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Chapter 1

After the defeat of Apocalypse, life pretty much returned to normal for the X-Men and the Brotherhood. The students that were forced to leave after the attack on the mansion returned, including Rahne Sinclair, otherwise known as Wolfsbane. Rahne had a hard time after being forced to leave the institution and was more than happy to be back with her mutant friends. Soon enough, after things settled down, the instituted started bringing in more mutants seeking to control their powers, amongst those was Alex Summers, Scott Summer's brother. With all the new students, all her old friends, Gambit, Colossus, and others not formally part of the X-Men dropping in from time to time, Rahne found herself barely having any time to calm down from all the excitement, not that it was a bad thing.

One weekend afternoon, Rahne was running along the hallways, frisbee in hand, and heading towards the front doors, anticipating a nice, exhilarating game of frisbee with Roberto and Sam, passed by Professor Xavier's office and by chance overhead a bit of the conversation that was taking place.

"We'd be very grateful if you joined our institution. Your abilities would help us immensely, especially with some of the newer…er…uncontrollable students." Professor Xavier was saying.

Rahne stopped in her tracks and backtracked slightly. 'Another teacher? This isn't going to go well with the others…' Rahne thought to herself.

"I dunno, Professor…I mean I barely have control over my own powers…I don't know how I'd be a decent teacher for those with even less control…and maybe some with more control than me…" A male voice reached Rahne's ears. What surprised Rahne was that this voice sounded no older than Scott or Kurt Wagner.

"Nevertheless your experiences will prove useful for the students, I assure you." Then silence reached Rahne's ears as the second person thought about the offer the professor was giving him. "Why don't you think it over for a while, go outside and see what this place has to offer."

"Alright…I guess I have nothing to lose by just looking…"

"Excellent…perhaps Ms. Sinclar can show you the way outside where most of the other student should be right now."

Rahne jumped in surprise at hearing her name and backed up from the door as it swung up. Standing in front of her was a young man, or rather an old teenager, maybe only one or two years older than herself, three might be pushing it. The teen looked down at Rahne, being about half a head taller than her.

"S-sorry, I didn't mean to listen in." Rahne said softly, holding the frisbee in front of her as if it would shield her from the slightly intimidating teen in front of her. When he didn't respond, she looked at Professor Xavier, who was still sitting behind his desk.

"That's quite ok, Rahne. Why don't you show Bernard outside? As you heard he may be a new instructor here at the institution so please do your best to be respectful. Or at least keep the others from being disrespectful…" Professor Xavier said, smiling at his own words.

Rahne smiled too, knowing that even if Professor Xavier didn't mention it, he knew of the frequent misbehavings of the other New Mutants and often overlooked them as 'growing up'. "Of course, Professor." She looked up at the teen in front of her, Bernard. "This way…"

As Rahne lead the way, she constantly looked back at Bernard, who had yet to say a word to her, which made her feel uneasy. What made it worse was that she had the feeling of being read, much like when the professor is trying to read your mind.

"So…" Rahne spoke, desperate to break the uncomfortable silence. "What's your power…?"

Bernard inhaled, as if prepared to speak, at the same time the feeling of being read ebbed away from Rahne's mind, but then he sighed, as if giving up. "It's kind of hard to explain…"

Rahne was surprised yet grateful for this relaxed tone that Bernard gave her, nothing uptight or rude, but calm yet not to the point of uncaring.

"Are you a telepath?" Rahne asked, bringing up the feeling from before.

"No…not really…"

"Not really?" Rahne looked back at Bernard, eyebrow raised.

Bernard smirked slightly. "No," he repeated, this time with more certainty in his voice.

Seeing him smirk made Rahne's relief expand. At least he acted like a normal teenager. Maybe getting along with the others. "Well I'm a shapeshifter. I guess you can call it that."

"Really now?" Bernard said, though something in his voice told Rahne that he already knew. "You a single or multiple?"

"Huh?" Rahne looked at Bernard, confused at his terminology.

"Can you change into only one thing or multiple things?" Again Rahne felt he already knew the answer.

"One…and a half…I guess." Rahne said, thinking about it. "I change into a wolf, I guess that's why everyone calls me Wolfsbane. But I can also turn into something like a wolfman too."

"You mean a wolf-woman."

Rahne shot Bernard a look but couldn't keep a straight face. "Yes…of wolf-woman."

Rahne reached the front doors and pushed it open, seeing many of the New Mutants already outside playing.

"Those three are Ray, Jamie, and Bobby," Rahne said, pointing at the three boys playing basketball, Jamie having just multiplied to give him an edge against the two older boys. "Those two are Jubilation and Amara." Rahne pointed at the two girls that were sitting on the mansion steps, talking together. They looked up when they heard their names and waved. "And these two," Rahne said as the remaining two boys ran up to them, "are Roberto and Sam."

"Hey, Rahne, who's this?" Roberto asked, as Sam tugged the frisbee out of Rahne's hands.

"THIS…" Rahne said forcefully, wrenching the stolen frisbee out of Sam's hands, "is Bernard. I heard him talking to the professor on my way down. He might be a new teacher here."

"Aw man…another teacher…?" Sam groaned.

"Sam!" Rahne shouted. "Don't be so rude!" Rahne threw the frisbee and Sam went running after it.

Roberto laughed and turned to Bernard. "Well it's nice to meet you. You want to join us?"

Bernard shook his head. "Nah, I'll just watch."

"Suit yourself, come on Rahne." Roberto said, running after the frisbee that Sam just threw.

Rahne looked at Bernard. "You sure you don't want to join us?"

Bernard nodded and sat himself down on the steps that Jubilation and Amara were sitting on. "I'm fine. You go on ahead."

Rahne nodded before racing after the frisbee too.

As their game proceeded, the basketball game finished so the players decided to join in the frisbee game too. The simply game of pass turned into a two teamed game of keep away. Before long, or more like as soon as it started, powers were being activated. It was all good and fun until Jamie formed one of his clones in front of Rahne and intercepted the frisbee.

Something seemed to go off in Rahne's mind, as if the only thing that she could think of was how her frisbee was taken from her. She instinctively transformed into her wolf form and charged after Jamie, who started laughing and screaming trying to keep the frisbee away from Rahne, thinking that it was still just a game. But to Rahne, it wasn't anymore.

In truth that wasn't 100% true either. Rahne wanted it to be a game and had every intention to keep it that way, but her body didn't seem to be in her control anymore. Try as she might she couldn't stop her head on assault after the little boy. She found herself screaming in her own mind as she rammed into Jamie's back, knocking him to the ground. The laughter around her died and was replaced by Rahne's friends telling her to stop. Rahne was also yelling at herself to stop but her body seemed to reject Rahne's thoughts, as if her beast form had taken over and wanted revenge for having her possession taken from her.

Jamie started to scream as Rahne bared her teeth at him, Jamie clutching instinctively at the frisbee, unknowingly making Rahne's beast even angrier. Out of the corner of her eye, Rahne's still conscious mind saw everyone rushing forward, heard people yelling for her to stop along with Jamie's terrified screams. But one thing in particular caught her eye. Bernard was charging forward but as he ran, his body began to change until it matched Rahne's. The two wolves collided and Rahne was knocked off of Jamie, onto her back as the larger wolf pinned her to the ground. Bernard started to change again, this time into the wolf-man form.

"Rahne! Calm down!" Bernard shouted, Rahne struggling to do so but her body kept thrashing. "Rahne! Don't let it dominate you, meld with it and take control!"

Rahne, now panicked and desperate to do anything to get back in control, did as she was told, allowing the furious feelings to overtake her for a moment, before urging herself to calm down and miraculously, it work. Slowly the anger started to disappear and soon Rahne was able to transform back. When Rahne was done and relaxed, Bernard got up, transforming back as well and helped Rahne to her feet.

"What happened here?" Everyone turned around to see the professor and the X-Men hurrying towards them.

"It was Rahne, sir…she just went…ballistic…" Ray tried to explain.

"It wasn't me…!" Rahne pleaded, looking from the professor to Jamie, who was trembling in Jean Grey's arms. "I couldn't control myself! I would never try and hurt Jamie!"

"I believe you, Rahne, just calm down…" Professor Xavier said gently.

Rahne swallowed and nodded.

"Professor. I think I will be taking up your offer." Bernard said, allowing a still weak-kneed Rahne to lean on him. "It seems like Rahne's mutation has taken another step forward…and I believe she won't be the last…not by a long shot. I want to help."

"I fear that you might be right, Bernard." Professor Xavier said grimly. "I thank you for your help…"