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For the next year, Dana and I traveled from village to village, still without an actual destination. We quickly became good friends, and the funniest part is that Dana never did keep her promise to repay me, but I didn't care, I never wanted her to anyway.

On my 14th birthday, I decided to celebrate by going to a resturaunt and eating until I got sick. Well, I planned to anyway.

"Okay, if you get sick, please don't...'spew' all over me." laughed Dana from the other side of the table.

I was in the middle of chuging my third drink when she said this, so I choked on it, choughed most of it back into the cup, then said, laughig slightly, "That sounds so wrong."

Dana's eyes widened in realization of what I meant, then she reached over and punched my shoulder, saying, "Sh-shut up you pervert!" yet she still laughed.

After we laughed for a bit, we calmed down and I stood, saying, "I'll be right back, I gatta go use the bathroom."

Dana rolled her eyes and grabbed her drink, taking a sip of it, "You do that."

I turned and saw a sign pointing to the bathrooms, so I began to walk past all of the crowded tables, waiters, and customers. On my way there, I accidentally bumped into a grey wolf, causing him to accidentally drop something.

"Oh, my bad, man." I said as I began to reach for the object he dropped, but when I saw what it was, I froze, "No way."

It was a red crystal that seemed to have a raging flame inside of it. It was a magical bomb. The wolf quickly grabbed the bomb and landed a right hook across my face, sending me to the ground. He started to run, but I grabbed his foot and caused him fall, the bomb flying from his hand. My eyes widened in fear as I watched the bomb sail through the air. If it cracked, we were all dead.

Luckily, it landed in the cup of a white dragoness, but when she saw it, her eyes widened in fear before screaming, "BOOOOMB!!!

Imediately, everyone in the resturaunt stood and ran to the exits in a panic. I tired to get up, but I was pushed back to the ground by someone trying to escape. The wolf, on the other hand, was luckier, and he reached the bomb just as I got to my feet. When I looked around, I saw that everyone was out, including Dana, so I sighed in releif.

"Ya' know kid, you're ganna pay for that." said the wolf angrily.

"Man, it's by birthday too!" I shouted annoyed, but then I sighed, "I should have expected something like this though..."

Suddenly, the wolf charged at me, his jaws opening wide so he could bite onto my neck, but I was able to step out of the way at the last second. As he turned around, I saw my staff out of the corner of my eye and started running for it. I grabbed it just in time to be slammed from behind and thrown over the table and onto the floor, groaning in pain.

When I looked up, I saw the wolf towering above me, smiling at me with a dark grin. I could have sworn I saw something green shifting between his teeth though.

"Time to die, kid."

My eyes widened as he opened his mouth and lunged for my neck again, but I quickly rolled out of the way, hopped to my feet, and attempted to run outside, but I fell once again as I felt an intense pain directly above my right ankle. When I looked down, I saw the wolf attatched to my foot with his teeth.

"Get off!" I yelled angrily as I kicked at his face with my other foot.

After kicking him directly in the eye, he finally let go, screamig in agony. I scrambled to my feet and started hobbling away, using my staff for balance, when I saw that the wolf had dropped the bomb after I kicked him, so I grabbed it and continued to head for the exit.

Just as I reached the exit, I turned and saw the wolf standing up, covering his right eye with his paw and glaring at me with pure hatred. I, on the other hand, smirked.

"What you smilin' about, kid?" asked the wolf angrily.

"Better hope you can catch." I said before I tossed the bomb as I ran out the door.

I took one quick look back to see the wolf's eyes go wide in terror, then turned forward to the crowd, still running, and yelled, "GET DOWN, NOW!"

I was about to dive to the ground, when I was knocked off my feet by the expolsion, and onto my face, my feet bending up behind me. After the explosion died-down, and the ringing in my ears faded, I could hear the screams of the crowd, and the flames of the now demolished resturaunt.

After groaning, I lifted me head and pushed myself up, looking over my shoulder at the giant burning building behind me, "Well, that was an interesting birthday."

I then turned around so that I was sitting, and just sat there, staring at the flames.


I looked over my shoulder and saw Dana running towards me, a concerned look on her face, "Glad you're okay." I said dully.

"Im glad that YOU'RE okay!" she said as she reached my side, kneeling down and placing a paw on my shoulder.

I looked over to her, staring into her hazle eyes, a small smile on my lips, "Thank yo-gah!" I pressed my paw to my forehead because my head felt like it was going to explode.

"What's wrong!?" asked Dana, concerned.

"I...I don't know..." I replied, "All that happened was he bit my ankle..."

Just then, a large green dragon walked up to us, "Did you see who did this?" he asked.

"Yeah, it was a grey wolf. He had a fire bomb." I said.

Then the dragon noticed the bite-wound on my leg, "Did he bite you?" he asked, urgency in his voice.

"Yeah..." I said, slightly unnerved by the way he asked.

"Son, that wolf was a known arsenist, who called himself 'Snake." said the dragon, "He called himself that because he got some sorcerer to enchant his saliva to be poisonous."

After comprehending what I was just told, I looked straight ahead blankly, then said, "I'm surprised that I haven't spontaneously combusted yet, cuz that would be just my luck."

Dana grabbed my shoulders and shook me, "Zarius! Stop joking! This is bad! You have to go see a healer as soon as possible!"

The dragon shook his head, "Only highly trained healers and sorcerers know how to heal Snake's poison."

Dana looked at me in horror, then to the dragon, " there anyone close who could?"

"Actually yes, I think there is!" said the dragon, snapping his claws, "Head south until you get to a village surrounding a large Temple. Ask for Bianca."

I stood to my feet, then realized that I didn't have my staff, "Man, my staff must have been destroyed in the blast!" I yelled.

Dana quickly walked over to my side so I could stand, "Here, I'll help." She wrapped her arm around to my shoulder and let me do the same to her, "Stay off that foot." she ordered.

"Thanks, again." I said as I leaned against her.

"No problem." she replied with a smile.

"Alright, you two should hurry, it's not that far, but the poison is deadly." warned the dragon.

Both of us nodded as we started walking in the direction the dragon told us. The whole time, we, once again, felt too awkward to say anything, just like a year ago in that storm. I didn't know why I would feel awkward, though, because it's not like we were strangers anymore, but there was just somethig about her that made me feel...something. Hey, I can't think of a way to explain it, so sue me.

Eventually, after about an hour of awkward silence, and slowly increasing difficulty for breathing, we reached the edge of the forest, and the outskirts of a large village. When I looked up, I saw a large Temple that looked like it had just finished being constructed, or, most likely, reconstructed, since a war had ended just before I was born.

"Wow, nice place." I said with a whistle.

"Yeah." agreed Dana, shaking her head up and down absentmindedly.

Suddenly, it felt like something had constircted slightly on my heart, so I clutched at my chest with my paw, cringing in pain.

"Zarius!" shouted Dana, moving in front of me as I began to double-over in pain.

"Yep, best birthday ever!" I shouted sarcastically as I pushed myself back to my feet and began to stumble forward, pointing at a young black dragoness, "You! Find Bianca! I need..."

Before I could finish my sentance, everything suddenly went fuzzy, and my body went limp. Then I fell towards the ground, quickly blacking-out and hearing Dana screaming from behind me.

As with Artemis, I'm ending where these two join in the main storyline.

Till next Time!