So this is my first Pokemon fanfiction. I was insanely bored, and while playing my own Pokemon games, I've always thought of alternate storylines and characters. With this I plan to play out the alternate storylines I've thought up, with my own characters.

Since I'll be using my own characters, Ash and his friends won't make any appearances. However, all of Sinnoh's gym leaders and some canon characters are there. I'm still working on an actual plot, though I have the characters and their teams already planned out.

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Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership to the Pokemon franchise. None of the creatures are mine. The only things original are my main characters (Jade and her future friends and rivals).

Chapter One: I Choose You…!

Jade stood on the shores of Sandgem Town, staring out at the ocean she had come in on. Her and her family had just moved from Pallet Town in the Kanto region to the Sinnoh region. On her fourteenth birthday, her mother had finally agreed to let her start her Pokémon journey, though it was four years later than when normal trainers started. However, her father, an assistant to Professor Oak, had decided to go help the professor in Sandgem Town named Professor Rowan.

At first, Jade was uncomfortable with the idea of being in a different region than her parents. Though she would have her Pokémon, she would most likely have no human friends or relatives to talk with. Professor Oak, learning of her troubles, told her of the Pokémon in the Sinnoh region, and the challenge she would have if she went on her journey in an unknown region. She knew of all the Kanto region's gym leaders, which, Oak said, took away, some of the thrill of going for gym badges.

"You think about it," Oak had told her, "and let me know what you decide. If you decide to stay in Kanto, I have three Pokémon that would be happy to have you as their trainer." He motioned to the Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur that were busy eating from the bowls of Pokémon food. Each Jade knew well because of her father's career in Oak's lab. "Just be sure to choose from your heart; you'll be stuck with your choice once you've made your decision."

Jade had thought long and hard about where she would begin her Pokémon journey. Professor Oak gave her travel guides to both regions, while her father pestered her into coming with them to the Sinnoh region.

"C'mon, Jade, wouldn't it be better to start in the Sinnoh region?" he had asked, her mother nodding in the background. "If anything happens, we'll be closer."

"And you can come home and visit anytime!" her mother added. "Wouldn't it also be nice not to make your mother worry as much? I would be much more at ease knowing you were in the Sinnoh region, compared to being all the way in Kanto."

"I'll think about it," was all Jade would promise.

In the end, she had decided to go with her parents. Sinnoh was a new land, a new place for her to explore. Professor Oak was right: she knew the gym leaders in Kanto, and knew their Pokémon. Though battling them could still be challenging, she knew what to expect. In Sinnoh, she didn't know who the gym leaders were. The guides only mentioned their names and what they specialized in. They didn't say what Pokémon they had or how they battled. That added new excitement to the idea.

There was also the promise of new Pokémon. Since she was ten, and denied permission to begin her journey thanks to an overly protective mother, she had studied every Pokémon in Kanto. Though that gave her knowledge of the Pokémon that she would need on the field, where was the challenge in working with new Pokémon? I'll master the Pokémon here through experience in battle, not by books! The idea was much more fulfilling to her. After all, hadn't some of the greatest trainers started their journeys without going to a trainer school? If they started with little experience, so could she!

On her wrist, her PokéTech began to beep. Pulling back the blue sleeve of her jacket, Jade looked at the time. It was almost noon, the time when she had told Professor Rowan – he father's new boss – she would come by the laboratory to choose her first Pokémon.

Professor Rowan was like Professor Oak in that he issued trainers their first Pokémon and Pokédexes. He was different, however, in what he specialized. It was what he studied that brought her father over from Kanto. Professor Rowan studied the evolution of Pokémon, an area of interest for Jade's father that he didn't get to delve into as much seeing as Professor Oak studied the relationship between people and Pokémon. She had only met the man once so far, when her father introduced her to him the day they arrived. It was then that she promised to come by and get her Pokémon.

Jade's stomach was fluttering with Butterfree, but still she grinned. She was going to finally, finally, start her own Pokémon journey! Pointing out at the sea, she cried, "Just you wait, Kanto! After I become a Pokémon Master here, I'll become the Champion of Kanto!" She was unsure if she was pointing in the right direction to Kanto or not, but she held onto her words. One day she'd make them true, and return to Kanto to become its Champion. (Though becoming the Champion of Sinnoh didn't sound all that bad, either.)

Walking back from the shore, Jade saw her mother standing in front of their house. Her mother shared Jade's blonde hair, but her green eyes came from her father; her mother had eyes as blue as the ocean. Seeing Jade, her mother ran to her and threw her arms around her neck, making Jade stumble back a few steps. Her mother's arms were tight around her neck, making Jade struggle in her grip.

"M–mom!" she panted. "T–to ti–ght!

Sniffing her mom pushed back, looking her in the eyes with her own watery ones. Jade sighed. Here we go, she thought.

"You don't have to go…you know that…right?" her mother asked. "What's another year? The older you are, the older you'll be able to take care of yourself."

"No, Mom." Jade shook her head. "It's time for me to start my journey. Go out on my own, ya know?"

"Yes…and no. Are you sure you're ready?" Her mother looked at her, face concerned.

"I'm sure." Jade hugged her mother. "Time to let go, Mom. I'll visit when I can, honest."

"I know you will." Her mother stepped back. "Are you going to leave right after you get your Pokémon?"

"No, I'm going to come home first," Jade said. Seeing her mother's face light up, she added, "Only for a little while, though. I'm going to have to pack a bag and what not, then I'll go."

"Oh, okay…"

Avoiding her mother's eyes, Jade walked around her, looking at her the watch on her PokéTech. It was a few minutes past noon, but the laboratory wasn't too far away from her house. Waving, she began to run in the direction of the laboratory.

"I'll be back in a bit, and introduce to you my new Pokémon!" she yelled. She glanced over her shoulder to see her mother watching her run off from the front of their house.

Stopping in front of the doors to Professor Rowan's laboratory, Jade momentarily stopped to catch her breath. Once she stepped through those doors, her life would change forever. The Butterfree had returned to her stomach, but she could barely hide her excitement. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door, and jumped back, finding her father staring at her from the doorway.

"Where've you been?!" he demanded. "You're five minutes late! Five!" Jade opened her mouth to reply, but he sighed, exasperated, and grabbed her wrist. "Oh, come one, what are you waiting for?!"

Jade stumbled inside the laboratory after her father, confused. "I didn't know being five minutes late was a big deal?" she said, nervously. "I was held up by Mom."

Looking around, Jade saw that the laboratory as a large building, with a second floor balcony that looked over the big room they stood in. There was a large computer screen mounted on the wall, above a long strip of devices that looked similar to computers. There were bookcases filled with books along the walls, and long tables placed randomly among the room.

One thing that caught her eye was circular machine with a glass dome. She recognized it from Professor Oak's laboratory. Could that be where…?

"Oh." That seemed to be enough for her father. Looking up at the second floor, he shouted, "Professor! Jade's here!"

"Why are you yelling?" Both Jade and her father jumped and turned to see Professor Rowan standing behind them. "Jade, welcome, though you are a few minutes late. That doesn't matter, though." Motioning for her and her father to follow him, Rowan moved to the circular machine.

Jade followed Professor Rowan to the machine, feeling as if her body was hotwired and vibrating from the inside out. This was it. She was moments away from choosing her first Pokémon.

"I know you are familiar with the Kanto region's starting Pokémon: Squirtle, the Water type; Charmander, the Fire type; and Bulbasaur, the Grass type." Rowan pushed a button on the machine, causing the glass dome to open, allowing access to the three PokéBalls. "These types are basic for every region." He picked up one of the PokéBalls, turning to Jade. "And so, I present to you, the Sinnoh region starter Pokémon."

There was a flash of bright white light that came from the PokéBall in the Professor's hands. The light faded, revealing a small, blue penguin Pokémon. "First, is the Water Pokémon, Piplup."

The Piplup looked up at Jade and they stared at each other for a moment. Smiling, Jade raised a hand to wave, but the Piplup turned its head away, closing its eyes. Frowning, she lowered her hand and put it in her jeans pocket.

Pretending to ignore Piplup's reaction to Jade, Professor Rowan picked up another PokéBall. "Next, the Fire Pokémon, Chimchar."

Another flash of light, fading to show a small, monkey-like Pokémon. When the light was gone, the Chimchar, jumped into the air, its fire tail bursting into life on its backside. Seeing Piplup, the Chimchar went to greet it, only to be waved off by one of the Water Pokémon's wings. Jade giggled, drawing the Chimchar's attention. It was at her leg immediately, pulling on her jeans. Kneeling, she petted its head, to be thanked by a peeping of, "Chim!"

"Finally," Jade looked up to see Professor Rowan holding the final PokéBall, "the Grass Pokémon, Turtwig." The last flash of light, revealing a sleeping Pokémon that resembled a tortoise with a seedling on its head.

The Chimchar moved from Jade's leg to poke Turtwig's head. The sleeping Pokémon only turned its head away and continued to sleep.

"Now, from these Pokémon, you may choose one to be your partner in your Pokémon journey. Choose wisely," Rowan advised, "because this is the Pokémon that will stay with you throughout your journey. There are no trade-backs once you have chosen."

Jade nodded, looking carefully at each Pokémon. Immediately her mind thought of what would be the wisest Pokémon for her journey. A Water type is strong against Rock, Steel, Fire, and Ground… Her mind was reeling. A Fire type is strong against Ice, Grass, Bug, and Steel. A Grass type is strong against Ground, Rock, and Water. Which is the best?

Chimchar poked Turtwig again, this time getting its finger in the Grass type's eye. Growling, it turned and bit the Fire type's hand. It held on until Chimchar began to cry. Still crying, it ran to Jade, who was still kneeling in front of the Pokémon, and buried its face in her jacket.

Looking down, shocked, Jade placed a soothing hand on the Fire Pokémon's head. While she stroked its head, whispering soft words, the Pokémon stopped crying. After its tears ended, Chimchar hugged her. It was that moment that Jade realized: it doesn't matter what type is best. Standing, she picked up the Fire Pokémon and cradled it in her arms. What matters is what you feel.

While the Fire Pokémon played with her jacket, she looked up at Professor Rowan and her father, who both were watching her, and smiled. "I want Chimchar," she declared.