All right, all right, so that one shot is now a two shot...I just honestly couldn't resist these two. Obviously, I'm just having fun with this, none of it is mine.

I woke up feeling more rested than I could ever remember. For a moment I just lay there, eyes closed, adjusting to being sentient of my surroundings. It was quiet, an early Sunday morning so the commotion was yet to begin outside my window. I had put new sheets on my bed and they were clean and of a high thread count, one of my many indulgences, and they felt nice when I realized that it was my sheets and not anything else I felt against my bare skin.

It was when I realized I was naked that I thought about why and then remembered Bella. When I opened my eyes and turned to look at her I felt like an idiot for forgetting she was there. How could I forget about such a beautiful woman? She was asleep now, tangled in my sheets and blankets, face hidden mostly by her mahogany locks, which begged to be touched. I refrained, only looking at her for the moment. She didn't look like the sex goddess I remembered from the night before, but she did look absolutely fucking adorable.

Before she woke up to find me staring at her I got up carefully and found a pair of boxers from my dresser and went into the kitchen. I went on auto pilot, starting the coffee pot and getting the necessary kitchen things out to make her pancakes like I told her I would. I didn't understand what the fuck was going on, but I was trying not to think about it. I never let women stay or, neither did I stay at their places and I certainly didn't make them breakfast. But something had made me want her to stay, and even though I got the feeling Bella was very much like me in most regards, at least when it came to sex, she had wanted to stay.

I mixed pancake batter, trying not to think about how beautiful her body was asleep not far from me, or the things she could do with it or the sounds that came out of her perfect mouth. I was so distracted with pouring batter onto the pan and retrieving my spatula that I didn't hear her soft footfalls until she was already in the kitchen. I didn't turn around, only kept making her breakfast when I realized she was in the room with me, but I smiled like a fucking fool when she stepped up behind me and put her hands on my shoulders, pressing her lips to my back between my shoulder blades.

"Good morning, beautiful," I said, chancing a glance behind me. I almost swore when I saw her. She had bed head to be sure, but the whole disheveled thing looked sexy as hell on her, not to mention she was in nothing but my button up from the night before, with only a single button done right over her ample chest. Her lips curved into a smile as she told me good morning and before I could get into any more trouble I turned back to my stove and kept flipping pancakes.

She moved away from me and I breathed out in both relief and disappointment.

"I was joking about you making me breakfast, you know," she said. I looked back again and she was sitting on the counter opposite me, legs crossed. She looked utterly indecent. I could see the swells of both of her breasts in the way the fabric pulled away from her body with only the single button done, not to mention the inches of skin above the button, her collarbones, her neck. If I dared look at her sensuous mouth or the mile of leg she was showing off I was sure I would burn the pancakes.

I wanted her right then and there.

I flipped the finished pancakes onto a plate, three so far, and set them aside. I took a deep breath.

"I know," I said grabbing the plate, a fork and syrup from the counter and bringing them to her. She licked her lips and I felt every inch of my body quiver. I was suddenly aware that I was very aroused and she was very close to naked. She looked at me for a moment, and the longer she maintained eye contact the more intense it became. Her eyes practically smoldered. I could feel the slow burn building in my stomach as every cell in my body came to life and was screaming her name. She broke our eye contact momentarily to flicker a glance at what I was sure was an already rather impressive erection and she grinned at me.

Fuck it.

I put the plate down on the counter and in the same grabbed the front of my shirt that was hanging delicately across the frame of her body and pulled to me. She parted her knees without needing provocation and I stood between them, her mouth on mine immediately. She tasted just as good as I remembered, like honey and sex, sweet and sour and like fire and ice cream all in one. She took my face in her hands and tilted me chin, moving her mouth to my neck before I had a chance to do the same to her. Her tongue ran from my collar bone to my ear, along the corded line of my neck and I groaned involuntarily.

"I love making you shake like that," she said breathily in my ear.

"Fucking tease," I accused in a somewhat strangled voice. She laughed at me, and let my eyes again.

"You like my teasing," she accused back. I moved hands from her waist around to her ass, pulling her so her very naked and already very wet center was pressed against me. She closed her eyes and shook deliciously, her lips parting. I ground myself against her, needing the friction but loving the way her eyelids fluttered and she gasped.

"Edward," she whispered, like a prayer, like a supplication, like an expletive. Her eyes snapped open and when she met mine there was unmistakable wanting in them. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me closer to her and I growled into her neck, biting gently. She gasped again and her head lolled back again.

I wasn't the only one who liked biting.

"The pocket," she said, between ragged breaths which I enjoyed inspiring pressing into her again, running my tongue over her collarbone, sliding my hands up under my shirt to palm her breasts. She moaned when I took one of her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, but with the other hand I went into the pocket of my shirt. I pulled out a condom and when I looked at her she was grinning at me, the sex goddess back in place.

"Is this your way of telling me you want me to fuck you again," I asked in her ear, nipping playfully at her earlobe. I could almost see her smile as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I continued my ministrations to her neck and then back up to her mouth. I kissed her lips once and then grinned.

"Say please."

Her eyes lit up in what was absolutely the sexiest look I had ever seen in a woman, a kind of raw passion I had thought I knew, but in Bella seemed undiluted. Instead of speaking she reached her hands down and unbuttoned my shirt, letting it fall from her shoulders onto the counter. My mind hazed over for a moment while I stared at what I had to admit was probably the most perfect set of tits I'd ever had the pleasure of staring shamelessly at.

The girl knew how to work with her assets, I would give her that.

With her heels she pushed down my boxers and then we were both, blessedly, completely naked. Her hand immediately wrapped around my cock and I almost lost it when she squeezed lightly. Her hand stroked slowly up and down my length as she looked in my eyes without any sort of embarrassment.

I almost lost it when she licked her lips and with a pleased grin stared right at me and said, "Please."

I unwrapped the condom without a single second's more hesitation. She moved back slightly, enough for me to get my hands between us to roll on the condom. I looked up at her and she was staring, rather fixedly at my package. I closed what little space there was between us and her eyes met mine again with a wicked grin. Her legs spread wider as I put my hands on her hips. She reached down and grabbed me again, giving my almost painfully erection a squeeze before guiding me to her entrance.

There was a part of me that wanted to savor the moment, to take a second to appreciate the thrill of her soft form pressed so fervently against mine, begging me to fuck her.

But of course the coursing testosterone in my body and the dull ache of my hard-on, which reminded me with a very pronounced throbbing that what I wanted was right the fuck in front of me and I wasn't taking it overthrew that plan.

I pushed inside of her and swore. I heard her moan and then I did savor, just for a second, the feeling of her around me. I was lost in her warmth. She wrapped her legs around me again and I started thrusting into her with a steady rhythm.

She felt so unbelievably good, but above the bliss of being inside her was the unending need I had to please her. The way she was panting, her chest heaving as she leaned back on her elbows, displaying her body to me like some kind of offering was fuck all hot, and it made me want her impossibly more, which seemed ridiculous seeing as I was already fucking her. Her eyes were closed in bliss; her mouth open, breathing hard and letting out little moans and mewls of pleasure as her breasts bounced in rhythm with my thrusting. I leaned forward and licked over one of her already pert nipples and she yelped in surprised pleasure. I bit gently at one and then the other as I pressed deeper into her. I felt her moan rather than heard it against her chest and I gripped her hips harder.

She was going to be the death of me, I was sure.

I didn't want this to end so quickly as it had the night before, so I tried to concentrate on her rather than me, tried to be attentive to what was making her moan or gasp or shake in that unbelievably sexy way she did. I wanted to please her almost more than anything else. It had never mattered so much with any of the other girls, not the way it did with her.

I didn't realize I had been thinking of something else other than the moment I was in until I felt her mouth on mine. I closed my eyes for a moment, enjoying the feeling of being so completely inside her and having her mouth meeting mine, her tongue exploring my mouth, the taste of her on my tongue.

"Don't you dare go anywhere," she commanded quietly. There was need in her eyes, the same kind of need I felt snaking through my entire body, currently fucking her or not. That brought me back to the present. "Stop thinking. I just want you, no fancy karma sutra bullshit, just you, right now."

It wasn't exactly the kind of dirty talk I was used to in bed, but there was something about the way she said it and I just couldn't control myself anymore. I wanted all of her and I didn't want to hold back. My mind blanked out and next thing I knew I was picking her up off the counter and she was wrapping herself around me, my hands gripping her ass to keep her steady as I backed her up against the refrigerator. Her moan filled my kitchen as I pressed into her, harder, deeper than before. She scratched her nails down my back and I let out something between a groan and a growl. She squeezed tighter with her thighs around my hips, lowering her mouth to my neck, kissing, licking, biting across my shoulders and chest and I continued to press into her, enjoying the sound of her hips hitting the refrigerator door with each thrust.

Eventually, strong as I was, I got tired holding her up and so I let us slide down, until we were on the floor. We managed to knock over some dishes and the bowl of pancake batter on our way down but I didn't care. I hooked my hands behind her knees and lifted her legs so her ankles were over my shoulders. She practically screamed when I pressed into her again. I could understand the impulse, entering her that way made her feel tighter, and allowed me to go deeper, all the way inside her until I was literally hip to hip with her. Her back arched up off the floor as she let out a string of curse words enough to make a sailor blush. I grinned, enjoying that I was making her make those kinds of sounds. Her eyes flickered open and met mine and she reached for me, pulling my mouth down to hers, kissing me without reservation. She bit my lower lip and then down my jaw, biting harder at my neck and I was the one who started swearing.

I took her hands in mine—realizing after a moment that the sticky liquid on them was syrup that had managed to spill on the floor next to us—and pressed them to the floor above her head, burying my face in her neck. I started to feel the familiar build of a climax coming on. I could tell by the way she was panting and the increase in swearing and moaning and writhing that she was getting close as well. I guided her sticky hands to me again and her nails bit into the skin of my back as she dragged them down and back up.

I thrusted harder into her, the way she was scraping her nails down my back egging me on. She knew what she was doing and it hadn't taken her long to figure out how to get what she wanted from me. All I could hear was her breathing speeding up and her occasional exclamations of 'fuck' or 'oh my God' before she finally cried out my name and shook in orgasm.

Seeing her like that made me more turned on than anything else in the world ever could, and it was only after a few more thrusts that I reached my own climax, my face buried in her neck, her sticky hands around my neck and holding tightly to one of my arms.

I collapsed, utterly spent, on the floor next to her. I felt myself come down, my breathing return to normal, my motor function come back. When I opened my eyes and looked at her she was laying on her back still, the back of one of her hands over her eyes, breathing slowly. I watched her chest rise and fall, appreciating the view while she wasn't looking at me, watching me watch her.

Eventually she opened her eyes and glanced my way, smiling when she was I was already looking at her.

"I'm sticky," she informed me, holding her hands out to me. They were coated in syrup, and so were mine when I looked at them. I had handprints of syrup on my hand and my chest and a few other places as well if the stickiness was any indication. I took one of her hands and pulled to my mouth, taking her ring finger between my lips and sucking and licking it until all the syrup was gone. I repeated the motion with each of her fingers on her left hand, and then her right until her fingers were clean. I would have gladly licked away the rest of the offending syrup on her palms and what I had noticed to be little drops across her neck shoulder and breasts but she stopped me.

"Perhaps a more expedient way of cleaning up would be to take a shower," she suggested with a raised eyebrow.

"Expedient, of course, but that would ruin all my fun," I rejoined. She grinned wickedly.

"What makes you think I would be showering alone?" she inquired, getting up off the floor and heading in the direction of my bathroom, glancing back at me.

I couldn't follow her fast enough.

What could have been a quick shower turned into an hour of us fooling around in the water. We didn't have sex again, even though I would have been more than happy to, but she was ever the little tease, so right when I thought things might actually be heating up she turned the water off and hopped out, grabbing one of the towels I had procured and began drying herself off.

She only had her clothes from the night before so she got dressed in those while I searched around for something suitable to put on. She had convinced me while in the shower to take her to breakfast, and I agreed partially because I didn't trust us anywhere near my kitchen, but mostly because I didn't want to have to say goodbye to her yet. The longer I could keep her around the better. I told her I would be ready to go as soon as I found my wallet and she went out into the other room while I scoured my bedroom. I finally found it in the pocket of the jeans I had worn from the night before and exited my bedroom jacket in hand ready to take her to the diner down the street. I couldn't find her for a moment until I went into the kitchen and found her on her hands and knees on the floor.

The dishes we had knocked over were in the sink, the pancake batter was wiped up from the counter and floor and she was scrubbing with a wet paper towel what I could only assume to be the remnants of the syrup from the floor near the refrigerator. The fact that she had cleaned up my kitchen was a strangely touching gesture, and way her scrubbing made her ass and hips bounce was not altogether unpleasant either.

I whistled cartoonishly at her and she turned around with a smile, getting up off the floor and throwing away the paper towel.

"Now that is a view I am particularly fond of," I told her as she crossed the room to me.

"Me scrubbing your floor?" she asked with raised eyebrows.

"Your ass," I corrected. She laughed and slapped me playfully on the arm. I grabbed her wrist before she backed away from me completely and brought her to me, body flush to mine, firmly planting my hands on the asset I had so recently appreciated.

"Now now, Edward, I'm hungry and you're keeping me from my breakfast," she chided. I grinned at her and she scowled for a moment before going up on her toes and pressed her mouth to mine.

After her mouth left mine I released her and we made our way out the door. I told her there was a good little diner down the street that served a killer breakfast. She only nodded and followed me down the street. Within two minutes we were at Aro's Diner. Heidi, my favorite waitress sat us down with a smile and a wink in my direction. I looked at Bella and she was glaring after the petite blond woman.

"You have a problem with our waitress?" I asked. She looked at me innocently.

"Only that I want to tell her if she eye fucks you like that again I'll be sure to give her the details because we just did exactly what she wants to do with you," she replied casually.

"She wants to fuck me?" I asked, as if I didn't know. Heidi flirted with me every weekend when I came in here for my traditional Sunday brunch. She seemed slightly displeased that I brought someone with me this time, but said nothing. Her characteristic non verbal flirtations were just as evident even if she didn't say anything to me out loud.

Bella laughed. "Oh shut the fuck up, Edward, you know damn well she wants you. I bet you've thought about bending her over one of these tables," she admonished, her voice dipping down quietly. It was true, Heidi was cute as fuck and it had crossed my mind once or twice that if I asked her she wouldn't think twice about coming home with me. But as soon as Bella said something about being bent over the table, my mind went straight to how great her perfect ass would look bent over anything.

"Don't go giving me idea of other things I want to do to you or I'm going to drag you off to the bathroom," I warned her. She piqued an eyebrow at me and smiled.

"I don't think the other patrons would appreciate hearing that kind of thing coming from the restroom," she answered.

"Fuck the other patrons," I said, my voice almost like a growl. She brought out the worst in me; I couldn't help myself.

Before she had a chance to come up with what I was sure was a witty and filthy response Heidi returned to take our order. I got a short stack of pancakes with a side of bacon. Bella ordered a Greek omelet and a side of rye toast. As soon as Heidi left Bella met my eyes again and there was that tantalizing sparkle of mischief in them.

"I'm glad to see you lived up to your reputation, Edward Cullen," she said, taking a sip of the ice water Heidi had brought her.

I could only imagine the things Alice had told her about me. But I couldn't resist hearing about it.

"Oh? And what reputation is that?" I inquired.

"Oh, you know, the usual, sleeps with women indiscriminately, completely insatiable, jumps from girl to girl without an ounce of conscience about hurting someone's feelings, probably has some deep seated commitment issues that branched off of a traumatic romantic experience somewhere that renders him incapable of real intimacy," she said. The last part stung a little, and I was surprised Alice would have said such a thing.

"Alice said all that?"

"I added that last bit," she admitted. I looked at her questioningly.

"You think I'm incapable of real intimacy because I had a bad experience?" I asked.

She looked at me for a long minute.

"Maybe not incapable, terrified, I think, wary, undoubtedly. Not incapable, perhaps just unwilling," she mused, stirring the ice cubes in her water before fishing one out and crunching down on it. "I'm not judging, believe me. You could say all the same things about me."

"Could you? That's very honest to someone you just met," I said, still not sure how to deal with the sudden shift in dynamic. She was dramatically different one moment to the next, and most moments she was flirtatious and a vixen through and through. But this moment was like the one last night when I realized I wanted to hold her, not just sleep next to her. It didn't make any sense, and it made me a little uncomfortable.

"I'm a very self aware person, Edward. Maybe you aren't used to hearing that kind of honesty about other people, or having it said about you, but I don't play games, I don't spout bullshit. If this makes you uncomfortable I can go back to Alice's."

At that moment Heidi chose to come over and put our plates down in front of us. Any other moment it would have all looked delicious, now I could only think how much I didn't want to have to eat alone.

"Its fine," I said once Heidi left, "I just don't usually have people call me on my shit like that."

"Understandable," she replied enigmatically, cutting into her omelet. She didn't say much for another few minutes and I took that as my cue to leave her alone for a bit, so I started eating. Of course, I should have realized that cutting up pancakes and pouring syrup on them were only going to make me think of fucking her in my kitchen. I tried to stifle the memory of her on my kitchen floor, screaming my name, but it was difficult. I looked up at her and she smiled at me. I ate a bite of pancake and she laughed a little and pointed to her own chin. When I kept chewing and quirked an eyebrow at her she just rolled her eyes, leaned over the table and kissed right below my bottom lip, flicking out her tongue over my skin, then kissing my lips briefly.

"Syrup," she said with a smile.

"We're having a difficult morning in that regard," I pointed out. She only nodded.

"So did Alice tell you other awful things about me?" I asked.

"Nothing too awful; she told me you were brilliant, that you were tenacious as hell, funny, a good man when it came down to the wire if you could keep in your pants long enough to think things through. I agree with those assessments. But she talked about all of you. Rosalie the down to earth centerfold model look alike, Jasper the southern gentleman turned New England snob and financial mastermind; I knew Emmett already, so the only other one, the one that really interested me was you, the brilliant womanizer."

"I should put that on a business card," I mused. She laughed and continued eating.

"She told us practically nothing about you, you realize. I had no idea that you were going to be so…" I couldn't find the right word to describe her.

"Aggressive?" she asked.

"Close enough; she told me you wouldn't be coming around begging me to fuck you," I told her, recalling really the only detail about her personality Alice had mentioned. MIT engineering grad I remembered, which meant she was fucking brilliant, but other than that I knew practically nothing until I choked on my beer meeting her.

"She was right about that," Bella pointed out.

"I seem to remember you begging this morning," I countered quietly. Her eyes blazed and her skin lit in the most beautiful crimson blush.

"Please Edward, let's not kid ourselves," she replied, "I could have commanded you and the result would have been the same."

I opened my mouth to argue, but she was right. I wanted her so badly, pretty much from the first second I met her, but more so at that particular moment in the kitchen, and I wouldn't have stood a chance under any kind of encouragement. She grinned impishly when she saw I wasn't going to argue. We finished the rest of our meal without incident and I paid for our breakfast. As we were leaving I got the feeling that now was the time she was going to have to leave. I didn't understand why I didn't like the idea, it was more than just wanting to fuck her again, although admittedly I would have been happy to do just that.

"I should get back to Alice, I already fielded several worried texts from her this morning, let alone what she'll do if I don't show up by the afternoon," she said. I knew what she meant; Alice could be extreme when she wanted to be.

"There would probably be a search term on their way to my apartment to make sure that I hadn't killed you and stowed your body somewhere," I answered. She laughed and nodded, knowing I was probably right.

"Are we going to that awkward thing where we exchange numbers now, or are you not interested?" she inquired. Most women wouldn't have been so forward, but I'd be damned if I didn't like her forthrightness.

"Give me your phone," I said, taking mine out of my pocket and handing it to her. When we had put our numbers into each others phones they were passed back and there was another moment of awkwardness.

"Would it be too cliché if I said I'll see you around?" she asked.

"A little, but sometimes the occasion calls for a cliché," I told her. She nodded and then stepped forward, wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her lips against mine. I relaxed into the kiss and enjoyed the slowness of the pace. There was still need behind it, I wasn't sure I would ever quite be able to quell that, but this more relaxed kind of kiss was nice, a different kind of intense than I was used to.

Bella broke the kiss to linger in my arms for an extra moment, hugging me lightly before turning around and walking away. She didn't look back, which was okay because I didn't really want her to see me watching her go.

As soon as she had rounded a corner I turned and went to walk home. When I got home I hung up my jacket and went to get my phone out of my pocket, but felt something strange along with the phone inside it. I pulled out a scrap of red lace.

Bella had put her panties in my jacket pocket when she hugged me goodbye.