Chapter 1

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It was late in the evening. The Storm Hawks had been travelling for several days already, trying to catch up with the evil Master Cyclonis. After the death of the Dark Ace, Master Cyclonis had taken her crew and were already crossing to the other side of the Atmos, now with the Storm Hawks, who were desperately searching for her.

Inside the condor, Finn was busy trying not to puke. Already after several days, the Storm Hawks' food supply had run out, except for Stork's extra supply of Merb cabbage. And since Finn was starving, he had no choice but to eat the greenish-brown lumps.

"When will we stop, Aerrow?" Finn whined. "It's been several days that we have been travelling. Do I need to live several more on Merb cabbage?"

Aerrow, who was too busy looking out the window and giving Stork directions to even think about food, replied, "Yes. And we'll continue to live on Merb cabbage until we stop Cyclonis!"

Before anyone could even object, the condor's siren began to wail, and Junko and Piper came running towards Aerrow. "We've got a big problem with the engine!" Junko yelled. "Our crystals…" Piper cried. "We've been travelling for so long and at such a quick pace that they're completely worn out."

"We'll need to get more crystals-as many as we can," Aerrow said. "We need to stop Master Cyclonis ASAP."

As Finn, Junko and Piper hurried off to find crystals, Stork took a pair of binoculars and looked around. "Speaking of Master Cyclonis," he began. "Where is she?"

Just as the words left his lips, a dark shadow emerged from some trees. "Right-there!" Aerrow cried. "Battle stations, everyone!" Finn rolled his eyes. "Aerrow must be crazy," he said, but went to his cannon blaster anyway.

"Fire!" Aerrow cried. Finn shot at the dark image. It stopped and turned around slowly. Stork watched as the figure flew out of the trees. "Um, guys," Stork said. "I don't think that's Cyclonis' ship." Aerrow put his gaze towards where Stork's was and watched in horror as a dragon flew out of the trees, into the light.

Clearly, the dragon was not happy about getting hit. Smoke began to stream out of its nostrils. "This is not good," Finn said.

Aerrow turned to Stork. "Let's get out of here," he said. Without another word, Stork quickly maneuvered the condor out of harm's way; just missing the flames that the angry dragon breathed.

Now the dragon was pulling its arm back, ready to hit the condor. Aerrow gritted his teeth as Stork quickly dodged the dragon's attack. Stork stared behind him. The dragon was following closely behind. "Does this thing go any faster?" Piper yelled. Stork hit the steering lever really hard. This time, the condor began to sink. "We lost all power," Stork said. Piper ran to the engine room. "The crystals are completely burned out!" she called out.

"I think the dragon found the perfect hitting opportunity," Junko said.

Radarr shrieked. "WE'RE DOOMED!" cried Stork as the dragon struck the condor with its might claws, sending the condor to crash to the ground.


Moments later, Aerrow got out of the condor, completely unharmed. The dragon hovered over him, ready to burn him to toast. "Look," Aerrow said to the dragon. "I'm sorry."

"We're sorry," Piper apologized.

"I'll make a delicious meal for you," Junko offered.

"Just don't harm the condor!" Stork begged.

Radarr chirped. "That's right!" Finn yelled. "Don't mess with the Storm Hawks!"

"Finn!" the rest of the Storm Hawks yelled. Finn's comment made the dragon really, really, angry. It was just about to toast them when the Storm Hawks heard a girl's voice call out.

"Vera?" the girl called. "Vera?" The dragon suddenly forgot about the Storm Hawks and flew towards the voice. Aerrow motioned the Storm Hawks to follow the dragon.

The dragon had flown to a girl about Aerrow's age. She had lovely hazel eyes and her dark blond hair was tied in a ponytail. The girl reached out and stroked the dragon's neck.

"There you are, Vera," the girl cooed. "What were you doing all this time?" Vera grunted and pointed to the Storm Hawks, who were running towards her. The girl stared at them for a moment. "Who are you?" she asked.

"I'm Aerrow, and this is my squadron, the Storm Hawks," Aerrow said gesturing towards them. They smiled and waved.

"Nice to meet you," the girl said politely. "My name is "

"Aloe!" a voice suddenly rang out from the trees. Suddenly, two girls appeared on either sides of the girl that the Storm Hawks were talking to. One of them drove a heli-scooter and the other drove an air skimmer.

"Don't forget to introduce us, Aloe," the girl on the air skimmer said, playfully swatting her friend.

"Yeah," the girl on the heli-scooter added. "It was hard enough catching up to you and your runaway dragon!" She giggled.

"Well, I didn't even introduce myself yet!" The dark blond girl turned to the Storm Hawks. "I'm Aloe," she said. "And this dragon is Vera. Over there is Skye…" The girl on the heli-scooter waved. She had short black hair that went around her chin.

"And over there is Melodie, Sky Knight of our squadron, the Silver Cats." The girl on the air skimmer waved. Her wavy black hair almost reached her shoulders. "Hello," Melodie said.

"It's great to meet you all," Aerrow said. "But…where exactly are we?"

"Well," Melodie began. "You're on the Elemental's side of the Atmos, and this here is Terra S.A.M."

"If you want, you can stay for the night and we'll give you a tour of Terra S.A.M. tomorrow," Aloe offered. Aerrow glanced hesitantly at the other Storm Hawks. Most of them seemed eager to stay.

Aerrow turned back to Aloe. "We'll stay," he said. "Doesn't hurt to."

Not far away from Terra S.A.M., Cyclonis was now setting up Cyclonian boot camp. The Cyclonians were hard at work making a new building, ready to take over the other side of the Atmos.

Master Cyclonis was silently watching the Cyclonians work when one of the Cyclonians approached her. "Yes?" Master Cyclonis said in a hollow voice. "Master," the Cyclonian said. "Our work is almost complete. "Everything should be up and ready by tomorrow."

"Excellent," Master Cyclonis said. "It's good to know that Cyclonians can work so hard and so fast." She watched as night fell on the other side of the Atmos. "I sure hope it will be easy to take over this side of the Atmos." And with that, Master Cyclonis yawned and left.