Twilight Diaries

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Chapter 19: Damon Here

-Bella's POV-

I felt someone shaking me and I was thinking of two things to do. Either one hit them or ignore them. Who the hell was it? The only person who ever tried to shake me to wake me up was…. I jumped up and looked to see my big brother Damon standing next to me smiling. "Damon," I said and hugged my brother. I sure had missed him. "Why did Elena come a day before you?" It was a question that's been bugging me.

"Oh Elena wanted to meet the homemade vamps before me so she got me to promise to help her friends." I looked at him then listened. With my vampire ears I could hear voices downstairs. One was my childe and my soon to be sister-in-law Elena. The other voices were familiar one was the witch, another was the human, there was the horrible voice of the mutt. I had to roll my eyes at that. Then the last voice… the one that was hardly speaking was… Stefan!

I looked at Damon who nodded. I had to laugh at that one. Damon and Stefan who killed each other over a girl were civil enough to come to Forks together. "He's Meredith date." I had to continue laughing. "Come on." Damon took hold of my hand and dragged me downstairs and out the door. Lucky I feel asleep in my cloths so I wasn't in my pajamas.

I didn't know what Draco was doing when he jumped on the back of my bike and then it hit me. He wants to meet the homemade vampires. I was bringing my brother to meet the Cullens. I got on the back of my bike and looked at Damon. "It's a long ride." I told him as I started the bike and pulled out of the driveway.

-Edwards POV-

I sat in the living room listening to the couples still doing their nightly activities. It was really annoying having to listen to some of this every night. That's why I always listen to music to tune them out, but it should be done soon. That's when I heard it. A motorcycle, but not just any motorcycle it was Bella's motorcycle! Bella was coming over.

Everyone stopped since they too heard the motorcycle. They all got changed at super speed and came to wait in the living room. If they were human they would be breathing heavily after what they just did. It wasn't long before the door was opened and Bella walked in followed by a boy with dark eyes and dark hair. She was smiling at the boy as though he was her world. Did I already lose her?

"Hey, homemade vamps, this is my brother Damon." Thank god, it was her brother. Damon looked at us and his eyes were cold with hatred. He hated homemade vampires, but Bella had never told us why. I got the feeling she didn't even know.

Carlisle stood up with a friendly smile on his face and held out his hand. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you." Damon took the hand, but his expression didn't cheer. "Bella told us you raised her."

"I found her after she killed our father." What the hell? All our mouths dropped open and Bella hit Damon over the head. Damon laughed. "Oh you didn't tell them." Bella stuck out her tongue at Damon. "Well if she hadn't I would have. It's why I went home."

Bella laughed as she jumped right onto our couch. "So now you know. Does it change anything?" We all looked at each other and it didn't. We had all knew Bella had killed before and we all loved her just the same.

Alice was jumping from foot to foot and I had no idea why. "When the wedding going to be?" Now I knew why. Planning a wedding was more important to Alice then my love life. No it's not, it's just more fun. I heard Alice tell me. How the hell did she know what I was thinking? She must have had a vision of me telling her that later without me noticing.

"Is it possible to get it together for this weekend?" Alice had a huge smile on her face and actually ran at top speed to hug Damon. Damon pushed her away a minute later.

"Okay, I just need the dress for the bride and the maid of honor. I meant to ask Elena, but Bella and Elena ran off."

"I'll bet the witch and the human are sharing maid of honor." Bella put in. Did she really just call someone the witch and the human? Wait… witch!

"She' right, oh and Bella is going to be my best man." Bella looked at Damon with one eyebrow raised.

"Not a man," Bella told Damon with a laugh.

Damon jumped onto the couch next to Bella and out an arm around her. "I know that, but you're the best." Bella smiled and put her head on Damon's shoulder. They were silent for a minute and they just stood up at exactly the same time. "Well it's time for me to go buy Bella that car I promised her."

"See you guys later," Bella said and the two left the house. Well the next few days would be busy and a lot of work for us if I was reading Alice's mind right.

-Wedding Day-

I was right, Alice had Jasper, Emmett and me put everything up and decorate the house. The wedding was taking place right in front of our house. Angela's father was doing the wedding and Damon and Bella were already standing next to each other in the front. Damon had on an Italian suit and much to Alice annoyance Bella was wearing one too. As best 'man' Damon insisted that Bella wear the same thing any best man would wear. Even though she was dress like a man she still looked hot.

Alice was giving me the signal to start playing. Emmett and Jasper had moved my piano outside, almost destroying it I might add, so I could play the music. I started to play and the two girls who Bella called the witch and the human came walking out. They were actually very lovely in the pink dress Alice had picked out. Once they had walked all the way down to where Damon and Bella stood the flower girl, who if I remember correctly is Elena's little sister, came running out throwing the flowers. Then Elena came out in a beautiful white dress with her aunt and soon to be uncle walking next to her.

They got to the top and the wedding began. I watched and listened to it, but I have been to so many weddings over the years and this one was almost the same. The only difference was it was Elena and Damon instead of Emmett and Rosalie or Alice and Jasper. The wedding was over almost too fast and then the dancing and photos started. I took a photo of Elena. Damon, and Bella together and realized they were all wearing the same ring.

"Bella,' a boy said walking up to her. He was wearing the same ring as Bella, Damon, and Elena. Bella gave him a cold stare. "I just wanted to say I was sorry again." The boy looked like he wanted something from Bella.

"Fine," Bella simply said. The two looked at each other for a minute "Stefan, we might be brother and sister, but we don't know each other. Go back to the human." Stefan nodded and walked away going back to the bride maid that Bella called the human. Come to think of what is her real name.

"You okay," Bella asked suddenly appearing in front of me. I smiled at her and nodded. I looked at the ring and Bella notice. "It's a sunlight thing." I didn't get it at first, but was it possible these rings protect them from the sun.

"Bella,' Damon said coming up stopping me from questioning about the ring. "Elena wants to talk to you before we leave." Bella nodded and smiled at Damon before going. Damon put his hand on my shoulder. "Look I still don't like homemade vamps." This conservation wasn't starting out good. "But you people are different." Okay getting better. "You ever hurt Bella and I will shove my blood down your throat, you got it?" I nodded.

Damon started to walk away and I knew I shouldn't, but I did. "Why do you hate homemade vampires?" Damon turned around and stared at me. His black eyes meeting my golden eyes and it was coldest stare in the world. Then he nodded.

"When Bella was young two homemade vamps named James and Victoria almost killed her." Then I started seeing images. I thought for a minute I was reading his mind, but that's impossible. He was showing me what I wanted to know. What I saw was a dark night. Damon was watching Bella while she played in a backyard somewhere. Then two vampires came out of nowhere. One had blonde hair and the other had red hair, but they both had red eyes and the same let's kill smile. Before Damon realized what was going on they had attacked Bella and started drinking her blood. Damon ran and threw them off of her. They attacked Damon and started drinking from him, but then they turned to ash right away. Bella scream starting the change and Damon cut open his hand and forced Bella to drink his blood. That stopped Bella from being changed since she wasn't fully a homemade vampire yet, but it did hurt Bella as the venom made it's way out of her system. If you tell Bella I will kill you. Then that was it. Damon's mind was once again blank.

Bella walked over with Elena. "We have to go or we'll miss our plane." Damon kissed Elena and then looked at Bella.

"You're going to meet us in France in two weeks right?" Damon asked as though he was uncertain she was coming.

Bella smiled at he brother. "Of course I am." Bella was leaving for the summer! She was going and I had no idea when I was going to see her again. "Are you going to join Edward?" I looked at Bella. She was looking at me with a smile on her face and that's when I knew she meant it. She really does like me a lot to ask me to come. Before I could back out and before I even really knew what I was going to do I kissed her! Bella was shocked at first and didn't move at all, but then she opened up. She kissed me back and I felt her tongue go in my mouth. I had to be careful not to bite her or I would drink her blood and die, but at that moment I was in heaven.

-End Edward's POV-

Dear Dairy,

I've written in you a lot this year. This started because I was lonely, but I'm not lonely anymore. When I'm not with Damon and my new sister Elena I'm going to be with Edward and the rest of the Cullens. I've written in you about the Cullens a lot and this actually holds secrets in it. Secrets I don't want to admit to. This has helped me this year, but I think it's time to stop writing. I have everything I could possibly want, but I'm not going to get rid of you. No I think I'll just hide you in a bookshelf just incase I ever get lonely again.


Dear Journal,

Well I haven't actually written in a long time. I started this because of my power, but Bella helped me with that. She's able to do anything. She's beautiful, smart, funny, and anything I could ever hope for in a girl. I've written a lot about Bella in here and I'm happy to write that's she's mine. My girl friend, my mate! I don't need to write in this book anymore, I have everything I could ever want. I think I'll keep this though. I'll hide it in my room so Emmett never finds out about it.

Well goodbye.


Dear Old Friend

Damon and I are married. It feels so good to say that. I'm writing this while he sleeps on the plane ride to ITALY! Damon is taking me to Italy! He says he has a house there. The one he bought to raise Bella in. He says it needs some repairs and upgrading, but then we can live there. He's taking me to check out the area to see if I like it. Then we're meeting Bella and her homemade vampire Edward in… PARIS! Then all four of us are going to travel around for the summer. Damon is just the best. I'm so happy I have him forever.

I have hundreds of years with people I love and doing amazing things all over the world. I'm going to learn so much. Even though it makes me sad to say this I have no idea when I'll be able to write in you again. Maybe not for a long time. Don't worry though; I'll keep you close. I'll end this entry with saying I have everything I could ever want.

Your Friend

Elena Salvatore


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