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Angel Pov

I woke up before the sun had even risen. I looked over at Buffy, snuggling with the pillow in her sleep. I just didn't have the heart to wake her. I got up and got dressed before making my way downstairs. It was nice and quiet, Cordy, Wes and Gunn haven't been in yet and Fred and Connor must still be asleep. I walked into the office and sat down in my leather chair. I leaned back, closed my eyes and proceeded to enjoy the peace and quiet.

I heard a knock and jumped up. I must have been asleep otherwise I would have heard someone coming. I looked over at the doorway and saw Fred smiling. She walked up to me and sat down on my desk.

"This is nice. Just you and me awake huh?"

"Hey Fred, yeah it's just me and you. Um… did you need anything?"

"No I don't really need anything. We haven't really been able to talk have we? You know one on one. There's always someone around."

"Well were alone now. What did you want to talk about?"

"I've been wondering something. When is Buffy going to be leaving? She doesn't really contribute to the group. We already have a drama queen there's no need for her to be here."

"Fred I don't know what you're talking about. Buffy is here because I want her to be. She needs a place to stay and she is welcome here for however long she wants."

"Well don't you feel she is getting in the way of us?"

"Us? Fred I really don't understand what you're trying to say. We're friends, Buffy understands that."

"Angel really, how long are you going to deny yourself what you so clearly want?"

"Want? What do you think that I want?"

Fred moves closer to me until she is right next to me. I feel something on my leg, when I looked down I saw her hand riding up my thigh until it is very close to my crotch. I look up to Fred moving closer to me. Just as she was about to kiss me she said, "Me."

"Look Fred I'm really sorry if I might have led you on in some way. I never intended to do that. You're my friend, but that's It. I'm in love with Buffy and I always will be. There's no one else for me."

"You don't mean that. You want me, your just afraid to take what you want."

"Fred I don't…"

"You want me, you do. Everyone wants to be with me. But they're not who I want to be with. It's you, only you."

"What the hell is going on here?"

I never thought I would be so relieved to hear Cordy screaming her head off but Fred was really freaking me out. I was trying to get her hand off of me but she wouldn't budge. Cordelia stomped over to where we were and ripped Fred's arm off of me. Fred got up off the desk so she and Cordy were now standing face to face. Fred looked like she wanted to pull Cordy's hair out, and Cordy looked about ready to strangle her. I knew Cordy would win because I've seen her fight and she is getting pretty good. She's not spoiled little rich girl like she used to be. She knows how to defend herself.

"What the fuck is your problem? Buffy is right upstairs and you just throw yourself at her boyfriend like a slut."

"How dare you? I am not a slut and Angel is mine not hers. You're delusional if you think otherwise."

"I'm delusional? That's rich coming from you, you crazy bitch."

"Ha! Buffy can't handle a man like Angel. She doesn't deserve him. That blonde bimbo is nothing compared to me." That's it I've had it.

"Enough! I will not let you talk like that about Buffy. I am in love with her not you. Get out of my hotel. I never want to see you again. Pack your bags and get the fuck out."

She looked at me with tears in her eyes. I gave her a cold look and she ran out the door.

"I want her out of this Hotel now. I don't care where she goes but if I see that she is still here by tomorrow I will pack her bags myself."

"But Angel where will she go?"

"I don't care. She can go where ever the fuck she wants to go. Hell she can go back to Texas for all I care. I'm sure her parents will take her in. But she is not welcome here anymore. If I ever see her again I swear…."

"Ok I get the picture. She'll be out tonight. I promise."

"Thank you. And another thing, don't tell Buffy anything. I want to tell her myself. If she asks you anything just tell her to come to me."

"Ok. I guess that works."

I noticed Buffy had come into the room and I hoped that she didn't hear what Fred was saying. Cordy left and Buffy and I talked, I told her the short version of what had happened. After we were finished I made breakfast for everyone and we sat down to a nice quiet meal with no drama what so ever. Sometime during the day Fred must have left because when we looked into her room everything was gone save the bed and dresser. I couldn't believe she had even taken the sheets.

Now you have a better picture of just how crazy Fred is. Yay she's finally gone! Thanks for reading!