With a victory howl, I phased back into a human. I unabashedly put my shorts back on more for comfort than modesty, which I was admittedly lacking. All around me I was surrounded by love. Couples kissing, families hugging, and friends laughing. I sighed, wishing I had someone to kiss. I sighed….And then I saw her. Her beautiful, slightly boyish, yet still feminine hips swayed back and forth as she seemed to dance lithely away, even in her obvious anger. Away from me. I knew she hated me. I knew she hated all of us. I knew she could either kill me, or torture me into oblivion. Yet, I didn't care. I loved her. Without a trace of common sense, I started running. Running to her.

Running to my destiny.

I decided to do something new for this story. Something things get confusing in my stories, and even I forget what the hell is going on. For that reason, I'm adding a key points section at the bottom of every chapter. Also a chapter question for you to think about, give your opinion, and possibly have your ideas added to the storyline.

Key points to remember:

You can't imprint if you're in wolf form.

Jane and Alec are very close.

Chapter Question:

What should the POV be? 3rd person, or should it change for each chapter?