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Chapter 2

The next day, Rahne felt an uneasy tension where ever she went; cautious eyes following her through the halls and hearing whispers coming from behind. Apparently the news of Rahne's attack on Jamie had spread through the entire mansion. Thankfully, however, those christened the New Mutants didn't seem to hold anything against her, even Jamie. They each had their run-ins with complications in their mutations so Rahne's rampage was nothing new to them.

"Hey Rahne!" Rahne turned around to see Roberto running up to her, Bobby behind him telling a bunch of newer, but older students to back off. "How're you feeling?"

"Could be better…" Rahne said, her features matching how she felt. "I can't stand this…now all the new kids avoid me and everything…like I'm diseased or something…"

"H-HEY!" Rahne and Roberto turned around to see Bobby freezing one of up to the neck.

"Anyone else have a problem?!" Bobby shouted at the older students.

The others seemed to back away from the younger but more experienced teen.

"Bobby stop…" Rahne said softly, pulling Bobby away, Roberto moving up to thaw out the frozen student. "Don't do this…"

"But Rahne…just listening to them talk about you just ticks me off…" Bobby growled.

"Bobby I don't care what they say…" Rahne lied. "Just calm down. We all have to get down to the danger room now…"

That morning Professor Xavier had introduced Bernard to the entire institution as another teacher. To everyone's surprise, Professor Xavier also said that there would be a mandatory lesson in the Danger Room, and that everyone, including those already in the X-Men, was obligated to attend.

Bobby glared at the now thawed out teen but then relaxed. "Fine…"

They all made their way down to the Danger Room, meeting up with several other students on the way down. When they entered, they were met by Bernard, the X-Men, Professor Xavier, and Erik Lehnsherr, otherwise known as Magneto, already waiting there.

When everyone was inside the Danger Room, Professor Xavier spoke up. "Now that you all are here we can get started." Professor Xavier motioned to Bernard, who stepped forward. "For those not listening to my announcement this morning, this is Bernard Strand and he will be a new instructor here at the institution. Hopefully with his knowledge he can help us understand, control, and harness our powers."

"Thank you, professor, but I think 'knowledge' is a bit of a stretch…" Bernard smirked, hands set in his pockets. "I think it's more like…experience…"

"However you wish to call it, I feel it will be beneficial to everyone here…"

"Again…stretch…" Bernard walked in between the members of the institution. As he passed each member he directed each one to a side, making two groups. When he passed Rahne he paused. "How are you feeling…?"

"Better…thanks for yesterday." Rahne said with a smile.

"Of course…you're over there…" Bernard pointed at the group that Jamie and Sam were a part of.

When everyone was divided up, Rahne looked around to see who was in each group. Not counting the new students, in her group, along with Jamie and Sam, was Kitty, Kurt Wagner, Rogue, Hank McCoy, Logan, and the professor. Rahne looked at the group facing them, seeing the rest of the new mutants, Ororo Munroe, Scott, Jean Grey, and Magneto.

After they were separated into two groups, Bernard stood in between the two, letting the sight sink in slightly.

"Can anyone tell me what I did, besides simply dividing you all into two groups? And would those who can read minds please refrain from answering."

Murmuring broke out as everyone started to talk amongst each other. After a while Rahne raised her hand.

"You separated us by what our powers let us do…I-I think…"

"In a sense yes." Bernard said with a nod. "You all," Bernard faced Rahne's group, "have powers that mainly affect your own body, such as the professor's enhanced mental powers and Mr. Logan's regeneration. Everyone else," he turned to the other group, "have powers that cause activity outside of your body, whether it be Scott's optic blasts or Ms. Monroe's ability to control the weather."

"So what are you?" one of the new students called out.

"You're an external power right?" Scott said immediately. "You can shoot energy blasts from your hands just like Alex."

"Wait a minute, he has to be an internal power." Bobby spoke up. "Yesterday when he helped Rahne he transformed just like her. Alter his own body, wouldn't that be an internal power?"

"But me and Kurt saw him walk through a wall, didn't we Kurt?" Kitty turned to the teen in question.

"I thought he teleported really…" Kurt said with a shrug.

Argument suddenly broke out amongst everyone, save Rahne, Professor Xavier, Magneto, and Rogue, who raised her hand, but no one seemed to pay her any attention. Rogue kept her hand raised, hoping that everyone would notice and be quiet without her having to say anything. Unfortunately it didn't work.

"Will ya'll just shut up!!" Rogue shouted, making everyone fall silent and look at her. Suddenly put on the spot, Rogue folded her arms, trying to look uncaring. "Your powers are internal…their just like mine…you can copy other people's abilities…"

"Though with several more weakness I might say…" When Rogue looked at Bernard with an unbelieving look, he explained. "It is true that my powers allow me to copy powers like you but there are distinct differences. For one direct contact is not needed, instead anyone standing within my 'zone' I can copy. Only thing is I can only hold one power at a time. If no one is within my 'zone' I might as well be just a normal human being. Unfortunately while I can pick and choose who I want to copy, I cannot turn off my power. If I am alone and a mutant walks into my 'zone' I instantly have it and it becomes active. Especially if I'm not expecting it, the power will run loose. Only though my experiences with countless powers do I have a general understanding of how to control the power."

"Then…you can help me with mine?" Scott said hopefully.

Bernard sighed. "To my knowledge, unfortunately not. Your mutation has not progressed to the point where it can be controlled. Now that's not to say it will happen eventually, mind you. But the way it is now, even if I were to copy and understand it, your mutations prevents it from being controlled, so to speak."

"Then…what's the point of all this…?" Amara asked, sounding a little disappointed. "If you can't help us control our powers what are you going to be teaching us?"

"I said to my knowledge…" Bernard corrected. "While I 'teach' you guys, I may be learning just as much as you guys. Not only will we be learning control, we should also learn the extent of our powers as they are now. I will teach you all what I know but after that, we will be learning together." Many of the students seemed to be rather unenthusiastic about this type of lesson, until Bernard said "With the professor's permission…testing the limit of your powers for a lot of you will mean seeing how much you can blow up…" With that there was a roar of excitement. "First we have to learn how to control out powers first." There was a groan but at least they had something to look forward to.

"But most of us know how to control our powers." Sam commented.

"Completely or near that?"

"Uh…" Sam faltered.

Bernard smiled. "But Sam is right. You guys can control your powers. As for Rogue and Scott…unfortunately avoidance is the only method for you guys… As for everyone else, you can control your powers, the key is to keep the control." When many started to look confused Bernard sighed. "Rahne can you come here for a second?"

Confused and nervous, Rahne stepped forward and walked up to Bernard.

"Can you transform all the way for me?" Rahne did so. "Now back…" Again Rahne did as she was told. "Half way…" Again. "Now all the way…" Again. "As you all can see, Rahne seems to have complete control right? She can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. Compter: Run simulation 'Strand: Frisbee'" Suddenly the room disappeared and was replaced by a large and endless meadow. Though those with experience knew that if you ran far enough, you'd end up running into the Danger Room's wall. Then, a frisbee appeared and landed in Bernard's hand. After a moment of consideration, he looked up at Logan. "Mr. Logan…I think it'd be best if you helped me out on this one."

Confused, Logan stepped out of his group and stood facing Bernard and the wolf sitting next to him that was Rahne, backing up further until Bernard told him to stop.

"Now…" Bernard waved the frisbee in front of Rahne's face. "Want the frisbee…?" He said playfully.

Rather than feeling embarrassed by the condescending speech, Rahne started to feel excited, her heart racing, getting low on her forepaws and her rear sticking up, and tail wagging madly.

"Go get it!" Bernard threw the frisbee and Rahne took off after it. But before she could catch it, Logan, who was right in the frisbee's path, caught it.

"Hey! What was that for?!" Logan snarled, catching the frisbee before it hit his face. "You could've hit me with-WHAT THE-?!"

Suddenly Rahne tackled Logan, snarling and trying to snatch at the frisbee, determined to get back what was meant for her, fighting tooth and nail for it. When finally Logan surrendered the frisbee, Rahne took it and almost pranced back to Bernard. When she set it by his feet and calmed down, she instantly transformed and looked at Logan, scared.

"Oh god, I am so sorry! I didn't mean to…I don't know what happened…I-" Rahne stopped when she felt Bernard put a hand on her shoulder.

"Like I said…she has control…but she can't keep it…not always." Bernard explained, as Logan got to his feet, his wounds already sealing up. "Once I explain the general steps that one should take to remain in control, practice will follow, I think…" There was a collective groan. "EACH PERSON…" Bernard said forcefully, making everyone fall silent. "has their own unique way of maintaining control, based on what takes the control away. What you all need to do is find and master that sense of control. Though I know that for some of you that it's harder than others so if I, the professor, Mr. Lehnsherr, or Ms. Monroe find you have acceptable control…we'll let you have your fun and blow stuff up…" There was a collective cheer. "Now…shall we get started…?"