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Three. They weren't sure which one of them had said it, but they were definitely sure about what was said next.

"I don't hate you."

"I love you."

Both at the same time. Both had heard what he had said. It seemed so out of character. Sonny just had to ask.

"I love you?" Her meek words seemed so unacceptable in comparison. He lets it all loose and she just lets the slightest of slips possible. This was not how he had planned it. Not that he spent his spare time thinking about it.

"I mean, isn't it the most amazing letter?" He was quite proud of himself for being so quick on his feet. "Right after T, before V. Who doesn't love U?"

Sonny let her eyes drop to the ground as she shifted her feet. Was she disappointed? The only thing she'd admit being disappointed of was Chad's inability to man up. "Of course. Favorite vowel. Only idiots don't like U."

"It's right up there with I. Everybody knows U and I belong together." A slight blush crept onto his face.

Every time one of them had said 'U' it seemed almost as if they were saying 'you'. Who doesn't love you? Only idiots don't like you. Everybody knows you and I belong together.

"Really?" Her gaze snapped back up, as she reached for the small glimmer of hope shining in his sparkly eye. Her hand inched closer to his hand. But she didn't grab it. It just dangled there, absent of a partner.

"Really. Like in the word QUIT. They're right up close with each other. I can't live without U." Chad reached out and grabbed the dangling hand.

"I can't live without U?" Sonny asked confused. There was no way this talk was about vowels anymore. "Never mind. I think U and I need to find QT so we can QUIT this charade already."

"Why do we need to find QT? I think we're already both cute to begin with. Well, me more than you, but that's aside the point." Chad was morphing back into his comfortable old self-centered self. Though he had dropped the act, and that was enough for Sonny. Admitting the problem is the first step to overcoming it, right?

Sonny stepped closer to Chad. "Wait, did you just admit to liking me?" She cocked her head to the side, making Chad want to close the distance evermore quickly.

"Yes." He leaned in as if it were as simple as that. Sonny backed away.

"We can't. Not here, not now." He let his head droop in disappointment. She guided it up with her hand.

"But we still have the spark right?" Chad could only hope that she could agree with him now. She hadn't much in the past, but from that look in her eyes, he knew exactly what she was going to say.


Take and put that in your precious little gift basket Gilroy. It'd be the ultimate package.