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Kevin's POV

Gwen… All I had was nightmares of her. I watched her die. Countless times.

Vilgax had taken her and held her out of my reach. I couldn't get to her. I was pinned against a wall by mere minions, defenseless without any armor. All I could do was thrash against my captors until Gwen was thrown against a window that shattered at the force. Her limp body fell down onto the floor once again, staining it a scarlet red with her warm blood that spattered everywhere.

I screamed her name. Over and over and over. She never heard me. I knew when part of me was being ripped away. I'd felt it before. And when she faded, I could feel it. Because the most important part of me was being ripped away.

Then I watched myself. My old form with wings and four arms and a mutated face that could've scarred any small child for the rest of their life. I held her waist. I watched my old self holding her. Crushing her. Squeezing her. She pounded at the massive fist that was wrapped around her, but it was no use. Her mana must not have been working. And she stared right into me. The real me. The new me. And she just screamed, "KEVIN! WAKE UP! HELP ME!"

The monster never stopped, but just laughed evilly at her pitiful attempt to stop her slow and painful death.

"Gwen…" That was all I could muster while the world faded to dark around me. Blackness sucked me into a vortex. I could feel pain setting in that hadn't been there before.

Was I being squished now? No. I wasn't going to die by my own hands. I thrashed, hitting something and feeling my hands go bloody from the sharp stuff that was stabbing into me. Whatever was going on behind the darkness must've been working.

Bolting upright, I found white walls and blinding white lights around me and a loud, deafening scream for Gwen escaping my lips. I put my hands over my ears, trying to drown out the noise around me of more screams that weren't mine. This couldn't be real. She couldn't be dead. She couldn't have been alive. Not after I'd crushed her like that. I'd killed the only one I'd ever cared about that much.


I kept holding my head, screaming bloody murder. I didn't want to be awake. Not if she wasn't there. I never wanted to wake up without Gwen ever again. And if I did, there was no way I'd survive in a world without her. I'd have to die.

Hands were on my arms, trying to pin me down. Trying to hold me back. Like the minions. Like Vilgax's little minions, holding me down so I couldn't save her. Leaving me to watch her die at the fingertips of a squid. "YOU CAN'T KILL HER! YOU CAN'T KILL HER!" I lashed out at whatever was holding me, but it had no effect. The lights were blinding and I couldn't make sense of what was around me. It was all too bright and I wasn't going to watch her die if I could prevent it. I had to hit whatever was there. "GWEN!"

"Kevin!" came the same voice again. The grip on me tightened and I couldn't help but stop and pause so that I could take a few quick breaths and try and figure out what was going on outside of the dark curtains that covered my consciousness. My heart raced at about a million beats a second and I knew I wasn't anywhere near Vilgax. So whoever was holding me back couldn't have been minions.

Then I was being shaken by those hands. "LET GO! LET GO!" I screeched, going back to my yelling and crying and trying to just get a little bit straight on where I was, how I got there, and whether Gwen was dead or not. Because if she was, I'd need to find a dagger to drive through my heart. I couldn't live knowing I'd failed her.

I was released. "Kevin, it's Ben! Kev, you gotta calm down!"

His voice made sense. He was yelling, but he was being totally serious and I thought I could hear the slightest touch of worry to his tone. And I kept my hands on the sides of my head, my breathing totally a ragged mess now that my heart rate was off the charts and just concentrating on recognizing his voice took all my effort. "Benji…" I breathed. This meant… She… Gwen… "Ben…" I tucked my knees to my chest and buried my face into them.

And yeah, this may sound like a wussy thing to do, but I cried right there. I wasn't dead. Gwen wasn't dead. And just as an added bonus, Benji was alive.

The door opened and the sound was in the background compared to all the muffled sounds of me trying to block out all noise and then crying into my knees (I was nearly dead so it's not wussy at all). "Kevin," came a sobbing voice and I felt arms around me in a hug that I needed so desperately.

"Gwen," I whimpered, pulling her in closer to me. She was alive. She was okay. The familiar scent of grapefruit enveloped me. "Gwen." And I was crying harder into her shoulder this time, knowing that she wasn't gone. She wasn't going to leave me now.

"Kevin, you scared the crap out of me," she said. "Julie called me and said you were dead. They said you weren't going to make it because you'd snapped your neck, but…" She buried her face in my skin. "I thought you were dead…" Gwen's grip on me tightened. "Don't die…"

I pulled her closer to my chest after I had let my knees back down onto whatever hospital bed I was laying on now. As if I hadn't been there enough times for having "mental health issues" as some people liked to call it. "Gwen, I won't."

Someone was behind me, probably standing on whatever pillow I had been laying on before. Ben messed up my hair. "Okay, you screamed in your sleep for the past three hours and they had to sedate you at least nine times in the past two days we've been waiting for you to wake up. And one of the hot nurses said that nine times in two days is a record."

Pushing him off the bed and he landed on the cold, linoleum floor with a thunk.

Gwen cuddled against me. "God, Kevin, how did you live?"

"The armor's still on…" I couldn't say I wasn't disappointed. I was upset that I was still a mutated monster… "I can't snap my neck…" My grip on her tightened.

The door opened again and in came Julie and Cooper, Julie doing a victory dance and grabbing her boyfriend off the floor and Cooper cheering because we'd done it. The destruction had passed.

And I had Gwen. Forever and always.

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