Draconicor's Light

Hello everyone. I am Mikano Zirake here to bring you yet another fanfic. The characters of Spectrobes encounter a strange entity on the planet of Wyterra and must join forces with some unlikely people to defeat the krawl. Plz enjoy and don't hate me!

The moon hung in the sky as I walked towards the water. I could hear birds chirping as the first light of dawn shone in the reflection of the lake.

Lifting my head, I knew what was to come. "Fire shall bring the light to defeat the darkness," I looked towards the area I had come from, a large cavern

known as "The masters Cave", "And the darkness will come back again until its master is dead." I knew this prophecy well. My name is Draconicor. I am

the guardian of the Kaio system, and I must save it from the krawl. Two children, although they are Spectrobe masters, are this world's only hope. I

must do all I can, or we shall perish.