A/N: OMNJ!!!! (for those of u that don't kno, that is "Oh My Nick Jonas") Here r my thoughts on Ben 10: Alien Swarm:

Ben: HE WAS WAAYYYYY 2 SMART!!! Just a thought. But they got a great actor for him!! Kevin shuldve been the brains for the tech along with Gwen and Elena. Ben needs to stand in the background and PRETEND to be smart. Like he is in the real series! Just my thoughts tho. And I liked the usage of calling him Benji again.

Omnitrix aliens: guuuuuuuuuuuuuddddddddd!!!!!! Especially Big Chill and Humongosaur! (Hope I spelled that rite! Tell me if I did or didn't!)

Gwen: I didn't like her hair. At all. And I wuznt a big fan of the actress choice. Other than that, great job! They hit the character almost perfectly! She was too nice to Kevin. She's a naturally vicious person unless he's hurt or sumthing. Other than that, she'd chew him out for breaking a door.

Her powers: culd've been better.

Kevin: wut can I say? I'm a total Kevin softie! That boy is my one weak spot for anything! He was perfect. Great actor. They created his character brilliantly. I mean, I can't say it enough times. He was hilarious and Kevin-y and awesome! Although they called him "Kev" waayyyyy too many times! It bugged me, but u kinda get used to it. But seriously, it's Kevin not Kev. And y wuld he build Ben a car??? A little out of character, but wutever. The rest of the movie had him as a great character and the funniest guy in the whole thing!

His powers: they didn't show it much! I was seriously disappointed with that! But I figure it must b hard 2 put special effects into that. Gwen and Ben's r easier.

Kevin's Car: Y DID BEN DESTROY IT?!?!?! DID HE JUST FEEL THE URGE TO ANNIHILATE SOMETHING?????? But it looked like the whole thing was made out of plastic or sumthing…

Max: meh. Not impressed. Wish they wuldve kept the actor from the first live action movie. He was better. And where wuz the original Hawaiian shirt????????

New Alien Thing: ………………… my thoughts are my thoughts. i personally didn't like it much, but it was definitely a good temporary edition for the movie.

Plotline: it wuz good. Culdve been better. But it made a good movie and they actually cut in a few good special effects.

Again, these r my thoughts. Comment and share with me. It helps.

So in honor of the movie, u shall get my totally new story!!!! Full length and all!!!

I ran this whole thing thru my head about a thousand times last night and I think it'll be amazingly awesome! Wish me luck and enjoy! And remember I haven't slept in three days cuz i was working on this whole plan!

"Locked," he snarled fiercely. Looking over his shoulder for any sign of the danger that was surely coming for him, he took off his ID mask so his powers could form his hand into the right shape to pick the window's lock. After a few seconds, it was done. He struggled getting the window open, but finally succeeded. He put the mask back on and watched his arm turn back to his normal human skin again. The ID mask didn't do everything. He had to take it off a lot for fights and the necessities of breaking and entering.

Another glance over his shoulder. Nothing was coming. Yet at least.

It was a time game. A very tense time game. A running time game. A life or death kind of time game. One that he wouldn't try to attack or escape. It would only be futile.

This was his torture. The uncertainty and anxiety had been eating away at his mind for days.

He slid in the room, nearly getting stuck in the window when it threatened to fall on him. There wasn't enough energy in him to hold it up very well. Everything is getting difficult. "Gwen, you seriously need to get a bigger window," he hissed, mostly to himself.

Looking over at her, he could see she was peaceful. She was relaxed. That girl didn't deserve what was coming. None of them did. Her fiery red hair shone in the black shadows of her room like a beacon calling to him. He would go to her if he could figure out how to avoid getting stuck in a window. The only thing that was missing were those gorgeous eyes that he absolutely adored. If those eyes just didn't open one day… He shuddered at the thought. He would never let that happen.

Too bad it already would. It was the sad truth of his reality.

She could hear his words even in her sleep. Gwen's eyes fluttered open and she shot her violet-pink mana out at the intruder, pinning him against a wall on the other side of her room. "What are you doing in here?"

"For Christ's sake, put me down!" Kevin whined. "I'm not meant to fly!" He squirmed uncomfortably, finding it weird to not be touching the ground and floating in midair. It was all easier when Gwen just built her platforms so he could stand on them. At least it was like touching the ground. "This is so weird… Does your mana always feel like this?" It was either him, or her powers had gotten stronger. Probably me…

"What are you doing in here?" she repeated a stern tone in her voice. She made a careful note to pull up her too-small red-orange colored spaghetti strap tank top a little further and make sure her hot pink shorts were still on the right way. Then she ran her fingers through her hair to make sure it wasn't a total mess. Of course, it was. She tried to fix it the best she could with one hand. After all, it wasn't every night Kevin decided to ransack her room for no apparent reason.

Kevin was still distracted by the whole mana thing. It seemed more pink-y-ish and stronger to the point of nearly crushing him. He was hoping Gwen had her whole Anodite thing under control. If she squished him… That'd be a weird thought. The girl he loved subconsciously killing him… "We need to leave. Like, now." He poked the mana with a cold, callused finger. "Put me down?" Then as an after thought, "Please?"

She rolled her emerald eyes and dropped him with a harsh thud. Probably a little harder than she meant to. "Can I at least get an explanation before you drag me out of my room in the middle of night without a reason? What's going on?"

"No time," he breathed, getting up slowly, trying not to fall over again, and feeling like crap. The carpet in her room didn't provide much protection. It could still be painful. He brushed off his shirt a bit, feeling slightly recovered. Not enough though. "Did you know that your floor hurts?"

Gwen winced. Yeah. A little too hard. "Sorry." She walked to him, putting a gentle hand out to touch his for comfort and looked him over.

He looked like crap, the same way he was feeling. Exhausted and tense, like he had to stay alert for every second of the day. Not like Kevin. And she hadn't heard any of his legendary stupid jokes yet. Very weird. He wasn't standing confidently anymore. He was slouched down and kept his brown gaze away from hers. As far as Gwen could tell his eyes were clouded over with pain and dark. Well, at least darker than normal. But the pain was something new. "What happened to you?" she asked, suddenly worried for him. Her voice had jumped in pitch with just those few words. He was the guy that always took care of himself, but this was a time where he wasn't.

"We've got some problems," Kevin looked up and his eyes met hers desperately. A cold anguish was hiding deeply. "Pack your bags."


"Please listen to me. Just this once."

Wow. Kevin Levin. Begging. And saying please for the second time in one night. The redhead wasn't sure what to think about it.

"Now, Gwen. There's not much time."

She didn't wonder about it any longer. He would keep her safe and in one piece even if he was stealing her away in the middle of the night. It could've been anything from a mission to a secret date. Nothing would surprise her. She went into her closet and grabbed a bag. Trusting Kevin was hard. But he would never put her in danger. She knew that.

"Ben's already out in the car," Kevin said, lying on the bed in the middle of the room. He was tired enough to collapse, but this wasn't a time for rest. Their safety depended on him. "And Max keeps all the other Plumber's kids in the newest Rustbucket, right?" That way they'll all get away faster. He closed his eyes and prayed for luck to be on his side for the days to come.

He had no room for mistakes. He had no time to make them. People were relying on him whether they knew it or not.

"Kevin, what is this about?" Gwen asked, still throwing some old sweatshirts and tees in a bag. The question of a secret date was out. A bit disappointed, she went on. "You want the Plumber's kids too?"

He had to keep awake. The dark teen breathed in the smell of her room. It smelled like a lavender and vanilla mix. Incredible, Kevin thought. Just like her. "I don't want them. We just have to get them away. It's complicated." He rubbed his eyes. It was getting harder to keep focused on his task ahead and not fall into unconsciousness and let the waves of darkness and rest wash over him no matter how much he needed it. The scent of the room threatened to put him to sleep. It was so nice and sweet. And Gwen was there, close. He didn't need to worry about anything. "I just want this nightmare to end, alright? The faster we're gone, the easier it'll be." For everyone.

FOCUS, KEVIN, FOCUS! His brain was screaming at him. Their lives depended on him and he wanted to sleep. What kind of a savior am I?

Gwen didn't want to question him further. Kevin wasn't in any shape to be arguing with her. He wasn't even in any shape to drive. Why did he even come? How did he even get there without crashing?

She gazed out the closet door for a moment. He was lying on her bed, looking like he was trying to sleep. But that was the least of her worries. His health was in the dumps and she could see it without even trying. "How'd you get in?" Conversation could keep him up if that's what he wanted. She pulled a jacket on over her tank top, but stayed in her pajama shorts, not wanting to waste time changing. And Kevin was only a wall away… It'd be too awkward.

"Same way I get in everywhere else." His response was cool and collected, showing none of his true exhaustion. "Absorb and destroy."

"You have a tendency to break things, don't you?" She couldn't suppress a tiny grin. She had a soft spot for his bad side. It was charming whether he knew it or not. Odds were, he knew it and that's why he kept it up.

"It's in my blood." His eyes strayed out the window. The car was sitting, waiting, ready. The exhaust fumes floated out the tailpipe as the heat ran to keep the passengers inside warm and safe. "Hurry up, would you?"

The redhead threw a few pairs of old, tattered jeans in her tiny duffel bag. It'd be enough to get her through. Whatever Kevin had planned, she wanted to be prepared for the worst. "Okay. Done."

Kevin struggled to get up. "Come on. Let's head."

"What about my parents?" Gwen threw the strap over her shoulder. "They'll want to know where I went."

It was true and Kevin knew it. He thought it over for a second. Gwen was more worried about them calling the cops and telling them Kevin kidnapped her. He was an ex-con…

He shuddered slightly as the cold air rushed through the window when he slid it open by just an inch. "No time. I'll have Max call them."

"Seriously? Is this that important?" She raised an eyebrow with surprise.

"More than ever." He held open the window for her and Gwen scrambled out. Kevin followed, a bit slower, his body still refusing to function properly. Something gold caught his eye, next to the window on Gwen's nightstand. He scooped it up and tucked it in his pocket before sliding down the roof, nearly falling. Amazing how Gwen forgets things.

Kevin hit the grassy lawn with an even harder thud than in Gwen's room. He let out a tiny moan and tried to get to his feet. It hurt. Really, really bad. It felt like his lungs would explode and his legs would fall out from under him if he stood. When did he get so clumsy? He'd never fallen out a window! It wasn't time for another stupid mistake! The whole reason this was happening because the first mistake slipped past him years ago! It shouldn't happen anymore! It shouldn't have happened in the first place!

A hand touched his shoulder. "Come on. You need help." She pulled him up, making sure he was stable enough to stand before carefully leading him to the car. "Get up. We'll get through this together. I promise." Whatever this is, it had better end fast so he doesn't kill himself.

But it was only the beginning.

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