Title: Punishment
Pairing: Snape/Hermione
For: canadiananthem
Rating: T
Word Count: 474
Prompt: He never saw it coming, written for a pinch-hit at thehogwartslife
Warnings: Dubcon, spanking, chan
A/N: You guys know I never write normal het xD;

The parchment he was holding in his hands was suddenly held so tightly it begin to tear. Out of the corner of his eye he glimpsed her, hand in the air, and, God, he didn't mean to, but in his mind he saw Lily, all excited and straining her muscles just to get her hand in the air because she knew the answer to the question and she was going to prove that being Muggleborn didn't mean you couldn't excel at everything.

"Stop being a know it all, Granger."

She looked liked she'd been slapped. Obviously her teachers early in the morning hadn't shown her the same response, praised her, perhaps.

"I'll see you after class."

Snape really wondered if he'd broken her heart. She'd probably only been asked to stay after class to get told how wonderful she was, rarely for chastising.

The rest of the lesson passed in silence, and, finally, the few remaining nosy Slytherins wandered from the dungeon, closing the door behind them, leaving the two of them alone.

Her hair wasn't red and straight. Her eyes weren't green. She was much louder than Lily, much more prone to sounding snobby than helpful. Snape took a step forward, watching as she tensed.

"You're in your Second Year, Granger," Snape's voice was like ice.

"Yes." She didn't sound nervous, he'd give her that.

"That was not a question, Granger! I am well aware of what I teach."

"Well then, Professor, next time don't arrange your sentence in a way that could be taken as a question if you're not ready for it to be interpreted as one."

"I could let being an over-eager, obnoxious brat go, but this," he paused and leaned forward, black eyes peering into hers. "This is uncalled for, Miss Granger. Maybe you're spending too much time with Potter."

Just like Lily spent too much time with Potter.

Before Snape could help himself, he grabbed a handful of her robes and spun her around. She let out a squeak, a sound like a mouse being trodden on, and felt her chest being pressed into the desk.

"Maybe telling you enough times isn't sinking it. Maybe we should try other methods. What do you think, Granger?"

She trembled, but only nodded.

The first slap across her bum stung, and she bit back a cry.

"What is it that you're not going to do?" Snape asked, hand in the air.

"I. . I will not be a know it all," her voice shook.

Another slap, this one harder. "That is correct. You may leave now, Granger."

He took a step back and she took the opportunity to dash for the door, not even bothering to gather her things. Pressing his lips, Snape made his way back to his desk. Non conventional methods worked on Potter, maybe they'd work on her, too.