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~ April ~


On the Saturday morning following spring break, Edward and I were once again in the car, taking another road trip. I was a bit nervous about this particular voyage, yet when I considered all the shit that had gone down over the past week… Yeah, visiting our families for Easter weekend would surely be a breeze compared to the hell that we had endured—and luckily survived—over spring break. And now that I had finally put some of the old ghosts with Edward and Alice to rest, I reasoned that it was time to do the same with my own family. To face my demons, per se.

My inner musings were interrupted by Edward's question.

"What'd you tell your parents?"

This was a spur of the moment trip for me. While Edward had been planning to go home for the weekend, I hadn't been; I had planned to stay in Seattle, go to church with Rose on Sunday morning, and then spend the rest of the day taking it easy. On my couch. In my apartment. Alone. Until last night when Edward asked me to come home with him so that he could 'officially' introduce me to his parents as his girlfriend.

How could I say 'no' to that?

I shrugged in response to his question. "Not much. I just told them that I was coming home for Easter. They were so shocked that they didn't think to ask why."

I chuckled at the thought. I hadn't been home in over two years, and I had a feeling that this weekend would be full of surprises. I just hoped that they were all pleasant.

"Do you think it's a good idea to just spring me on them?" he asked, somewhat nervously.

I laughed. "It's a bit late to worry about that now, don't you think?"

Edward's lips quirked into a rueful smile. "I guess so…"

I grabbed his hand and gave a gentle squeeze. "Don't worry, baby. The deck's already stacked in your favor; my dad admires your father immensely, and my mother used your mom's firm when they redecorated the house a few years back. She really liked your mom."

That was the thing about small towns—everyone knew everyone else. I suspected that my parents would be relieved that I was seeing someone 'local', someone whose family they knew. His family, on the other hand, might be a different story. That thought sobered me.

"What do you think your parents will think of me?" I asked quietly. I turned to look at Edward. "Do they remember our… past?"

His eyes pinched in concern. "Well, they'll probably remember that I tutored you, and since you came over quite a bit during those few months that summer, Alice talked about you, too. I'm sure that my mother will remember that…"

At least most of my visits to the Cullen household that summer had occurred while neither of his parents had been at home.

I sighed. "Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

He shrugged noncommittally.

I suspected the latter. But as I had just told him, it was a bit too late to worry about that now. I only hoped that Alice would be pleasant—she and Jasper would also be in Forks.

Several hours later, we pulled up in front of my parent's house. Edward hopped out of the car in order to retrieve my bags from the back, but I sat immobile in the passenger seat, absently twisting my hands in my lap and starting at my childhood home. I was still sitting there—and still staring—when the front door opened and my mother stepped onto the porch. Her eyes pinched in a frown when she took in the unfamiliar SUV that was parked in the driveway, so I quickly got out and began walking in her direction.


She greeted me pleasantly enough, but I could see the questions in her eyes as they roved over my form, taking in all the changes since our last visit. My hair was getting longer again, and I know that I had filled out a bit. I also suspected that I looked… well… happy. That was likely the biggest change.

"Hey, Mom," I returned cautiously as I reached her.

After enveloping me in an awkward hug, her eyes slid to the back of the car. "I didn't realize you were bringing someone with you…"

I rolled my eyes. "I didn't. Well… not really. Edward will be staying at his parent's house," I replied.

My mother eyed him suspiciously "Edward?"

"Edward Cullen," I prompted.

At that moment, Edward stepped back from the trunk of the car, my bag in his hand. I watched as recognition lit her eyes.

"Hey, Mrs. Swan," Edward greeted with a nervous smile and a little wave.

Although she now recognized him, she looked baffled. I sighed. Despite what I had told Edward earlier, I was a bit nervous. Just not for the same reasons that he might be. No, I was nervous about admitting any sort of relationship to my parents; I hadn't mentioned that I was seeing someone for the past several months, nor the fact that it was someone whom they knew. I took a calming breath before I spoke.

"Edward and I are dating, Mom."

Renee's eyes widened momentarily, then a smile broke on her lips. She turned to Edward with a conspiratorial wink. "Well, then… he'll just have to stay for dinner so that we can get to know him a little better, won't he?"


Unexpectedly, dinner—as well as the several hours of visiting prior to the meal—turned out to be an easy and comfortable affair. I was quite relieved to find that Christmas had not been a fluke; talking with my parents was not the hardship I remembered it to be. Edward conversed easily with both my parents as well, much to my surprise. While my mother and I cooked dinner, he kept my father company in the den discussing sports, college, and his family. The meal passed quickly, filled with conversation about our classes at school, life in Seattle, and the inevitable small-town gossip. The only moment of awkwardness came when my mother asked him what he planned to do after graduation; that subject was causing us both quite a bit of worry, although—or maybe more aptly, because—we hadn't really talked about it yet. He tensed up, but after simply mentioning medical school, he quickly diverted any further questions by asking my mother about her newest book. It turns out that she was attempting to break away from the romance genre, and her next novel would be a murder mystery.

Before I was ready to say goodbye, it was time for him to head home—he had spent the whole afternoon and evening with my family, and he hadn't seen his own parents yet. Even though we had spent the entire previous week together, I wasn't quite ready to let him go. So, I walked him to the car, where I did my best to prevent him from leaving by climbing onto his lap and kissing him senseless. I may have also copped a feel. And quite possibly performed a quick blow job. In a car parked in front of the police Chief's house, no less.

But I plead the fifth…

My mother smiled indulgently—knowingly—at me when I reentered the house twenty minutes later. I tried to act nonchalant, but I was mortified when she quietly suggested that I make a quick trip to the bathroom before my father saw me. Heat bloomed on my cheeks when I took in my disheveled appearance.

So much for protecting myself against self-incrimination…

Wanting to avoid both of my parents by this point, I quietly snuck back into the kitchen where I set a kettle on the stove and began gathering the ingredients for a cup of tea. As I waited for the water to boil, my thoughts drifted back to the clandestine moment in the car. A sly smile twitched at the corner of my lips as I recalled the way that Edward couldn't relax, even in what should have been a very relaxing moment, if you know what I mean. Instead, he had stared intently at the front door the entire time, as if he was waiting for Charlie to come barreling out, shotgun in hand. I laughed softly in remembrance.

"So, you guys are pretty serious, huh?"

My mother's voice, when it sounded from behind, startled me out of my reflections. I whipped around to find her propped against the doorjamb, eyeing me speculatively. A suspicious-looking twinkle lit her eyes, and my already hot cheeks flushed even brighter.

I nodded warily.

"How long have you been dating?" she inquired.

I shrugged. "A few months…"

She looked at me intently, as if she didn't believe my answer. Grabbing my mug, I walked to the table and sat down. I wasn't sure if I was ready to have this conversation with my mother, but I knew there was no way to avoid it.

"We were friends for a while first."

Her face relaxed into a smile as she took the seat across from me. "That's good… It's important to be friends first."

I sighed. "Well… we didn't really have a choice."

Her eyes quirked in question again.

"He was in my Shakespeare class last fall."

"As a student?" she asked.

"Yeah." I settled into my chair, cupping the mug of tea in my hands. I looked up to meet her inquiring gaze. "Ironic, isn't it? When he was my tutor in high school, we kept our… association… undercover. And four years later, when I was his TA, we had to do the same thing—just for different purposes. Funny how the tables turn…"

Renee sighed. "That's life, sweetie. It's always changing, always looking to throw you for a loop. But wait…" She cocked her head to the side in contemplation. "I don't remember you hanging out with Edward back in high school…"

I shrugged. "Not many people do; I kind of kept it a secret…"

"What? Why would you do that?"

"We were both different then…" I looked down at my mug and whispered, "…and I was embarrassed."

"About what?"

I shrugged again. "None of my friends would have understood…"

My voice trailed off. I hoped that my mother would understand because I didn't want to explain how superficial I had been back then. Of course, it was too much to hope for, and she continued to look at me inquiringly. I huffed in frustration before my eyes snapped to hers.

"He was a geek in high school, Mom. And I wasn't."

Again, I hoped that answer would be enough. But the blank look in her eyes told me that it wasn't. I sighed and took a deep, calming breath.

"Everyone expected me to be with someone popular, someone like Mike. The problem was that Mike was a complete jerk. Edward was nice, funny, and he got me. He saw the person beneath the façade, even way back then…"

"You seemed so happy after you broke up with Mike. I just thought that you were glad to be on your own." She paused for a moment. "But that wasn't it, was it? It was Edward that made you happy."

It was a statement, not a question, so I just nodded.

"Then something happened, didn't it? Over the summer?"

I nodded again. So did she.

"You became so quiet, so pensive. And once school started again, you reverted back to that angry teenager."

I pushed my hands into my hair with another disgruntled sigh. "Yeah… Even though he overlooked my faults, I couldn't—no, wouldn't—do the same. So he moved on. To someone who would. I couldn't blame him; he deserved better than me."

"Oh, honey…" Renee lamented.

"No, Mom, it's okay. Really, it was my fault. It was a hard lesson learned, but one I'll never forget; I'll never take someone for granted like that again. Especially Edward. I just worry that he hasn't forgotten, that one day he'll wake up and realize that this isn't worth it—that I'm not worth the hassle."

It was the same fear that I had voiced to Rosalie just a few days ago, and Renee's response was almost identical. She stood up from the table and walked around to gather me into a hug. A shaky breath escaped my lips as my arms encircled her lightly. The soothing strokes of her hands on my hair helped to calm my shuddering exhalations.

"Oh, Bella… I can't promise you anything about the future, or how it will all work out, but the way he looks at you is… Well, it's obvious that he loves you. And the way you look at him… I've never seen you like this before—this… happy. You glow when you are with him."

She pulled back and smiled at me, then continued. "There's just something about the way that you two move when you're together. I can't explain it, but it's like you're connected or something, like you are an extension of him, and vice versa. I write about that stuff all the time in my books, but I've never actually seen it in action. I never really believed all of the relationship magic I write about until right now."

I squeezed her hand gently and smiled in return, a bit shocked—but incredibly comforted—by her take on our relationship.


"Anytime, sweetie. That's what moms are for."


As I was crawling into bed several hours later, my phone buzzed. I flipped it open to find a text from Edward.

Love you

I smiled and immediately began typing my response.

So much…

Almost as soon as I hit the send button, it was buzzing again.


Although I expected to toss and turn, I fell asleep quickly, my phone cradled to my chest and a wide smile on my face.


The next afternoon, I found myself back in a once-familiar place: the Cullen's house. It was Easter Sunday, and I had just attended church with Edward and his family. It hadn't been nearly as awkward as I might have feared. There were two churches in Forks. Thankfully, his parents attended the small non-denominational congregation; Angela's father was the minister at the other. His parents had greeted me warmly when we joined them in the sanctuary, and even Alice had smiled at me briefly.

When the service was over, we all headed back to their house. As Edward ushered me through the foyer and towards the living area, my gaze roved around, taking in everything, spotting the changes almost immediately. A wheelchair ramp had been installed leading up to the front door, furniture had been rearranged, and a few interior doorways had been widened in order to accommodate Dr. Cullen.

I stumbled awkwardly when my eyes fell on the door that led to Edward's piano room. Against my will, my feet carried me to the door, and my breath caught when I glanced inside. That hadn't changed at all; even though it had been five years since our first afternoon here, I still remembered everything from that day with perfect clarity. The piano, the kiss, the first… I squeezed his hand gently, and Edward smiled down at me in return, the pensive look on his face alerting me to the fact that he remembered, too.

By the time we finally made it through to the kitchen, Edward's mother was already busy, bustling around working on the meal. Edward's father was seated at the table, reading the newspaper. Alice and Jasper were nowhere to be seen.

"Hey, kids," she greeted.

Edward walked around the counter to give her a gentle hug and kiss the top of her head. I smiled at the easy familiarity—and comfort—between mother and son. Wanting to be a part of it, I offered my assistance.

"Is there anything I can do to help, Mrs. Cullen?"

She turned to me with a wide smile. "Oh, no, honey. You're the guest. And please, call me Esme."

I nodded in return.

She turned to Edward. "It'll be an hour or so until we're ready, so why don't you two find something fun to do. Alice and Jasper are downstairs, I think…"

"Are you sure?" Edward asked.

Esme swatted Edward playfully on the arm. "Oh yeah, I'm definitely sure. I know how much you hate the kitchen. And, unfortunately, the kitchen hates you just as much."

I snorted when Edward flushed slightly; he was a disaster in the kitchen. He turned to me with a scowl.

"Are you mocking me, Isabella?

I smirked in response but answered bravely, "Yes. Yes, I believe I am."

"That's not the smartest decision," he warned.

"Maybe not where your ego is concerned, but it is for the best…" I turned to Esme with a smile. "Believe me, I am quite aware of your son's antagonistic relationship with the kitchen. Don't worry… I'll do all I can to keep him clear of the kitchen for as long as you need."

Esme's tinkling laugh filled the room. "Oh, Edward, I like her…"

"You like anyone who gives me a hard time," he grumbled, but a small smile twitched at the corner of his lips.

"Guilty as charged," she declared. "You need someone to balance all that know-it-all attitude of yours." Turning to me, she added, "Don't let him intimidate you, Bella. Now, go on you two…"

She shooed us out of the kitchen and we wandered towards the back of the house where he led me down a staircase. On my previous visits to his house, we had spent all of our time either in the piano room or in his bedroom; therefore, I was unfamiliar with the large entertainment room that Edward ushered me into a few moments later. It contained a big-screen TV, a collection of comfy couches and chairs, a ping pong table, and a pool table. I eyed the latter suspiciously. Sensing my glare, Edward chuckled lightly. I raised my eyebrows in a questioning quirk.

Leaning in to whisper in my ear, Edward answered my silent question. "No, it wasn't this one."

I relaxed at his admission and turned to look at Alice and Jasper, who were seated on one of the couches in front of the TV. They were playing a video game and were involved in some sort of laughing argument—Alice was accusing Jasper of cheating while he poked playfully at her sides with his fingers. I tilted my head at Alice in another silent question.

"Just don't tell Alice…"

I joined his quiet laugh as we walked towards the pool table, happy to be in on the joke.

I loved playing pool; Rose and I played quite a bit at the University Center at school, and I knew that I was a decent shot. Not only that, but pool could be incredibly sensual. A sly smile stretched my lips. Stroking the table reverently, I picked up the wooden triangle and began expertly racking the balls. And when I picked up the cue, running my hand up and down the shaft in a suggestive manner, the gleam in Edward's eye turned feral. He stepped behind me, his hands falling to rest my hips. His hot breath whispered seductively across the shell of my ear.

"Although, if you're up for it…"

I whimpered in longing as his words burned an unforgettable image in my brain; sex on a pool table was one of my fantasies.

He stepped forward, and the evidence of his arousal pressed insistently into my backside. My eyelids drifted shut and my fingers curled around the edge of the table as I struggled not to grind against him—Alice and Jasper were in the room. But when he leaned forward to brush his lips across the sensitive skin beneath my ear, I couldn't contain the desperate-sounding moan that escaped my lips.

Unfortunately, that one tell-tale sound was louder than I intended, and the room was suddenly doused in silence. I opened my eyes to find both Jasper and Alice staring at me—Jasper was smirking, Alice looked horrified; her eyes darted between me, Edward, and the table. I dropped my head and groaned, feeling incriminating heat blossoming on my cheeks. Edward kissed my neck one last time before he released me with a knowing chuckle and took a step back. The video game noise resumed.

When I finally opened my eyes, I found that Edward had grabbed the stick from where I had dropped it on the table, and he was now lining up to break. But before he took his shot, he looked up at me and winked. Although the gesture was teasing, the look on his face assured me that he was not.

"Some other time..."

It wasn't a question.

I whimpered in undisguised longing and shifted uncomfortably when I felt a surge of moisture in my panties. He was staring at me expectantly, so I just nodded. As soon as I indicated my assent, he pulled back and stroked the cue.


An hour later, Edward and I were finishing our third game. We were pretty decently matched. He had won the first game. Barely. I had decided to make the second game a bit more interesting, and I had bet him a blow job that I would win. Edward had been none too pleased to lose that bet. So now, in the tie-breaking game, he had upped the ante: anytime, anyplace, anyhow…

"Three ball, corner pocket," I called.

I lined up my shot, but just before I struck the cue, Edward sidled up behind me and ran his hand up the back of my leg and cupped my ass, giving it a little squeeze.

My shot went wide.

"Hey…" I shot a scowl in his direction. "That's cheating!"

He fucking smirked at me. "If you can't take the heat…"

While I pouted, Edward dropped his last striped ball and called the eight.

"Eight-ball, back across, side pocket …"

I wasn't about to let him off the hook easily; turn-about is fair play. So I sidled up behind him and ran my hand across his hip. Unfortunately, my attempt at distraction was not as effective as his had been, and when the eight ball dropped—in the correct pocket, following the indicated rail play—I huffed in consternation.

Turning around, Edward captured my lips with his own, at the same time reaching up to fondle my breast. I jerked away.

"Edward…" I warned, my eyes darting to the couch.

It was empty.

"They headed upstairs about ten minutes ago," he told me between kisses. "We're all alone now…"

He turned me around so that I was facing the table again, just like earlier. The hard heat of his arousal brushed my backside, intensifying the desire that had pooled at my center, and I groaned slightly as his lips found the back of my neck once more. Warm fingers snaked beneath the edge of my shirt and slid upwards to palm my aching breasts. I groaned again, and reached around to cup the bulge in his pants…

"Hey, guys… Lunch is almost ready."

I jerked away from Edward at the intrusion—his father was calling from the top of the stairs. I sighed in frustration. He chuckled.

"Don't worry, Isabella… One day, I will get you on my pool table."

Moisture surged between my legs once again at the suggestive tone of his voice. I bit my lip in longing, and I might have whimpered a little. Edward chuckled again.

"C'mon…" he called, taking a step back and grabbing my hand to lead me upstairs.

When we reached the top, I turned to him with a disgruntled look. Shifting a bit at the uncomfortable wetness in my underwear, I spoke.

"Um… I need to make a stop in the bathroom first..."

Edward led me up another set of stairs into the second floor living area. I should have been aware of the sounds coming from behind the door when he opened it for me, but with all of my attention focused on the door to the right—his bedroom door—I wasn't paying attention to where we were actually going. I walked into the room… and right into one of my worst 'I have never' nightmares.

A deep guttural groan resonated throughout the room, followed by some dirty talk.

"Fuck yeah, darlin'… just like that… damn girl, you are one perverted little pixie…"

Several things happened simultaneously.

First, I gasped as my eyes took in the scene in front of me—Jasper leaning back against the vanity, pants at his ankles, Alice on her knees in front of him.

Second, at the sound of my indrawn breath, Jasper opened his eyes and jerked back slightly, his hands tightening on Alice's shoulders, which suddenly tensed.

Third, Edward bumped into me from behind, pushing me further into the room.

I was beyond shocked, but I didn't think it could get any worse.

Then the conversations started…

Jasper grunted, then cursed. "Fuck, Alice! Watch the damn teeth, darlin'."

"What the hell…" Edward grumbled.

I just groaned. "Oh. My. God."

Closing my eyes, I begged for it all to be over. Luckily, Edward recovered quicker than I did, and he turned on his heel in order to hightail it out of the room. Thankfully, he yanked on my arm, hauling me with him. We proceeded directly down the stairs, needing to get as far away from the bathroom as quickly as possible.

Lunch could have been awkward, and there was definitely an uncomfortable undercurrent emanating from Alice—after what Edward and I had just walked in on… I glanced once more in her direction, and I smirked when her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. But my grin quickly faded as I recalled how I had felt when she had walked in on us a few months back. The next time we made eye contact, I sent a small, reassuring smile her way.

Like the night before, it was a pleasant meal with easy conversation. Esme admitted that she remembered me, but only vaguely as a girl that Edward had tutored in high school. I had never met Edward's father before, and I found Dr. Cullen fascinating. Even in a wheelchair, he was a dynamic, authoritative figure. He was quite witty, and I found myself chuckling at his subtle jokes and dry sense of humor. He talked a little bit about his job, and it was obvious how much Edward respected and admired his father both personally and professionally; he clearly wanted to follow in his father's footsteps by going to medical school.

We spent several hours visiting with his family, and when the time came to pack up in order to return to Seattle, I was actually disappointed to be leaving Forks. That was definitely a first.

"Well… I think that all went quite well," Edward commented as we pulled onto the road.

"Yeah, it did," I agreed as I reached out to clasp his hand in my own. "Really well."

He smiled in return. "So, Forks wasn't as bad as you remembered it?"

A surprised smile quirked at the corners of my lips, and I was slightly astounded my by easy answer. "No… it really wasn't."

His hand squeezed mine gently.

So much had changed since I had last visited, most notably me. Of course, we still had a million more hurdles to jump in our relationship—most importantly, Edward's medical school decision—but having cleared yet another one felt good.

Really good.

The trip back to Seattle was much more relaxed than the trip home to Forks had been. Although as I thought back upon the afternoon, the uncomfortable throbbing that reemerged between my legs reminded me of our unfinished business. I shifted uncomfortably, my underwear once again becoming damp. About an hour outside of Seattle, I turned to Edward with a sly smile.

"So… Did you know that sex on a pool table is one of my fantasies?"

His head snapped in my direction, eyes flaring, and he sucked in a ragged breath. He shook his head.

"Well it is. So it really wasn't nice to tease me like that," I drawled.

Closing my eyes, I pictured the scene in my head and decided to tease him in return. "The way you felt behind me… I can imagine it now… me bent over the table as you take me from behind, the felt caressing my cheek with each thrust, the smell of the leather and chalk…"

I heard Edward's small gasp and smiled.

"Or maybe I'd lie on my back, with my legs wrapped around your waist—the height would be just right. I bet you'd like the way I would look, spread out on the table, wouldn't you?"

His strangled whisper was barely audible.


I peeked through my lowered lids; his hands were fisted tightly on the steering wheel, his eyes staring intently at the road. My gaze dropped to the bulge in his pants, and I smiled again. I was enjoying his obvious discomfort—it made my own a bit more bearable. I closed my eyes again, and had just opened my mouth to describe another scenario when I felt the car slowing down.

My eyes snapped open as we turned off the main road onto a small dirt track. "What are you doing?"

He didn't say anything, just kept driving until we eventually emerged in a small deserted clearing. Shutting off the ignition, he slammed his seat back and turned to me, fumbling with the seatbelt buckles. When he finally freed the clasps, he yanked me over the console to settle on his lap.

"I know it's not a pool table, Isabella, but I can't wait any longer… Besides, I won the bet: anytime, anywhere, right?"

I nodded.

"We have yet to christen my car…" he drawled.

I tilted my head as I studied him.

"No, we haven't," I agreed as I shifted my hips.

His eyes flashed and his breath caught when I slid against him again. I laughed lightly.

"But I think that we can change that. Right now."

His lips crashed to mine, and for quite some time, the only noise detectable were the sounds of rustling fabric, heavy breathing, skin sliding against skin, and satisfied pants and groans.

It was really late by the time we finally arrived at my apartment in Seattle, but I couldn't complain. Thinking back to our impromptu 'anytime, anywhere' session in the car, I smiled in complete satisfaction. Yeah… that particular delay had definitely been worth it.

But it was more than just that encounter that left me with a surprising sense of contentment… I had faced my demons head-on, and despite my initial worries—and a few uncomfortable bumps along the road—I had come out relatively unscathed.

All-in-all, it had been a very successful weekend.

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