No one has ever seen Aoba's eyes. At least, not anyone who's still alive.

Not since he'd staggered home one night, years ago, still a genin and with three sets of 'tags around his wrists.

In his Academy photos, Aoba has cheerful green eyes. When Aoba stumbled home [bruised and battered and bleeding and drained to the almost-brink-of-death] his headband was lying across his eyes.

The chunin on duty that night, wondered why the kid was walking around blind right before he ordered for medics to be brought.

Code N4086 he snapped, lunging to catch the boy as he tripped over a perfectly obvious rock and fell heavily. The chunin could already see how this was going to go.

It was clear that the boy and his team had been captured, the rest of them were probably dead, the boy was blinded-or wounded enough in visual capacity that it wasn't worth keeping them open-and he would have to be retired as a ninja.

The chunin fought down a wave of sorrow at the sill young face in front of him, and felt the small body for wounds, hearing the sounds of the approaching medics.

When Aoba came home from that mission, he was delivered to the hospital as soon as possible. Lying on a cold steel operating table, tubes down his throat and eyes sealed with ofuda, blood draining out of him drop by agonizing drop, was the closest to death that Aoba had ever been.

Later that 'closest to death' experience would be at the War, when he had been on some maniac's team, and after that would be the mission that got him into ANBU, and then the mission that got him back to regular jounin. The invasion might count. Maybe.

Not the closest though, definitely not.

The doctors didn't like the looks of the thick, dark blood that kept seeping through the cloth bandages on Aoba's face. He never opened them, no matter what they tried.

Short of having a Yamanaka posses him, the doctors had done everything and anything that they could think of, up to, and including drugging and restraining him.

That had backfired spectacularly, until one day Aoba simply. . . opened his eyes.

Aoba's eyes weren't green anymore.

They were gray with amber slit pupils, ringed with electric blue and shot through with molten silver.

The nurse fainted when she saw them.

Aoba has the creepiest[prettiest] eyes in Konoha.

Sure, the Hyuuga have eyes the can stare right through your body, and look like they're blind until their eyes go all crazy on you [bulging out frantically], but Aoba can top that.

Sure, the Uchiha have shapeshifting eyes that came straight from demons [Sasuke's the only Uchiha that doesn't know this, and even he'll learn when he gets access to the scrolls of his clan] and that strain their brain until you die of chakra exhaustion and madness [delusions of grandeur and blood], but Aoba can top that.

His eyes were hypersensitive to light at first, but that calmed down after the first two years. He still needs sunglasses though.

He can see in pitchblack darkness as well as he can see in bright light. That's without chakra.

With chakra, Aoba can see everything.

He can see the individual layers of fat and muscle and bone that held the human body together. He can see things happening miles away, things brought to him on the wind. He can see the tiniest twitches and flushes that betray thoughts on par with the best-trained Hyuuga.

And if he tries, really tries, Apba can see, sweating and squinting through eyes that have suddenly betrayed him and his mind, beseiging his world with brilliant hues of purpleblueredwhiterainbow, someone's soul.

This takes up most of his chakra, and lands him on bedrest for a couple of days, and even then that isn't to say that Aoba can do anything to it.

He can't touch it or influence it in anyway. And yes, that means that Aoba can't rip someone's soul out, no, he can't 'purify' it, and yes, almost anything that you've ever read about someone's soul is utter bullshit.

Aoba's eyes are the ultimate lie detector.

He hates them.

Oh, he's exhilarated to have them, and he pities the rest of shinobi for not being able to see what he can see. . .but sometimes Aoba just wishes that he could turn them off, and have normal eyes for once.

To not have people stare and whisper, and think that he's blind. Even though he is.

Aoba can't see anymore-because of his eyes. He can't focus his gaze enough to see anything detailed, and his light sensitivity was severe to the point of debilitating. So he wears his shades, a classic 'blind man' ornament, to signal this 'weakness' and to get his laughs off of freaking out genin.

Aoba can see everything, and nothing at all. It's an odd thing to have, to be able to see the tinest flares and ripples of chakra, but not be able to see anything else.

It's like, he had once said, having the Byakugan active all the time. But not draining chakra, and without the eye-vein popping thing.

And that was true.

All Aoba can see is chakra. Muscles and bones and fat have chakra. Everything has chakra.


Aoba sometimes feels pity for Tobitake Tonbo. He was captured by the same people that Aoba escaped from, a few months later.

Now he wears bandages wrapped around the entire top half of his face, hiate-ate over his eyes.

Tonbo was a failed experiment-Aoba was a successful one.

Tonbo can't see anything. Period.

Aoba can't see per say, but he has brilliant vision, and can see things that no one else can, and ever will.


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