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Rita Skeeter, perhaps most famous for puncturing inflated reputations, may not exactly have a spotless one herself. Startling new evidence has come to mind about her information.

"Skeeter's reports have raised many eyebrows here." reports Dennis Creevey, A fifth year at Hogwarts . "When she published her article on Rubeus Hagrid, I was in first year. My brother Colin , who was a victim of the Final Battle, was a third year at the time and was in Care of Magical Creatures with Hagrid. According to Colin, no student was injured in class. They had the occasional scratch by a careless student, but the lessons he taught were mostly safe, and all were interesting.

As to the comment about a student getting attacked by a hippogriff and getting a bad bite off a flobberworm, Dennis just laughed.

" Surely you don't expect me to believe that flobberworms can give bad bites without teeth!" he chuckles. "As for the hippogriff attack, I can reveal a few interesting facts . All who were witnesses to the scene have confirmed that the student in question insulted the hippogriff. Had it not been for Hagrid's quick thinking, the student would have lost his arm, but as it was he was barely scratched. I hardly think that Hagrid has been using dangerous creatures on the students."

This startling evidence brings to light that Fridwulfa's son was not in fact dangerous, but simply had a weakness for creatures that not many like. With that confirmed, the question turns to, "How did Rita Skeeter discover that Hagrid was part-giant?"

" We had our theories." says Orla Quirke, a fifth year. " Some thought that he had been accidentally Engorged, or swallowed a bottle of Skele-Gro. But as far as I know, none ever thought he was half-giant. I was only in first year when this happened, but I can confirm that half-giant was never among the guesses we made."

So if she didn't pick up a rumor, then how did she do it?

" Something illegal, most likely. She'd do anything to get a good story." says Orla. "With all the security around Hogwarts, an Invisibility Cloak and an Animagus form are the only things I can think of that would get through. And with Mad-eye Moody running around everywhere, we would have known with an Invisibility Cloak. So it is most likely an unregistered Animagus."

Animagi are one of the most suspicious kinds of people. The ability to transform into an animal is used by wizards in covert, even criminal activity, thus Animagi are registered and carefully watched. An unregistered animagus is an even higher concern, for this surely means that the witch of wizard in question is using their skill illegally.

Did Skeeter just become an Animagus to get a story? Or is Skeeter a former thief? As one student who wishes to remain anonymous says,

" It takes a thief to catch a thief, and it takes someone with a shady past to dig up another's. Rita's ability which serves her so well now may have very well have gotten her stolen gold in the past."

As to this very strange occurence, one hopes that The Daily Prophet chooses a cleaner correspondent for their stories.

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