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Pattinson walks by a window and checks himself out.

Pattinson: What's up good looking? Oh, yea. You are so the man. Got every chick looking at you, wanting to bang you? You're too hot for your own good. You can't touch anything without it burning up. Watch out your sizzling already.

Random Girl stands there looking at him in pure disgust.

Random Girl: Do you always talk to yourself when you pass by your reflection?

Pattinson turns around and eyes that girl with the same disgust, mostly just because he got dissed by a person of the opposite sex.

Pattinson: Hell, yea. Why shouldn't I? I mean, I am unbelievably sexy. Why, you want a piece of this?

Pattinson grins down at the girl, cockily. She, in turn, is eyeing him distastefully.

Random Girl: Sorry, no. I don't want a piece of any guy who doesn't show any characteristics of a decent human being.

Random girl walks away, while Pattinson is eyeing her incredulously.

Pattinson calls out frantically: Wait! Don't you at least want my number?


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