Harvelle and The Winchester Boys "Unconditional Love"

Part One

Don't own them but if I did Jo would come back!

Notes: OK this is written as if Jo and the boys raised together for the most part. John Winchester and Jo's Dad are best friends.

It wasn't that often that Jo got to spend time with the Winchester boys anymore, because they were to busy hunting with their Dad now. They were all teenagers now, Dean being the eldest. But today's reunion was on a less happier note. Mr. Winchester had gotten hurt pretty bad. So Jo and the boys were nursing him back to health while her parents were out tracking and killing whatever had attacked him.

She had made dinner for all four of them. Sam had told her that his Dad's favorite was chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy. Jo didn't think Mr. Winchester could hold this kind of food down so she had made some chicken soup also, just in case. She had a suspison Sam liked chicken fried steak to. It made her laugh, he thought he was being sneaky.

Sam had drove into town for some bandages, Mr. Winchesters wounds were extensive, close to being the worst she had ever seen. But Jo had been reading nursing books for years and treating hunters just as long. Some of the hunters had given her the nickname Nightingale because of her abilities. Jo was embarrassed every time one of them called her that, but she knew it was their way of giving a complement. She had dreams of nursing school but knew deep down hunting would be her life and that was alright with her, it's the one thing she knew better than treating wounds and nursing people.

As usual Dean was posted guard inside the room that heal his father. He had only left to take a shower and go to the bathroom. Jo admired his devotion but she was going to have somehow talk him into getting some rest. Even tough guys needs sleep. Dean would never admit it bu Sam and herself were very capable themselves. The three of them had for the most part been trained together. Dean had a few years on them but not by much.

Jo knocked softly and waited not wanting to invade privacy. Dean opened the door, turned his back to her and walked over to the chair where he had been keeping his vigil. Jo stole a small glance at Dean's back. At eighteen Dean turned female heads young and old. He was a people person no doubt, he could chat up just about anyone and get what he wanted from them. Dean smiled and laughed a lot always making jokes. Jo frowned thinking about this, she doubted most people ever saw past this first layer to discover what was underneath. He turned then and looked at her. Jo noticed the purple marks under his eyes and the tired but stubborn look on his face. Jo made up her mind, she and Sammy would convince him to get some rest. When they teamed up against him, there wasn't must they couldn't convince him of. Jo gave him in an encouraging smile. She turned her attention to the oldest Winchester.

Jo stepped over to the nightstand next to where Mr. Winchester was laying he seemed to be sleeping, but as she sat down he opened heavy laden eyes looking at her. Jo realized right away he had a fever. She leaned forward and put her palm against his forehead. Damn, he was pretty warm. Mr. Winchester reached up a caressed a lock of hair that had fallen over her shoulder. "Mary" he whispered.

Jo's heart nearly stopped, he thought she was his dead wife. Jo knew that the fever was affecting him. Jo watched as tears slipped down his cheeks. "honey, I'm so sorry your gone, if I could bring you back I would. Our boys need you. Especially Dean I have put to much on him. I'm so sorry." Tears started to fall down Jo's cheeks, she managed to say "your a wonderful dad, don't worry everything will be alright, get some rest now."

"Mary, I will love you forever."

Jo replied "me too."

Mr. Winchester seemed to smile then and drifted back to sleep. Jo go up to get another round of antibiotics for him and ran smack into Dean's chest. She looked up with tears still in her eyes. Dean's eyes were red and wet but mostly angry. Jo was confused but managed to say "I need to give him more antibiotics, he has a fever."

Dean nodded and stepped out of her way. Dean leaned up against the wall, arms crossed over his chest watching every move she made. Mr. Winchesters temperature was 103.3 so she asked Dean to help her remove the blanket covering his father and left a thin sheet on him.

To her surprise Dean followed her out the door and into the kitchen. She had just sat the tray of food on the table and told him not to worry that the I.V. And antibiotics would do their job, his dad would be alright, when suddenly Dean had her pinned against the fridge.

Jo looked up in surprise at him. If looks could kill she knew she would be a goner. This must be what the bad guys see right before Dean sends them back to hell. Jo wonders if the stress and lack of sleep has caused Dean to lost it. Jo doesn't move, but she manages a soft questioning "Dean?"

And he starts speaking through clenched teeth "don't you ever do that again or there will be hell to pay." Jo doesn't know what he's talking about and now she's pissed he threatened her. Before she can say or do anything Dean is being tossed towards the back door.

Jo's eyes are wide, what the heck. She should have known, it's Sam and he's looking like he's going to hurt Dean. Dean was taken by surprise but now he's on his feet. Sam tackles him, they bust through the screen door. They roll off the porch and into the grass. Fists are flying. She screams for them to stop it. They ignore her completely. Jo steps down off the porch, the hell with it. Normally she would let them fight but they were to angry this time and the last thing they needed is for one of them to be injured. Their fights can produce some serious trauma.

Jo caught Dean's arm as he prepared to punch Sam. "Dean please, I'm sorry for whatever I did to upset you, please tell me what I did, please Dean, stop!" Dean's breath is ragged. He stands up, his shirt is torn, lip blooded and of course Sam didn't look much better. Dean helped Sam up and gave him an order "go watch over Dad". When Sam didn't move and looked at Jo, Dean got pissed again "you taking orders from her now?"

Sam let out a breath, pulled himself up to his full height and looked him straight in the eye, "don't ever treat her like that again". Sam walked away then leaving Dean standing there astonished his little brother had just been so bold.

Jo wanted to cheer for Sam but she guessed Dean would go homicidal again if she did. So she swallowed her pride and waited for Dean to speak. Dean started to head for the barn.

Jo thought, oh no he ain't walking away after doing crap like this. She called out to his retreating back. "Alright jackass, what the hell is wrong with you?" Dean kept walking, normally she knew this meant leave him alone. But Jo was livid. She was on his heels. He was already in the barn by the time she caught up with him. Dean had his back to her. She could tell he was trying to get control of himself.

His knuckles were clenched tight holding onto the old tractor. "Take a hike Harvelle!" Jo stood her ground, Dean was scaring the crap out of her right now but she would rather die before letting him know it. Jo held up her hands in surrender, she knew a screaming match would get them no where. And for the record she knew Dean wouldn't hurt her. But she had never seen this side of Dean before, he looked dangerous. He turned around slowly, tears coming down. Jo's heart was breaking.

Jo took a breath and let it out slowly. "What did I do Dean?" "You know I wouldn't do something to make you angry or hurt you on purpose." She took a small step towards him.

Dean seemed to calm down a bit. "You let my Dad think you were my Mom, how could you do that to him!" Jo finally got it, Dean thought she was being cruel of flippant over his Mother. Jo closed the gap between them.

"Dean, look at me." Finally Dean met her eyes again, he was trembling. This had only happened one time before and things had been bad, very bad then. Jo tried to calm down as she thought of the right words to say, she wondered how he could be so beautiful and tortured at the same time.

"Dean your Dad is sick and he's seeing things, he thought I was your Mom because that makes him happy, helps him heal." "I went along with it because I knew he needed her, I was only trying to comfort him. I would never deceive any of you." "Or make lite of your Mother, you know that, right?"

Dean heard part of what she was saying but looked lost in thought. "So what your saying is that your comforting my Dad, giving him what he needs." Jo smiled, he finally got it "Yes, just like that." Dean got a nasty smirk on his face then and said, "kinda like when Sammy asked if he could practice kissing with you so his girlfriend would be impressed?"

Jo stood quiet, she didn't like were this was going. She also didn't know Dean knew about that. Poor Sam had begged and she had caved, Sammy had a way of manipulating her. "Nightingale, you get around, don't you." Dean started to walk past her but Jo blocked his path. "Dean Winchester, you better get your head out of your ass and apologize to me right now. I have held back long enough with you. I'm done babying you."

Dean's eyes flashed, and repeated "babying me" "why would you think I need to be babied Jo?"

"Damn him, she didn't mean to actually say that out loud."

Dean said "Well, I'm waiting."

Jo turned around and started to walk away but Dean caught her arm stopping her. His voice barely whisper in her ear "go ahead, say what's on your mind". A shiver ran down her spine, she turned around , he was only inches away. "You want to know, I'll tell you!" "Most people don't get past your handsome face and hard body. Your smiles and jokes mislead people, but Dean you can't bullshit me. I look into those eyes of yours and I can feel so much pain and loneliness. You are eighteen with the soul of someone who's living two life times. And so I let you say and do things that no one, not even Sammy would get away with, but that stops today."

Jo's heart is beating so fast and hard. Dean puts his poker face on, then asks "so Nightingale, what will cure me?" Jo lifted her hand to his cheek expecting him to pull away but he doesn't, she ran the pad of her thumb across his bottom lip and says "patience and unconditional love."