Chapter 1

All I felt was the freezing cold feeling of death and the pain of the sudden crush of my organs as I faintly remembered sacrificing myself to enable Sir Nora and Kazuma to rescue the Dark Liege and defeat whoever was the Resistance leader. My eyes suddenly snapped open and peered around, not knowing where I was. I didn't know that the Demon World had a heaven. I sat up and rubbed my eyes to clear my hazy vision. After a few blinks, I sat up. No pain. No blood. What happened to me? I know I have died, but where was I? But as I was going to stand, I felt something hold me down.

We know you have sacrificed to save others, but you must go back. Go back to Nora. Go back to all of them. All I could do was nothing as I have heard those words from an unseen individual.

"Wh-why must I go back? I have lived my life!" I shouted.

They need you, Barik. Even though they have mourned your death, you must go back.

My hands clenched into fists as I tensed up. "They shouldn't need me. I'm sure they went on to do what they needed to do to save the Dark Liege--"

Then all of a sudden, I saw a bright light that started to fade away from me and complete darkness shrouded my vision.

Chapter 2

I suddenly sat up, taking in a sharp inhale like I have been under water for an extended period of time. I looked around, trying to gather my senses around me. Surprised, I looked down at myself. Where ever I ended up first, I have healed to the fullest degree. I still felt no pain and saw no blood. I was about to scream out in joy, but I knew that was not necessary. I need to get back to Sir Nora and Kazuma and help them out along with the others.

But as I looked around, I was not in the Demon World. It looked like I somehow ended up in the Human World. Shit. This is gonna be great. I then stood up, but then doubled over in pure hunger. Damn. If I was healed, why didn't I get anything to eat or drink? Looked like I had to go down in the nearest human town in order to get food.

Then it struck me. I still wore the uniform of the rank I was. I was a lieutenant-general in the Dark Liege's army. But right now, I'm not sure what I was since I haveā€¦died. I knew I had to get some change of clothes to hide my identity if some random Resistance follower would want to attempt to kill me. I then grimaced. This was now a grim situation. I guess I would have to nab some clothes from a human. I then looked around my surroundings again.

I then glared at what was in front of me. I didn't see any clothes here before or that bag of money. At least I would get something to eat. I picked these items up and went behind a bush to change into the clothes that had suddenly appeared in front of me. The white T-shirt was a bit loose, but the pair of jeans was a nice fit. I then shifted my fin-like ears to human looking ears and stuffed the bag of coins in my front pocket and then went down to the human town that was loomed ahead of me.