Hi, me again doing another MWPP fic. This one's not going to be a oneshot though. I thought one with a bit more plot and structure would be better.

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"My god Moony, wake up."

Remus Lupin slowly raised his head from his arm. They were in the Great Hall eating breakfast. Peter was eating; Sirius was turned around mouthing words to his Ravenclaw girlfriend. James sat right across from him, staring over his glass of pumpkin juice.

"What's it to you?"

"Well we just got down here…WAKE UP!"

Remus jolted back awake and glared at James. Before the argument could even start, Sirius turned around. "Ease up Prongs. You know how he is…this time of month."

"Shut your mouth Sirius! Besides, it's not that time of month. Check the calendar."

"Moony calm down…Moony? Remus? For the love of god! WAKE UP!"

Remus glared at James. "If you don't stop yelling I swear by Merlin's pants I'll crucio you into next week."

Peter looked up at the two. Sirius smoothly got out of his seat and went to sit with the Ravenclaws. Remus was glaring at James and vise-versa. In an attempt to ease the tension, Peter said: "Why exactly do we swear by Merlin and his clothes? I mean…"

James and Remus both shouted at him: "Shut-up Wormtail!"

Remus, having had enough, got up, grabbed his bag, and left for Divination. Sirius looked after him for a bit before giving his girlfriend a peck on the cheek and going over to where he had been sitting. James grunted at him.

"Nicely handled Prongs."

"Shut-up. Not my fault he's such a prat."


"Don't start." James sighed, "Sorry. I'm just worried about him. He doesn't just fall asleep, not even the day after."

Sirius nodded and grabbed his bag. James and Peter followed suit and the three went to the North Tower to join Remus.

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