Work Out

Summary: Clay makes sure that Nathan stays in shape and keeps up with his workouts. Slash M/M, some Naley, Rated M, you've been warned.

Disclaimer: I don't own OTH or any of it's characters. nor do I make any money off this.

A/N: Inspired by episode 7x05, where Nathan is working out with Clay watching, before they got to Brooke's fashion show.

. . . . .

Nathan kept a count in his head as he lifted the weights up and down from his chest. He was outside by his pool working out, the sweat already pouring from his brow.

"Alright, even though this is incredibly riveting seeing you lift weights, I think I'm going to head out." Clay said from a nearby chair as he scrolled through his e-mails on his blackberry.

"What time you heading to the fashion show tonight?" Clay asks.

"I don't know.. whenever." Nathan grunts out as he continues lifting. "You going?"

"Do I really want to watch a group of hot models parade around on stage?" Clay asks rhetorically. "I'm getting their early buddy." Clay stands up and walks over behind the bench press.

"Looking good, Nate. That's what, 20?"

"27." Nathan grunts out.

"See you didn't bring the bar all the way down to your chest everytime. We don't count those." Clay's phone beeps again and he reads over another text and replies back to it.

Nathan grunts as he does his last set and places the weights back in place.

"I don't care what you say, that's 30." Nathan says a little winded.

"You sure?" Clay looks at him skeptically.

"Clay, you said to do 30.. I did 30." Nathan glares at him as he removes his shirt and wipes the sweat on his chest and brow on it.

"But." Clay tries to counter.

"It's 30 and sit your ass back down, you promised." Nathan pointed out.

Clay playfully rolls his eyes as he puts his phone into his pocket and sits back down.

Nathan tosses his shirt on the bench press and walks in front of Clay.

"That was 30."

"Fine.. a deals a deal." Clay reaches out and to Nathan's waist and pulls him closer to him. Then he tugs at the waistline of Nathan's black nylon shorts and pulls it down, freeing Nathan's semi erect cock from it's confines. His hand roams over Nathan's chiseled abs then around his waist, finally grabbing onto Nathan's firm ass as Clay leans forward and opens his mouth, gently sucking on Nathan's cock.

It doesn't take long for Nathan to grow completely hard, nearly 11 inches long and thick, Nathan never ceases to amaze Clay. Too big for his mouth, Clay holds the base of it down, while he bobs his head forward and back ward. Nathan lets out a small moan as he throws his head back and places his hands behind Clay's blond hair, gently rocking his hips while forcing Clay's head forward. Nathan moans lightly as Clay makes little slurping sounds as he expertly sucks on the huge cock.

Needing some air, Clay pulls the cock out of his mouth and licks the shaft a few times before massaging Nathan's balls and then gently taking each one on his mouth. Nathan moans again and has to fight the need to cum all over Clay's mouth, well at least not yet.

Nathan pushes Clay back on the back of the chair. Nathan steps out of his shorts, using it as a pad as he kneels in front of Clay. Clay removes his baby blue polo, revealing his toned physique. He may not be as cut or ripped as Nathan but he could definitely hold his own and Nathan can appreciate someone who takes care of their body just as much as he does. Nathan fumbles with Clay's jeans for a second before unbuttoning the top button and Clay sits up to allow Nathan to remove it along with his boxers.

Clay's smaller but still equally impressive with 9 already hard inches of flesh. Nathan wastes no time as he opens his mouth up and takes the hard member into his mouth.

Clay moans as he runs his hands through Nathan's dark hair, pushing his head down, making him take more and more of his cock. Nathan reaches in between his legs and starts jerking himself off as he continues to suck on Clay.

Their both getting close now and Nathan stops before they both get off. He gets back up and wipes his mouth and motions for Clay to join him at the bench press.

Lying back down on the bench press, Clay follows and positions his cock in front of Nathan's mouth as he positions himself to take Nathan's cock in his mouth as well. Nathan slaps Clay's firm ass as he continues to suck him off and then sticking one of his fingers inside. Clay moans around Nathan's cock as he feels the intrusion.

They continue to 69 each other as Nathan gently finger fucks Clay's ass. Pretty soon though, it doesn't take long for Clay's balls to clench and he finds himself shooting down Nate's throat. He tries his best to keep as much in his mouth as possible. Nathan takes the cue as he also erupts into Clay's mouth.

They take a second to recuperate but Nathan isn't done as he spreads Clay's ass cheeks apart and lubes Clay's ass with Clay's own cum. Clay moans as he swallows the rest of Nathan's hot seed, squeezing Nathan's cock with his hand and licking the tip to make sure to get every last drop.

Once Nathan is satisfied, he stands backs up and orders Clay to lie down on the bench. Clay grips onto the bar of the weights as Nathan gives his cock a few pumps. He's already rock hard again and is wet from his cum and Clay's saliva. He holds onto Clay's waist as he slowly enters Clay's lubed ass.

"Ahh." They both moan in pleasure as their bodies become one. "Ergh." Clay clenches his teeth and holds tighter onto the bar. Nathan's cock is too big and it seems to be hitting all the spots at once.

"Yeah." Nathan moans as he picks up the pace, pulling out half his length and then slamming himself back in. Clay reaches out to touch his hard cock but Nathan slaps his hands away.

"Not yet." Nathan grins as he continues to slam himself hard into Clay's tight ass. After a few minutes, he pulls out and turns Clay around so he can fuck him doggy style.

Clay holds onto the bars tightly as Nathan enters from another angle and they both moan again.

"You like that?" Nathan leans over and whispers into his ear.

"Yes.. fuck yes."

"What did you say?" Nathan nibbles on Clay's ear and Clay turns his face around so the two can share a heated kiss.

"Shit, Nate.. you're so big.. fuck me .. fuck me harder." Clay begs as Nathan continues to fuck him.

Nathan smirks to himself as he places his hands on Clay's shoulders and starts fucking him even harder. Clay is moaning in pleasure and pain as Nathan grunts with each thrust. Next, he reaches underneath Clay to jerk him off.

"Ahh!" Clay moans as he feels himself getting closer and pretty soon, his cock erupts all over Nathan's hands, onto his stomach and onto the bench press. Nathan finally releases himself as he produces another big load deep inside Clay.

They both collapse onto the bench press, catching their breathes. They kiss one more time before Nathan pulls away and gets up off of Clay.

"Now that's a work out." Nathan gets up.

Clay smirks as he shakes his head. Just then, his phone beeps and he stands up, albeit a little sore, to check the message.

"Shit, I got to go." Clay puts his clothes back on. "I'll see you later?"

"Later." Nathan waves off as he picks up his shirt to wipe his hands and body.

. . . .

Haley stands in front of her door, reaching inside her purse for her keys when the door suddenly opens.

"Clay!" Haley says a little startled.

"Oh, hey Hales.. sorry I didn't mean to startle you. I'm just heading out."


"Back by the pool." Clay walks by Haley and she couldn't help but take in his disheveled appearance and the way he limps towards his car, as if he has a wegie.

"Good work out?" Haley smirks.

Clay opens the door to his car and faces Haley, a smirk on his own face.

"Oh yeah." He winks back at Haley before getting in his car.

. . . . .

Haley put her stuff down on the counter and headed out back, where she sees Nathan in the pool. Nathan hears her foot steps and instantly smiles. He pulls himself out of the pool, dripping wet of course and Haley's heart momentarily skips a beat at the sight of him all wet, his muscles flexing.

"Just worked out with Clay, needed to cool down." He walks towards Haley, still completely nude. They share a quick kiss and Haley looks at Nathan's clothes strewn about the place.

"Good work out with Clay?" She grins.

Nathan grins back as he wraps his arms around her and she does the same, squeezing his tight buns.

"Yeah, but I think I'm good for work out." He smirks as he leans his lips to hers and starts to unbutton her blouse. She could feel his cock hardening against her stomach, sending her weak to the knees.

"I think you are." Haley teases as she unbuttons her jeans.

The End.