England. Till next time.


I closed my diary. It may seem stupid, but it made me feel as though I had someone. I had always had Damon. My brother had made sure to get me a nice size house. Nothing too big, but not a small house. I had a big TV with a PS3 and a Wii. There was something addicting about videogames. I went upstairs to my bedroom and put the diary on my nightstand. After finding my pajamas I put them on and went to sleep.

When I woke up I put on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. I got on my leather jacket and put on my sunglasses. Even small amount of light can bother my eyes. Vampires aren't even supposed to be able to go out in sunlight. I just got myself a ring. A ring that makes it so we can go into the sun. I also have an extra. Damon had a few made when he first got mine. Cost him a ton. Also what cost him a ton was my car, which was an Audi. It was baby blue and I loved it.

It was pretty easy to find the school. My cover story was that my mother was dead and my father traveled a lot for work. With no other family I went with him, but wanted to live somewhere. He bought a house in the town with the lowest crime rate for me to live in. I found the parking lot and parked next to the only other nice car there was which was a sliver Volvo. Everyone had their eyes on me as I walked into the office. "Hello, I'm Bella Salvatore." I said and that was all that was needed for me to get my schedule.

I had first period math, which was as I predicted boring. I seemed to be popular though with the school, more so the boys then the girls. Next class I went to was English where I was given a list of books I had to read. I had already read all of them when I turned around to take my seat I noticed the little pixie like shape in the back. She was shorter then me, had black hair, and golden eyes. Oh this would be interesting. Damon had told me of the other type of vampires, but I never thought I would actually get to see one let alone meet one, but what the hell were they doing in school? They must have great control and were probably on the same animal diet as my other brother to be here.

-Alice's POV-

I was sitting in English just drawing on a piece of paper when I smelled something. It was excellent. I felt like just jumping out of my seat and biting her right here. The new girl! I believe her name was Bella Salvatore. The funny thing is I didn't see her coming into this class and she would have to sit next to me too. Oh my god this would be torture.

She walked to the empty seat next to me. I found myself holding my breath. "Hi, I'm Bella Salvatore." She held out her hand to me. I looked at it for a minute and then took it. I noticed a few things right there and then. One her heat beat was slower then a normal human. Also I couldn't see the color of her eyes through the sunglasses. I took her hand slowly.

"Alice Cullen," I hissed softly getting use to her smell. This girl couldn't be human. One she blocked my visions and two because no human could smell this good. She took her seat next to me and I checked to make sure she didn't have any classes with Jasper. He was a senior, but sometimes there are classes the two could have. Besides lunch Bella would never cross his path. Good! I don't know if he could take this. I did notice she had Bio with Edward right after lunch. Bella gave me another smile before turning to look at the teacher. Was she teasing me or something? Life just got a whole lot more interesting with Bella Salvatore here.

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