Unconditional Love

Part 18

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"Jo." Dean growled.

"Dean, sweetheart don't get mad, just sit back and enjoy."

Dean swallowed hard, desire already starting to show itself in his eyes. If she's does what I'm hoping she's going to do...no way sweet Jo would do this...it's to naughty. Oh man, I hope she does.

Jo put on her sexy sultry face. He was so damn hot sitting there in handcuff's watching her.

Jo didn't meet his eyes because she would chicken out for sure. Jo smiled she pulled her blade out. She laughed when Dean's eyes widen.

"Relax Dean, I'm just going help you out of your clothes."

Dean sat rigid realizing he had underestimated her again. Sweet Joanna was going to be really naughty.

He took a ragged breath in as Jo moved in close to him. He watched her take great care cutting his shirts away. Jo leaned back watching him. His jaw was clenched and his knuckles were white. She stood and cupped his chin turning it up so she could look down at him. He tried to pull away from her but she had alright seen he eyes. Dean was liking this, he just didn't want to admit it. Jo let go of his chin and smiled, she could play this game for him. She walked around behind him pulling the fabric away. She chanced a look down and yup he was reacting to her. She wanted to jump up and down but she had to be cool.

Jo decided to make him sweat it a bit. So she walked over to cooler and pulled out a beer and a piece of ice. She took a drink of beer and walked back to Dean. She sat the beer down and popped the ice in her mouth. Jo pulled her hair up into a ponytail, then put her mouth a breath away from Dean's neck.

Her cold tongue touched his neck and Dean tried to jump out of the chair. "___k!" Jo walked around to stand in front of Dean, his nipples were taunt. Jo wanted to let him go so he could touch her but, she knew she wanted to see how far she could push him first.

"I didn't scare you did I?"

Dean gave her a twisted smile. "Do your worst Harvelle, I dare you."

Jo smiled, he was going play the victim to the end.

"Have it your way." Jo went back around and started running her tongue along his neck and shoulders. When the ice melted completely she ran her hand through his hair grabbing a hand full, tilting his head so she could capture that prefect spot that would make him squirm. Dean tried to move but just barely. He shoulders and arms had relaxed. Jo bit down and sucked hard. For her efforts Dean moaned. She teased his earlobe planting kisses along his neck and back.

"Baby, let me out of these handcuff's, let me touch you." His voice sent shivers down her spine, that voice should be illegal to.

Jo came to kneel in front of him again. She shook her no and leaned in running her tongue along his hard chest. She captured one nipple in her mouth, sucking and biting it. Dean bucked in the chair.

"You always get your way but not this time, it's my turn."

Dean tried to hide the smirk, he wondered how far her imagination went. He decided to keep quiet and watch her.

Jo undid a couple of button's on his jeans. She looked up at him through her long lashes. Dean looked more like a predator than prey. Jo had to remember he was cuffed up, because the dark look he was giving her was making her heart flutter and she was aching to be touched. Jo pulled his jeans and boxers down and off. Jo stood looking down letting her eyes trace over his body. He was everything she had imaged and more. The problem was he knew it and expected her to cave and give him anything he wanted.

Jo knew he wasn't going to admit he wanted her or that he loved her anymore. So this would be her one moment to leave a lasting impression on him. Jo trailed wet kisses down his neck and throat, careful not to touch the rest of his body. She closed her eyes and pretended that everything would be alright, that tomorrow she wouldn't be alone and that she would not cry for him. Jo was determined to touch and lick every contour of his body. Memorizing the planes and ridges. This would have to last her a lifetime so she intended to make it draw it out as long as possible.

By the time she had finished licking his entire upper body, he was leaning into her and panting. She chanced a look at his face, emerald eyes burning her as they engaged her. She wondered what he was thinking. Jo stood quietly looking at him. She took her clothes off slowly trying to work up the nerve to continue.

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