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"There's nothing left to do at night but go crazy on you."
-Crazy On You by Heart

Bitter cold had swept over Gotham City in the usual way it did around winter time; people wore multiple layers of clothing and scarves in an attempt to keep themselves warm. Although holiday cheer was beginning to creep its way into the lives of many citizens through sales in stores and happy snowmen decorating windows and front yards all over the city, the sky remained bleak and eerie. The Joker set his gaze upon the gray sky through the window of the abandoned hotel in which he and his men had made their hideout.

It was one of those unusual days where he had actually gotten a normal amount of sleep. After scrounging for a place to stay for hours, he had remembered that Oswald Cobblepot's huge hotel construction had been put on hold for a while due to a slight scuffle with Gotham Police Department. He figured the old bird wouldn't mind if he stayed for a while.

Upon their arrival, he was surprised to see that the construction was, in fact, almost finished. Most of the rooms appeared to be fully furnished, and only some had painting and wallpaper that remained uncompleted. He told the boys that they were free to find their own room as long as they stayed away from the floor he was residing on. With that said he grabbed Harley and headed up the stairs to find a suite that was close to the ground floor. Thankfully not having to climb all twenty-four stories, they found a suite on the third floor. The lock system hadn't been installed yet, so he pushed open the door and ushered Harley inside. He swiftly shut the door behind them, bolting the door manually. Without even bothering to look around the spacious room or take his shoes off, he threw himself on the king-sized bed and closed his eyes. He opened one eye to take peek at Harley who was looking at him with her hands on her hips. He huffed and she continued to stare at him. Rolling his eyes, he removed his coat and shoes, threw back the covers of the bed and got underneath them.

He closed his eyes but did not allow sleep to overtake him until he felt the weight shift on the bed as Harley lay down on it. As soon as he heard her head softly hit the pillow, he pulled her body close to his and held her tightly to him. She intertwined her fingers with his, and he finally allowed his body the rest it was begging for.

When he awoke, he reached over to where he thought Harley's body was but found that she wasn't there. The fact that the first thing he did was search for her made him crazy, but ignored the feeling. He held his bodyweight up on his elbows and looked around the room. After a second of searching with his eyes, he listened and heard the shower running in the bathroom that was a few feet away from the bed. Rolling over onto his back, he stared out the window at the murky sky without blinking.

He didn't really feel like getting up. He didn't really feel like doing much of anything, actually. He didn't have anything planned for the day (not the he actually planned anything) and he figured the boys and Harley could use a day off. He sort of liked the idea of lying around with Harley all day, and it annoyed him. He chewed the inside of his scars as he briefly thought about storming into the bathroom and bashing her head against the wall, but realized nothing productive would come out of it. It seemed like no matter how much he punched, kicked, scratched, and verbally abused Harley, he still couldn't get rid of that stupid twisting feeling he got in his stomach when he looked at her. Plus, today, he just didn't feel like it.

He was jarred from his thoughts as the bathroom door opened and Harley emerged in tight, black gym pants and a large shirt that he was quite positive was his. He felt the corners of his mouth pull up slightly as she rummaged through her bag, not noticing he was awake. That was one of the things he and Harley had in common; once they entered their thoughts, not much could pull them away from them.

"Looking for something, Harl?" he asked, snickering as she jumped at the sound of his voice. She regarded him over her shoulder, grinning slightly at him. She always seemed to be able to laugh at herself, a quality that he found quite endearing. How he could find someone that constantly caused him to, he shuddered, doubt his 'feelings' endearing, he would never know. There was just something about her that was irresistible; almost like a drug. The violent feelings toward her returned with vengeance.

"Hey, I didn't know you were awake," she replied quietly, turning back to her bag. "Sleep well?" He nodded, continuing to watch her as she searched the bag's contents. She froze and he raised an eyebrow. She let her back hit the floor and started giggling uncontrollably. He couldn't help but grin at the sight, and the urge to pull that bouncy blonde hair out of her scalp disappeared once again.

"I don't even remember what I was looking for!" she explained to him between giggles. He let out a bark of laughter and summoned her to join him on the bed. As she sidled up to him, he was surprised to find that her skin was freezing. He looked down at her incredulously.

"Did you take a cold shower?" He wouldn't put it past her; she had weird tendencies, such as getting up at 3:17 every morning for a glass of water, only to wake up about three hours later to practice gymnastics if she could. She stared at him.

"J, that's stupid. It's freezing outside, and you know better than anyone that I have less than marvelous blood circulation in my hands and feet." He nipped at her finger playfully, though he momentarily thought of breaking it in half. She pinched the skin on his leg in between her toes. He chortled and she joined in.

No, he wouldn't hurt her. Not today.

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