Chapter 24: Epilogue

Master Cyclonis let out an exasperated sigh. "This day is just so horrible," she muttered, poking at the fire she had made. The flames danced in the air with a life of their own.

A loud growling noise echoed through the forest. Master Cyclonis put a hand to her stomach. "Great," she sighed. "What is in here in this forest that's good enough to eat?" With that, Cyclonis stood up and began to look around for something edible. As she was searching, though, something caught her attention. Something shiny and red.

It was a crystal poking out of some dirt.

Master Cyclonis slowly picked up the crystal and studied it for a moment. Then, she turned her gaze up to the still-floating Cyclonia. A smile formed on the evil master's lips and she held the crystal high into the air, forgetting about her hunger. "Oh, yeah?" she said out loud. "This isn't over yet."

~The End~

There were some bloopers of this story that we wrote after the story was finished. They will probably be posted up on our website some time soon!