AN: This is my Christmas present. Just a sidenote for the next chapter. Harry views Carlisle, Esme, Severus, Sirius and Remus all equally as his parents by now. Just so you know.

Chapter Fourteen

Edward took only a moment before he went after his brother, no his mate. The moment his eyes had met Harry's, all the memories had been unlocked. He had no idea if it would be the same with the others or if they would take more work, but right now he just didn't care. His mate was more important.

He knew that Severus had made the same mistake like he had. The other vampire had thought his best friend and singer Lily Evans was his mate until his mates had reached maturity. Edward also had mistaken his singer for his mate and had forgotten said mate and that he had known that they were mates, but had thought the teen wouldn't ever love him in that way. Maybe he wasn't worth the beautiful creature that was Harry, but he had to try.

His siblings and girlfriend looked after him dumbfounded. None of them understood what was going on. Only Jasper gasped as he felt his brother's emotions.

"What's wrong with him?" Bella asked Alice who only shrugged.

"I have no idea," the tiny vampire answered. She looked over at the friends of her brother that were looking just as dumbfounded until one of them narrowed his eyes at their table, or, more importantly at Bella. Then the boy, the blond one, turned around and left the cafeteria, pulling out his mobile.

Alice got up and went over to the group that had been with her brother.

"Hi, I'm Alice Cullen," she introduced herself. "Is your brother okay?"

"I don't know," the brunette girl answered. "I hope he will be, but I guess it's going to be difficult for him. I'm Hermione."

"So you are one of Sev's siblings?" one of the redheads asked. "I'm Gred, by the way, and that is Forge."

"Yeah, I am," Alice nodded. "I haven't seen him in ten years though. Mum and Rose were a bit pissed. Would you like to sit with us?"

The blonde girl nodded and took the hands of the last two boys that had not yet introduced themselves.

"Don't you want to get food?" Alice asked as she fell into step with them.

"No," the girl shook her head, "Harry made us lunch. He is the one that left first. He wasn't prepared for the girl. That wasn't nice of Severus not to tell him about her, but I understand why he did it. Harry wouldn't even have come this far otherwise."

"Luna!" Hermione hissed, not understanding why she said this. They weren't supposed to tell the vampires anything.

"They already know about Harry being a member of their family and that he erased their memories," Luna said, calmly. "Severus was here a few weeks ago and told them."

"What?" Theo asked unbelievingly. "How could he?"

"It was better this way," Luna chided, "This way everything will work out in the end. The block on Edward's memories has already been broken."

They had reached the table by now and Bella was looking back and forth between Alice and the others.

"Everyone, this is Luna. I had History with her this morning. The others are her siblings," Alice said and saw Bella frown.

"They don't look related," she said to which the Cullens frowned. They were not related either, and Bella hadn't seemed to have a problem with that so far.

"Problem?" the blond boy that had left earlier asked; eyes narrowed dangerously.

"N-No," Bella stuttered quickly.

The blond didn't relax, but turned to his siblings.

"I called dad. They are expecting him. I also gave Father a piece of my mind about his manipulations," he said. "Harry was already gone."

Luna nodded at that. It was what she had seen already.

"Who the hell are you?" Bella burst out. "And what have you done to my Edward? Why did he leave?"

"We have done nothing to your Edward," the blonde sneered mockingly. "Maybe he saw something better than you."

Bella only sneered back at him.

"I am his soul mate. There is nothing better than me," she said self-importantly.

"Uhuh," Blaise made, not looking convinced in the least. Harry had told them the whole story after some prodding a few days ago. "Sure you are, little girl."

Theo looked at all of them, before he just turned around and left. Blaise hesitated only a moment and then went after him, followed closely by Fred and George. Soon, only Hermione and Draco were left with the Cullens.

"What?" Bella asked acidly. No one answered her.


The moment Harry was out of sight from everyone, he apparated home. As soon as he was in the house, Remus was with him.

"Why are you here so soon?" the werewolf asked and then he saw the devastated look on his cub's face. "What happened? What's wrong?"

Harry only threw himself at his father and sobbed. Remus picked his son up and went over to the couch with him in his arms. He rubbed soothing circles on the teen's back.

"Shhh," he hushed. By now, Severus and Sirius were also in the room.

"He has a mate," Harry sobbed. "He has a mate." Harry repeated the sentence a second time, quieter this time and then went completely silent.

Severus laid a calming hand on Harry's shoulder.

"I am sure that he will forget Isabella as soon as he remembers you," the vampire said, and knew that he had said the wrong thing the moment the words left his mouth. Harry had never told them the name of the girl and he had just given himself away.

"Isabella?" Harry asked, and the three men winced. "You knew she was there?"

Harry looked first at Severus, his eyes still red, and then towards the others.

"You all knew?" he asked after a moment. He could see it in their eyes that they had indeed known. "No… n-no…"

He jumped from his father's lap and ran up the stairs. The last thing the men heard before the door upstairs slammed shut, was, "I hate you!"


Harry threw himself onto the bed and sobbed into his pillow. The three of the few adults he had trusted, had betrayed him. How could they? How could they do that to him? How could they bring him here to show him that his mate had chosen another?

Suddenly there was a movement behind him and Harry spun around, wand drawn to face the intruder to his room. He had no intention to see anyone right now. As he saw however, who it was, he let his wand drop to the ground.

"I am sorry," Edward said, "I am so sorry for forgetting you and for thinking that my singer was my mate and hurting you with that. I am so, so sorry. Can you forgive me, Harry?"