There were whispering voices all around. Remus squeezed his eyes tight shut even though all he wanted to do was open them.

"He's coming around!" someone hissed.

"About bloody time too. He's had his mum and dad worried sick."

"Not to mention us."


Recognition came over Remus as he listened to the voices. James, Sirius, and Peter were in the room with him, surrounding him on his sickbed like true friends should. As he opened his eyes, he moaned; the light was too bright. He tried to move his arm to shade his eyes but found that he couldn't. Oh well he could just keep his eyes closed for the moment.

"J-James? Sirius? Peter?"

"All here buddy. We're all here."

"Open those eyes; I haven't seen those bright amber eyes in weeks."

"W-weeks? WEEKS?!" Remus jolted upward but fell back after going a few inches. His eyes were wide open with fear etched into them. Had he really been asleep for weeks? That must mean it was time for the full moon!

"Yes weeks my dear Moony. Er…Wormtail, would you be so kind as to tell his parents that he's awake? Thank-you." James waited till Peter was out of the room for a few seconds before he continued. "You'll not be turning to a werewolf. Not this month; at least the healer doesn't think so."

"Why? What happened?"

"You slept through the full moon. You sorta changed but nothing major."

"Okay…so why'd you send Peter out? He knows I'm a-well he knows."

"Because he…what I mean is…"

"He was here with you when it happened and…"


"Spit it out already!" Remus was breathing hard after yelling but annoyance still flared in his eyes.

"You kinda…"

"Took a nibble."

"Padfoot! That's such a cynical way of putting it!"

"Wait, wait, wait," Remus shook his head slowly, squinting up at his two friends, "You mean I…bit him? As in, I sank my teeth into his flesh and bit him? While I was a werewolf?"


"Aaaargh!" A healer ran in with Remus's parents and Peter. He ushered them all away angrily. "You mean to tell me that I-" he dropped his voice to a whisper, "I bit one of my best friends? Did I bite anyone else? And how could I when I was asleep?"

"Yes, you bit our Wormtail but he's okay. A healer wrapped his arm where it happened and we erased his memory. He thinks he just fell off of a broomstick. Now as for how you did it, well that remains a mystery."

"And no you didn't bite anyone else."

Slight relief came over Remus, but not without a touch of fear. After a minute, the healer brought the crowd in again and the Marauders stepped outside to let the family reunion commence. They sat in chairs in the visiting area. Peter held his arm carefully, not wanting anything to bump it and make the pain worse. James looked at him with an unrecognizable look in his eyes. Sirius knew that look: it was the look his cousin Bellatrix got every time she saw him. It had no malice, no hate, only sorrow and pity. Even though the look was in both their eyes for completely different reasons, he still knew it and held his own pity back. Pity never did anyone any good and they needed all the good they could get.

After a few days, the healer said Remus could return to Hogwarts. Glad though he was, he really didn't want to face the load of homework that was no doubt waiting for him. It was Friday night when they got there and the next day they were all on their way down to breakfast.

"Wormtail, if you yawn one more time I think I'm going to have to hex you."

"I thought you said hexes are for girls." Remus laughed.

"Okay, if you don't stop yawning I'll curse you into next week. There, that better?"

"Okay guys, if you're done playing pick-on-Peter now…"

Everyone laughed and sat down at their respective places. James looked at Peter.

"Good lord Wormtail, that's not funny!"

He didn't even flinch. James looked at Remus with worried filled eyes, which were returned.

"Wormtail? Peter?"

Sirius gave the other three one look and knew what was wrong. "Oh shit."


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