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Chapter 8. New Dance Routine

"Step…step…step, Finn, watch your turn!"

"Ouch!" Rachel mumbled as her gigantic dancing partner stepped on her toes for the third time in the last half hour.

"Okay guys, again, from the top."

"Mr. Shue," Rachel interrupted the preppy Spanish teacher in her diva tone. "I'd like to save my feet from further torture, can we stop?" Turning to face Finn, she gave him a small smile. "No offense, Finn."

The quarterback flashed a sheepish smile in her direction, apologizing for her feet and turned to Mr. Schuester echoing Rachel's request.

Seeing the fatigue on his students' faces, the curly-haired teacher conceded, calling it a day as he started to collect his things.

Rachel let out a relieved sigh as she sat down on the edge of the stage watching as her fellow Glee friends started to leave. Her sigh turned into a low moan of appreciation as her boyfriend sat behind her, cradling her between his open legs, his strong hands going to her shoulders to work out the tension a less-than-perfect practice left her with.

"You are a god." She groaned as he found the perfect spot on her neck to work on.

She smiled as she felt the vibrations of Puck's low chuckle rather than hearing it; what she did hear was his smug 'I know' as he pressed his mouth close to her ear, causing her to roll her eyes but smiled wider. She opened her mouth to shot back a respond but the smart-ass comment died on her lips as she realized that some of their friends where still around.

She watched as Brittney and Kurt walked away giggling to each other and as Finn helped a much rounder Quinn down the rows of chairs, she smiled as the tall football player handled the pretty blonde with care, at least, he wasn't stepping on Quinn's toes. Her smile became softer as she watched Finn placed his hand at the small of Quinn's back and the girl in question looked up to give Finn a bright smile which he returned.

"Earth to Berry," Puck whispered against her temple.

Turning her head to the side, she found Puck looking at her with a smile of his own, bright and beautiful and directed at her; she found her eyes misting over at the thought that it was directed only at her. Somehow, he seemed to understand her sudden sentimentality and instead of questioning it, he simply kissed her, softly and lightly. The innocence of the kiss, however, was contradicted by Puck's hands. Gone from her shoulder, they slid down her arms and over her chest, playing with the small pearl buttons of her crushed-rose silk top.

Opening one, two, three, four buttons, he slipped his hand inside, his fingers finding her nipples already hard with anticipation. She moaned keenly against his lips as he gave her a slight pull. His other hand went lower and her breath halted as his hand pulled her already short skirt high on her legs, slipping between her warm thighs.

It was Puck's turn to moan as he felt the panel of her silky panties already wet for him; pushing her underwear to the side, he let his fingers glide over her heated flesh, kissing her harder as he found her clit and worked it with his hand. He pulled back enough to watch the way her face changed as he pressed his middle finger to her opening and sliding it in slowly and deliberately to his second knuckle. He smiled when he curled his finger upward in a 'come hither' gesture causing Rachel to throw her head back against his shoulder, lost in the sensation. She rocked back and forth into his hand desperately, begging silently for more.

Having teased her enough, Puck gave his girl what she needed and sank a second finger inside her, pumping them faster and harder, his thumb running over her clit until she started to shake in his arms; giving her one final push of his fingers, he felt as she broke apart, her face hiding in his neck as she rode her orgasm out, her warm breath coming out in puffs against his skin. He gave her a moment to breathe, his fingers still inside her, feeling her tight walls clenching sporadically.

After a few minutes, she lifted her head and looked up at him, finding him smiling smugly down at her, his smile turning into a wider smirk when she gasped as he removed his fingers from her still-sensitive flesh.

Narrowing her eyes at him, she caught his hand in hers, bringing it slowly to her lips. She watched as he tracked her every move, the way she opened her mouth and let her tongue come out to meet the tip of his index and middle finger before gradually sucking the fingers into her mouth. It was her turn to be smug as his eyes clouded over at her actions, and the way he pressed his lower half against her backside, she could feel him through his jeans more than ready.

"You're killing me, Babe." He said to her as she let his hand go and turned on her knees, now straddling his legs, his tone coarse as she pressed hard against him. She ignored him and simply pushed on his shoulders until he was lying on the stage with her over him.

She smiled as she leaned down and kissed him lightly on the lips while her hands went to his belt, undoing the strap, freeing his shirt, her small warm hands moving underneath it. Her fingers danced over his abs, she laughed quietly as she ran her nails over his skin causing his muscles to clench and unclench under her hands. She could feel him twitch between her legs, the confinement of his jeans making him groan; palming her bottom roughly, he brought her down harder against where he needed her most. Taking pity, Rachel started to move, rocking into him as the hard ridge of his fly sent a chill down her spine when it rubbed against her clit. They continued moving harder and harder, opting for dry humping rather than wasting time with removing their clothes. So caught up in the waves of pleasure, they didn't hear the door to the auditorium open once more. They did, however, hear the scream that followed the door.


The pair stopped mid-thrust, Rachel looked down at Puck, his eyes just as wide as she was sure hers were. Sitting up, she pulled Puck to sit up himself. Her back was to the intruder saving her from having to face him, but Puck's whispered 'Shit' told her it was bad. Taking a deep breath she turned her head to the side, taking in the person a few feet away from where she sat straddling her boyfriend, both of them half-dressed and Puck's hands still on her ass.

A hysterical chuckle worked its way out of her throat as she took in her teacher's shocked and uncomfortable stare….Mr. Schuester.

One week later…

Noah Puckerman was bored, bored out of his mind as he shifted in the same seat he has sat in for the last week since 'The Incident', not to be confused with 'The Situation'. He rolled his eyes at this his own drifting thoughts; he really needed to stop Rachel from making him watch the Jersey Shore. Ever since the incident in the auditorium, he was forced to spend his afternoons in after school detention.

Mr. Schuester let them off easy, something that probably had to do with the fact that when he found them, they had really only been making out heavily instead of getting it on. Puck had a feeling that if the Spanish teacher knew what they had been up to the last few weeks all over the school including once in said teacher's desk, the punishment would have been very different. He looked over at his partner-in-crime a few desks over writing in her notebook. She didn't have the permanent blush she had been sporting the last few days but started being able to hold eye contact with their teacher once again. Puck continued to watch her as the minutes passed by until finally the teacher in front of them started collecting their things, signaling that their imprisonment was over for the day. He watched as his fellow deviants ran for the door until all that were left was him and Rachel. He got up and walked over to her desk where she was putting away everything but the sheet of paper she had been writing on. She handed it over to him without a word and started to walk out.

Puck looked down at the sheet in his hand, reading over his girlfriend's pretty hand writing: Movie Theater, park, public pool, restaurant….

Looking up, Puck found Rachel grinning at him from the doorway with a look of challenge on her face.

"Well…." She let the question linger as he walked up to her, standing before her, he leaned down and gave her a sweet kiss, a complete opposite from the adrenaline pumping inside him.

"Crazy girl." He whispered, his smile taking any sting from the words. "You're on."

Laughing, she took his hand in hers and walked out together. He watched as she laughed and smiled as she talked. Dating Rachel Berry wasn't the easiest thing in the world but it did come with its perks, like her crazy beautiful, horny mind that mirrored his own and he fell in love with her more for it.