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Not too many fanfics for Jing is there? Not too many with humor, only romance. :P This is entierly HUMOR and not in any way ROMANCE!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! FEAR IT!!!!!

Kir: Have you taken your pills yet?

Me: …Maybe…

Kir: Take them!

Me: NEVA *hit Kir on head* :P


Miyu and Angel were walking home from god knows where, Angel was wearing a desguise; a big hat that had "I'm not angel" in big, bold letters. She was on the run, she broke out of "Special Place- Mental Institution" before they could diagnose her; all they knew was that she's crazy.


Jing and Kir were walking to god knows where. They had just stolen a big sack of Chocolate and were being chased by Por Vora. One of them, the same that developed a crush on Jing. Lucky for them, the Por Vora waddled slowly, and they could just walk (and fly) away from them.

The chocolate wasn't just any chocolate, it was special chocolate. What was so special about it? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW!!!

As they were walking, Kir noticed two girls walking in their direction.

"Oi, Jing, look! Two girls, coming our way!"

"Are you gonna fl—" Jing was cut off when Kir went rushing toward them, "Never mind…"


"Hey, Angel, do you see the bird coming at us?"

Angel peered over, and saw a Crow-looking thing flying full speen at them, with hearts for eyes. It stopped right in front of them.

"Hello there, I'm Kir, and who might this be?" He said, taking her hand in his wing. Big mistake.


Jing walked up to Kir and saw he flirted with one of the girls already.

"This should be good."

The girl looked at Kir strangely, then proceeded to punch him square in the beak.

"Aaaaaah! Are you a cop?! MIYU, HIDE MY BACKPACK!!!!" She shoved her backpack at her friend, who he assumed was Miyu.

Kir fell out of the air and nursed his nose, "I'm not a cop!"

"Oh, can I have my backpack, Miyu?"

"Woah, Angel! What is that?!" Miyu said, looking inside the backpack.

"Nothing!" Angel said, grabbing the backpack and zipping it closed.

Jing walked up to Kir, Angel, and Miyu.


"Aaaaaah!" Angel shouted, extending her fist. Jing caught it and said, "I'm not a cop. Just the opposite, actually."

"So you're a theif?" Miyu said, putting her right hand in her jacket pocket.


"WOAH, WOAH, WOAH! But you look as old as us!" Angel shouted, waving her arms in the air as if to attract as much attention as possible.

"Well, my sweet, he is the Bandit King! Everyone's he—" Kir was saying, until Jing shut him up.

"BANDIT KING?! I'VE HEARD OF YOU!!!!" Miyu shouted at the top of her lungs.

"WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING?!" Angel asked/shouted.

"I don't have many lines…"

"Its OK."

"Hey Jing, do you know what shes talking about? Lines?" Kir whispered to Jing, who shook his head. The girls in front of them continued:

"I'm the creator and all, but I'm putting you as the main character, really."

"Aw! Huggie time!" Angel shouted, spreading her arms out, Miyu looked at her and said, "Please don't touch me…"

Angel looked at her, then said, "Fine, I wont hug you…POKE!!!" And jabbed Miyu in the side with her finger.

"Ow! I said don't touch me!" Miyu shouted, then jabbed Angel in her stomach with her finger. This continued for a while, and Jing and Kier got bored and walked away.



My friend helped me make this, she also made Angel in her image. I'm Miyu Tsuki—Signing off!