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Chapter 11 (Checkpoint)

The entire area had become a tidal storm and the Deep Sea Six ploughed its way through. The caterpillar turbines on the wings of the sub rotated at full speed relentlessly and even threatened to spin out of their bearings.

The currents of the ocean endlessly pulled at the huge vessel, like a mighty tug-of-war between two titans. Nature wanted to drag the Deep Sea Six into the center of the disturbance, but it refused to give in.

The crews scurried around, patching up systems and rescuing stranded crewmen. Finally, the lights came online and the command deck was lit again.

Jake rose to his feet and saw Mutio holding Tia. Mutio didn't want Tia to float away. Jake took hold of Tia and finally guided her to a peaceful location. He would release her to the sea once it was calm.

The raging ice storm carried on, sweeping through Antarctica, creating what looked like an alien city completely out of highly compressed ice. A whirlwind of undersea currents dragged everything into the icy metropolis. The crew looked through the view screen, completely engulfed with awe.

The sun glistened off the highly reflective ice surfaces and the entire structure grew at breathtaking speed.

"How big is that thing going to get? It must be over five thousand feet," said one exaggerating crewmember.

"Look at all that water! It looks like the insides of a huge monster," Sam muttered, tripping over the footstep. The structure swelled into the sky, draining all the water from the ocean.

Then everyone began to feel faint tugs as the Deep Sea Six managed to break away from the torrential tides. The Blue Sub was tossed around like a balloon on a high wind as the tow cable swayed, vibrated and then shook. Ice blocks struck it, sending violent vibrations through the bulkheads. But the Blue Sub was eventually towed to safety.

Moving quickly, the Deep Sea Six soon entered quiet waters. News from around the world began to flood the airwaves about the water level lowering and the visibility of land buildings could be seen under the water. Everyone knew that it would take several weeks for the water level to be back to normal, but the important thing was that Earth had escaped its doom.


Jake sat beside the moon pool, deep in thought. It's been several hours since their hasty departure from Antarctica and the frantic chaos slowly settled down. The report beside him contained detailed damage reports and the current efficiency of the boat. The second in command was holding the fort perfectly for the time being. Jake didn't feel like doing anything. He was lost. Then someone interrupted him.

"Sir, you better have a look at this..."

"What is it?"

"I don't know how to say this, but something has infected the major bio-filter on the central aqua chamber. You've got to see this."

Jake was annoyed. "Why me, get someone else to purge it. I'm not in the mood."

"Sir, it's growing in there... You need to see!"

Jake grudgingly gave in and proceeded to the central aqua chamber. The initial view was impressive. The chamber was huge, spanning several decks and just smaller than a football pitch. Aqua tunnels dumped a steady stream of water into the central chamber and water poured in from every entrance.

Green bio-filters were installed in several aqua ducts and pumps kept the flow of water moving around the carefully constructed infrastructure.

Jake inhaled deeply. The fresh ocean smell felt enchanting and the general atmosphere was moist. He could feel the water droplets on his face and could imagine Tia spending her time here. She would have liked this place.

"Sir, some of my team was investigating why the primary filter output has decreased by thirty percent. This area was undamaged and was a little odd." The technician climbed the metallic stars to the central filter level. Jake followed behind, hands wet from the damp railings.

He walked along the gangway to a pool of flowing water filled with seaweed-colored filters. The filters stretched from one side of the aqua duct to the other. Jake remembered this place well, because the strips of filters were extremely expensive.

Impatient, Jake began, "What's the problem?"

The technician edged himself into the water and parted some of the filter strips. The sudden release of fresh ozone made Jake light-headed. "Upon closer inspection, we discovered this..." The technician was at a loss for words. "We found this thing attached to the filters."

The technician parted more of the bio-filters and Jake could clearly see something embedded in the fine honeycomb of the filters' filaments. It looked like a red, organic vein.

"At first I thought it was some kind of parasite. But when I went in for a closer look, I found this." The technician prompted Jake to follow him.

Out of curiosity, he grudgingly got inside the filter pool and walked slowly to the area in question. Kino and Hayami watched from the gangways.

"Open the bio-filter strips here." The technician pointed to the strips that were in the center of the pool. Jake parted the strips and was shocked to discover a huge clump of organic mass burned into the layers of bio-filters. Veins spread out in all directions and a clear jelly substance surrounded something inside. Something growing. Jake almost fell over; it resembled the inside of an egg. Just what was it?

"Upon finding this, I called the medic to have a look." The technician gulped nervously. "It appears to be a humanoid child."

Jake felt a chill up his spine and to everyone's surprise, Huang rushed up to the overhead railing and said, "Tia's baby, Tia's baby, Tia's baby."

While jumping up and down, she accidentally dropped her teddy bear into the water.

Mutio swam up amongst the bio-filters and inspected the growth that was fused with the filter, "Tia...s... Baby." She smiled, looking at the small figure moving inside.

Jake almost collapsed with disbelief, but the technician caught his falling body. Regaining his balance and thought, Jake continued. "How's this possible? Is the baby okay?"

The doctor, who accompanied them into the chamber, replied after scrolling through his data pad. "The embryo seems to be developing at an incredible rate. I've never seen anything like it. From what I can guess, the embryo has merged with the bio-filters and is using them to sustain itself and gather nutrients."

The technician interjected. "That's why the pumps are down thirty percent."

Jake gave the technician a look of scorn, but the doctor continued. "So far the baby has grown to that of a newborn baby in the space of a few days. See the egg sack, that's where your child will emerge. I can only guess that in their natural habitat, the mother-" The doctor gave a sympathetic look towards Jake. "-Or your partner would have traveled to a populated coral reef and secreted her egg. It would then latch on and grow. The implications of this are staggering... I've already discovered some new medical breakthroughs..." Jake cut him off.

"Do you know the sex of my child? No wait, on second thought, don't tell me." Jake spread more of the filter layers and became mesmerized at the pulsating sack that was firmly embedded in the sub's aqua filtration system. Jake could only imagine Tia being attracted to a place like this and the bio filters would provide all the food necessary to create their child. This was indeed a gift that could help bring himself from the edge of despair. He'd already watched Tia die in his arms; he wasn't going to let that happen to his child.

He looked on deeper and through the fine transparent membrane that was encased in a jell sack. Inside a small life form moved. He could see long ears, mixed colors of skin and the prominent yellow and black features, more detailed than the mother. The baby seemed beautiful, but the ambient light was too low to see much detail.

Jake issued orders. "I want guards posted in this area at all times. I also want the filtration pumps operating at full capacity and keep a supply of fresh sea water flowing into this room. Doctor, I want you to monitor my baby and let me know immediately if there is a problem..." Jake was suddenly cut off by an alarmed call over the intercom.

"All hands, intruder detected in the loading's that beast creature... Verg is in the..." the transmission was cut.


The vessel shook and the flickering lights indicated that they were under attack.

Jake got to his feet after taking a nosedive into the salty water. That fucking beast, I'm going to kill him for the pain he's caused.

Jake shot out of the water and ran down the passageway. Hayami quickly followed behind. The heavy breathing and the furious pounding off his heart was all Jake could hear. He wanted his revenge; boy did he want it.

More vibrations shook the boat, giving the crew wobbly legs.

"Something's up, and it's all down to Verg," Jake mused as he helped Hayami to his feet. "I think that creature Verg is damaging my boat."

"He's completely out of control. We'll need to put it down. I should have done it over one year ago, but I didn't." The men stopped running and Jake was in deep thought. Hayami continued, "I'm sorry that my ignorance has cost you Tia. If I'd killed Verg, Tia might be alive today."

"There's no point in laying blame on one person. I'm to blame as well. If she'd stayed on New London she would have been safe." Jake paused, looked down and remembered the pain and suffering she went through, the very last thoughts she had and what that beast had done to her. No, he will make sure it pays for taking such an innocent life.

Jake looked up, red-faced. "Let's go."

They made their way to the loading bay, heavy boots thumping on the metal plates. Jake didn't care if Verg heard them coming; Jake wanted him to know that his executioners were approaching.

"You take loader one and I'll take loader three. That son-of-a-bitch is going to pay."

As the men rushed towards the door, a thunderous din greeted them. Jake and Hayami froze. Huge fists pounded on the steel door. Moments later, a dent appeared and then another. After five more hits, the door started to buckle under the onslaught.

When the steel door finally failed, Verg lunged towards the two men. His teeth were showing, drool leaked from his mouth and blood poured from numerous wounds. But the two humans were defenseless. No machines to help them, no weapons.

Verg moved towards Jake, intent to kill.

Jake backed into the local junction box and got an idea. He wrenched the high voltage cable from the box and managed to turn in time to catch Verg's chest. The shock was enough to send Verg flying into the adjacent wall but the impact shattered the aqua tunnel, spilling water everywhere. The high voltage cable fell to the floor and everyone received an electric jolt. Hayami jumped, fell and then managed to get way. However, Jake was too close; he was electrocuted and passed out.

The local circuit breaker kicked in a few seconds later and saved his life. However, Hayami was alone with Verg.

Verg got up, water pouring from the aqua tunnel behind. It was a horrifying sight as the light flickered around. Hayami needed to find a more secure location to fight and finish the job he should have done one year ago.

Then he saw a clear path. He lunged forward towards the grampus bays; there he could use something to combat Verg.


Upon entering the grampus bays, he headed towards the nearest unit. He looked behind himself and saw Verg galloping up the poorly lit tunnel towards him. Each segment of faintly lit sector showed Verg that much closer.

Hayami didn't have much time. He got in the cockpit, activated the weapon systems and opened fire. Verg swerved, ducked and then gunned for Hayami. His weapon shot indiscriminately in all directions, blowing up other grampuses and punching huge two-meter holes into the surrounding bulkheads. Water poured in and electoral circuits began to violently short out.

As the lights began to flicker out, Hayami activated the jet engines and rammed Verg straight through the bulkhead wall.

Finally, after he smashed through the second bulkhead, they landed in the loading bay. After five minutes of fighting, Hayami was surprised to see Jake inside one of the loaders.

Jake spoke over the sparks and gushing water. "I'll take it from here, Hayami."

Jake used the loader arms, grabbed Verg, and then threw him with incredible force through a third bulkhead.

Jake forced his way through the damaged bulkhead and found himself inside the generator room.


In the background to his right, three huge twenty-four foot power generators hummed, dwarfing anything that was in the room. To his right was the automatic gearing system and a huge drive shaft that went down the middle of the room, connecting all the generators to the gearing system.

Verg was attempting to get himself off the red floor. Jake moved the loader at its maximum speed - which was not very fast - and attempted to plough the loader's arm into Verg's back. But Verg did the unexpected and dodged the arm, spun behind Jake, grabbed the back of his loader and threw him to the floor.

Jake struggled to control the machine, but in a split second, as Verg lunged towards Jake, Jake spun the loader on its back and kicked its hydraulic feet into the beast's stomach.

Verg was flung into the automatic gears and all Jake heard was the crunching of bones and the mincing of meat.

Verg gave one last ditch effort to free himself, yelling as loudly as he could.

Jake heard the automatic gears change, to compensate for the additional load. Verg didn't stand a chance as the teeth of the gears munched through his body. Verg's screams were stopped when the final gear crushed his head.

Jake got out of the loader and looked at the main automatic gears. Lubricated by Verg's blood, the gears returned to their normal operating speed, as if nothing had happened.

Hayami stood on the other side of the room.

"Verg's gone." Jake walked closer. "Tia is gone. But I still have my child."

"You will find a way, Jake. Tia wouldn't want you to suffer. She's still in your heart and inside the new child she gave you." Such touching words from Hayami; Jake was surprised.


One year later.

The Deep Sea Six floated on the surface of the ocean. Taking in fresh air was necessary because Sam forgot to order a new batch of bio-filters for the vessel. Jake sometimes wondered how Sam managed it this far in the navy, but he did have his uses.

Leaned over at the moon pool, Jake swayed his hands in the water, thinking about Tia. Always thinking about Tia, and his child.

He/She was due to hatch soon.

Jake strolled over the medical reports and was shocked to discover that his baby was at the age of a two year old. Zorndyke must have done something to rapidly speed growth.

A plasma screen showed an overenthusiastic scientist explaining the dramatic ocean water level, while other scientists explained the implications of such a dramatic environmental change. It appeared to be a huge waste of time and money to air the show, so Jake left the room.

It was almost a day since he last inspected the egg sack that had now devoured the entire section of bio filters and was the size of a grampus. The strange life form looked different from a distance.

Upon closer examination Jake noticed, with horror, that the egg sack had ruptured and the infant life form had vanished. Jake sounded the alarm. Did the infant swim away? Did something attack it? Jake was full of worry.

A call came over his earpiece. "Captain, you better get to the surface."

Jake responded. "What's the problem?"

"That Iga has arrived with his vessel. But sir, that's not the only thing. You need to get up here!"

Jake scrunched his nose, suppressed his worries and proceeded to the exit of his boat. He felt his child somewhere; he knew that he/she was safe and probably swimming about.

But as he walked through the nearest passageway, he saw his crew in the background staring in awe at the aqua tunnel windows.

Jake followed their gaze and was completely shocked to discover aquatic hybrids swimming through the tunnels. Several, in fact, with the same characteristics as Tia.

"Just what the hell is going on?" one crewmember asked.

Jake carried on. If they were inside his vessel, what was outside?


Jake finally crawled through the port hatch to the surface and was blinded by the momentary sunlight.

Once he shaded his eyes, Jake couldn't believe what he was witnessing.

Berthed beside the Deep Sea Six, the Blue Sub huddled close, but both vessels were surrounded by aquatic females. They swam in the water and some began to climb on the hull of the explorer when Jake came into view.

Crewmembers panicked, thinking they were under attack, but suddenly a young girl reassured the crew.

"Don't worry, they are not here to hurt us," Huang said.

Then a familiar hybrid emerged from the crowded water. Red crimson eyes glowed through the endless sea of blue. It was Mutio. Then Jake saw it…

Lightly bobbing up and down in the water was the most beautiful creature he had ever witnessed. Artic blue eyes, silver blue hair, long pointy ears and the most dazzling display of colors all over her skin, Jake's child swam in perfect unison with the waves.

Mutio cradled the very young child as she walked up the hull of the sub; the aquatic females remained in the water and began to sing.

The crew was taken back, completely lost in awe.

Mutio approached Jake, cradling his child. She looked at Huang.

"Mutio says, this child is from Tia. This is the only comfort she can give you. She knows how much you loved her and that love is now in the form of this child. Cherish the child Tia has given to you. She will forever live on, inside her."

Jake stretched his hands and Mutio passed the hybrid child to him. He could not hold back his tears. Tia's looks and colors were in the child's face; she was the perfect child. Tia had given Jake the most remarkable gift someone could give. A child, a girl.

The aquatic hybrids in the water sang and swayed; it was some kind of moment, but Jake was caught up in his own moment.

Mutio went over to Hayami and held his hand. She spoke. "Hayami... Mutio..." she touched her stomach and then Hayami knew exactly what she tried to say.


In the months to come, Jake decided to raise his child, Nira, back at new London. His family was overwhelmed with joy and 'grandma' entertained the overexcited crew. His loss of Tia would never go away, but his small child would give him strength.

Hayami and Mutio began their new life in a reconstructed city in Japan with a fresh supply of Deep Sea Six's bio filters. Mutio was pregnant and Hayami was about to embark on his new journey.

With the Earth orbit stable around the sun, no one would ever forget the horrors Zorndyke had created or the wonders he had made. Humankind has now entered a new era.

This is the end of (Blue Submarine No 6: The Year After.)

Author note:

It has given me great pleasure to create this fanfiction for the fans of Blue Submarine No 6. Ever since I saw the program I was enchanted by its storyline and characters and couldn't resist writing something.

It was a pity that only a few episodes of this series were created and I hope that this story could inspire someone to continue the epic.

Many elements in the story were extremely hard to create and to overcome, especially the deaths of a few characters. I'm sorry for the readers whom I might have upset.

The story has been an incredible adventure for everyone involved and I hope this story is widely distributed and shared with all the fans in the world.

I would also like to thank all the people who have written reviews that have encouraged me to continue. Without them, the story might have been cut short.

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