Our Worlds Crash Down

(A General Grawl Planet 51 Story)

Intro & Characters

Introduction: Chuck had gone back home to planet earth, where he hadn't left any children behind or "a family". It all was a lie to save him that day he met with Lem the "Alien." He notices he brought something unwanted from there. That silly looking dog! Now what will he do? Will he come back and return it safe and sound? Or might his younger sister and friends tag along to his fascinating out of this world journey? New adventures, romance, and tense moments arrive in the return of Planet 51, Find out! Who knows, probably General Grawl may have the same concept of the "Aliens" he had before, or then again, he might not.

Movie Characters: General Grawl, Lem, Chuck, Rover, others

My Own Characters: Isa, Khyber, Mil, Maury, others