Summary: Harry grew up with the Cullens from a young age. Before the war really started, Harry accidentally erased the memory of his family and mate to keep them safe. Now the war is over. Will his life regain some kind of normalcy? Will he be able to get his family back? Will he even want to try?

Pairing: Harry Potter/Edward Cullen

Category: Harry Potter/Twilight

Genre: Romance/Family

Rating: M/NC-17

Warnings: Mature themes, some angst, slash, gay (male/male) relationships, drama, gay sex, crossover, AU

Seventeen, nearly eighteen year old, Harry Potter made his way to the headmaster's office smiling broadly. Today they had had a lucky shot and had been able to hunt Fenrir Greyback down, the last of Voldemort's key players. The man himself had been dead for almost three months now, but many of his minions had still been around. Hence Harry teaming up with aurors to track them down and imprison them.

Now Harry was intent on telling the good news to the headmaster, the man he had become to love like a grandfather over the years he had known him. He had so much to thank the man for. For example to let him experience what family meant after over five years of abuse and neglect at the hands of his aunt and uncle. The man hadn't known about it as those bastards had been careful that it either did not show or would be passed off as an accident. But as their neglect went so far that they had dumbed him in an alley after a particularly bad beating it had made Albus aware of the situation and he had taken him away from there and found him other family to keep the blood wards alive. That had been the only way to keep him alive as Voldemort and his Death Eaters had been after him even at that point in time.

Harry knocked on the door to the headmaster's office after having given the password to the gargoyle and climbing the stairs.

"Enter!" the cheerful voice of the old man sounded and he wasted no time. "Harry, my boy. Have a seat. Lemon drop? Of course not. How did it go? Have you been able to find someone?"

Harry had to smile at Albus. The man was on a sugar high and it showed. He really had to talk to Severus not to make the old man so many lemon drops.

"We caught Greyback, Albus. He was the last of Voldemort's key players, wasn't he? Or has someone escaped my notice?" Harry said as he took a seat opposide the older wizard.

"That's wonderful news, Harry. And you are right. He was the last of Voldemort's Inner Cirlce members. The aurors should be able to deal with the rest of them so no need to worry for you there. Now even the minister won't have a reason to keep you here. You should have been allowed to leave after you vanquished Voldemort and not forced to stay. I know how much you love your family and how much you must miss them after not seeing them for over two years. But now you can finally go back to them."

Harry tensed visibly, something that the headmaster did not miss. He looked at the young man inquisitively.

"What's wrong, Harry? Something bothering you?" he asked worriedly. He had the same feelings of family to the young man before him as had most of the staff, maybe even more so. He was most likely on the same level with Severus who had been the one to find Harry all those years back and had taken a liking to the boy even in the years before he had started school since he had already been friends with Carlisle Cullen. And after Harry had started school he had been Severus' apprentice and after some time Remus Lupin's who had been their DADA teacher since third year as well. By the end of his sixth year at the school he had finished both apprenticeships as well as the seven year curriculum of the school. He had always come to either of them when he had problems but now there seemed something to bother him and he had not come to them to talk about it and when it had to do with his family the something had to have been on his mind for a very long time as he had not seen them in over two years.

Harry didn't know how to answer. He had told nobody what had happened when he had last been at home and the major cause for this was that he knew he was not able to deal with what he had accidentally done and telling meant he would have to deal with it. He had not admitted it to anyone else, not even himself. He had thrown himself in so much work to make it impossible for himself to think about the fact that his family didn't know and didn't love him anymore and that had been the only reason why he had not made more fuss about Fudge keeping him here. This way he had more time to avoid the topic. But now there was no way around it since he knew the headmaster had realised that there was something wrong and would not let him go until he knew or until Harry had promised to talk with somebody else about it.

Harry drew in a deep breath and for the first time in over two years he admitted the truth.

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