Saviour of Shadows: Beginnings-Zarius the Fox

Have you ever felt like your life was just crap? Or that nothing seems to go right? That you just want to curl-up and lay there, never moving again? Well, if you do, then you might want to try seeing a phycyitrist.

True, I once felt like that, but during one very unpleasant experience with nature, I realized something. Since explaining the entire realization would take a while, I'll just tell you the philosophy that I created from it: Just, screw it!

Don't get it? Then mabey I'll have to start from the beginning. How about where the problem began...


I slammed my fist into the trunk ofthe nearest tree, attempting to waste my anger on something. Didn't work. So, I slammed my foot into the same tree. After realizing that the tree was a solid object, I hopped back on one foot, screaming in pain.


After gently setting me foot onto the ground, I fell onto my back and starred up at the night sky, my eyes darting from star to star randomly.

"That night they had their fight..." I whispered to myself, "I asked if they were going to separate..." I sniffed slightly before continuing, "They said no..." I closed my eyes as hot salty tears began to slide down the blue fur on my cheeks, and forced the end of my sentance out, "BUT THEY LIED!"

That night, I fell asleep outside, but woke-up in the middle of the night and walked home. I snuck in so I wouldn't wake-up anyone, but before I went to my room, I stopped and looked at my sleeping dad on the couch. Tears began to fall once more as I turned and continued to my room to sleep again.

Shall I continue? I think I will, since I probably just made more questions and little answers...or something like that...Anyway, a few weeks later, I came (mostly) to terms with the separation, and decided to go on a camping trip on my own, even though I was pretty sure that, like always, nature would decide to literally rain on my parade. I'm sure nature has it out for me...


Not too long after getting to my destination, I set-up camp with a tarp, some rope, steaks, and a few trees, and, like I guessed, the rain began pouring like a waterfall. And, last but not least, I found-out that I had contracted a virus from someone just before I left.

So there I was, sitting alone and cold in a make-shift tent with a horrible virus during a thunderstorm. I thought it couldn't get any worse. Oh boy was I wrong.

" it couldn't get any worse...right?" almost imediately after I said that, one immensely strong gust of wind came by and ripped my makeshift tent apart, sending it flying away into the storm, and leaving me sitting in the rain, " know what..." I stood up and raised my muzzle to the storming clouds above, anger flaming in my eyes, "BRING IT ON!" I flung my arms upwards, "THROW LIGHTNING AT ME! SEND A TORNADO! JUST DO YOUR WORST!!!"

My voice was mostly drowned-out by the wind and rain, but I didn't care. I was yelling at nature, so, what the hell? Ya' know? I just had to find a way to vent all the fury and self-pity I felt, because I tried holding-it in, but this just took it over the edge.

"You didn't hesitate to ruin every other camping trip, and you destroyed my family without even a second thougt!" I laughed maniacaly, "So why the hell haven't I been fried by lightning by now!?"

I continued to stare upwards, anger, sadness, self-pity, and many more emotions swirling through my mind all at once, "C'mon! Do it!" I cried falling to my kneese, "Do it! What are you waiting for!?" I began to feel hy eyes sting as hot tears mixed with cold rain and fell down my cheeks, "Just do it..." now, all of my emotions were replaced by one and only one: Total sadness.

I fell onto all fours, my eyes screwed shut and the rain pounding on my back, lightning and thunder making themselves known every few seconds. I stayed like that for minutes, sobbing once in a while, eventually, though, after what seemed like hours, I stopped crying, stopped feeling pity for myself, and looked ahead with a strong determination in my eyes. I had come to a conclusion during this traumatic experience, and that conclusion was that no matter what, I would always fight, with little complaint, and with unhindered determination, I would never let nature, or anyone for that matter, get the better of me, and that I WILL, from that moment on, fight through every storm thrown my way, with a smile on my face.

I began to walk back home, keeping a grin on my face, like I said I would, the entire time. As I walked, lightning struck the spot where my campsite was. The bolt was so close, that the hair on my back stood-up and made my body tingle. After the tingling stopped, I turned and looked at the scortch mark on the ground, then looked up to the sky through the rain, and said, with a small chuckle, one sentance:

"Well, nature, glad you agree."

I am Zarius the Fox, and this is where my story begins.

This story is introducing yet another character before their actual appearance. I thought that since it worked so well with Artemis, then I'd do it again! Zarius is basically a Furry version of me =(^-^)= so almost all of his traits, abilities, n'stuff like that are similar to, or exactly like mine. Same goes to say about some experiences, as well. The reason I'm explaining this is because I dint want anyone questioning me about anything he does and weather or not it's somethig that has happened to me, since some of the stuff is kinda sensitive to talk about...unless if feel like talking about it! :D

Heh, i sometimes can't even tell if something will tick me off or not, it's so weird. Most of the time, though I'd prefer NOT to talk about it...HEYYYYYY!!! I'M RAMBLING AGAIN!!! YAYZ!!!

Oh, and before the people that don't follow warnings ask...yes, the events described in this one DID happen to me (except for the lightning nearly hitting me). And I DONT want to talk about it, so, reviewers please, leave my personal buisness alone...or I'll get Artemis to find you...nah, just kidding!