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No, don't call me that.

"Sasuke, do you know where my brother is?"

Stop it. I hate it when you call me that. What happened?


No. Can't you see? How much I hate that name coming from your lips. I hate is so much.




Yes. That's it. That's the name I need to hear. The one you always called me by. The one that shows that you love me. The one you used when I was the only person in your thoughts. That's it, nothing else works. Don't call me by that other name. YOU can't call me that. I need this one. Not the one that others call me by, only this one can adore your moist lips. I love it. It's an addiction. Can you see it? The addiction I have? The addiction I call-


"Come on Sasuke-teme! Hurry up." my obnoxious friend called to me from ahead as we walked down the streets toward his home.

"Hn." I replied back, making a scowl appear across his features. He made an upset 'humph' and continued to speed walk down the sidewalk. His blonde hair was blowing freely in the wind. That annoyingly bright blonde hair. Gosh everything about this kid was annoying. Why was he my best friend again?

"Come on! You have to hurry up! Imouto will be home from school soon and you have got to meet her! She's so cute!"

I snorted.

I had to think otherwise if she was blood related to this idiot. I could already imagine her. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and the most annoying voice that ever existed. Not to mention the moment she saw me, she would end up fawning over my ever move like every other girl that I had ever known. They were all so annoying.

I wasn't looking forward to meet this Uzamaki, but what else could I do. This dobe was my best friend and he insisted that I come along to meet his little sister and the rest of his family. I already knew his mother, but his dad and the little sister he wouldn't shut up about I had yet to meet.

"Come on Sasuke-teme where here!"

A large, but not overly huge house appeared and Naruto quickly rushed towards it and pulled the door open, rushing inside and called a greeting. I walked slowly behind him dreading meeting his sister.

"Imouto!" He called toward the stairway. I turned around to face the door and remove my shoes as I heard someone hurry down the stairs. I didn't fail to notice how gracefully light the sound was.

I turned around just as I heard the noise stop.

My eyes widened when they made contact with the most extraordinary thing ever.

Pink hair.

And I thought the blonde hair was annoying? Oh wow.

The girl was small for her age (Naruto said she was three years younger than us; six that meant) and she clung to the side of her brother's arm as she observed me. I looked back at her.

The pink hair was short to her shoulders and she had bangs that went almost down all the way to her eyes. The haircut screamed insecure. Her eyes glanced nervously at her brother and then dashed back to me. Then I noticed her eyes. They were one of the brightest emerald greens I had ever seen. The color was innocent and beautiful and it made me notice that the small girl in front of me was undeniably cute.

I fought down a small blush that tried to work its way up my cheeks.

She clung tighter to her brother's arm.

"Nii-san? Who is this?" she called in a tenderly light voice. I was surprised she didn't stutter the question out like that one girl in our class always did. What was her name again? Oh that's right, Hinata.

"Sakura, this is Sasuke. The guy I told you about!" He smiled down at her and pointed rudely at me. Gosh was this guy a complete idiot or what? I was obviously who she was talking about.

My jabbing thoughts were interrupted when I watched her eyes turn back to me. Then they narrowed. As my Best Friend's Imouto glared at me, I was again reminded of the cute aspect she possessed that made me want to know a lot more about the tiny girl.

"Nii-san, want to watch a movie with me?" She asked as she turned her attention back on Naruto. I watched a hopeful smile appear on her ivory face.

Naruto put his hand on her head and ruffled her hair. She made a small pouty face as she tried to remove his hand from her hair.

"Sorry Imouto. Me and Sasuke are gonna hang out. Maybe another time." He chuckled as he removed his hand from atop her pink locks.

I watched as she turned her head back toward me and glared harder than before. Then her face took on a slightly dejected look as she made an adorable pouting face.

"Ok.." She turned to start heading back up the stairs.

For some reason I wasn't ready for her to leave yet.

"Dobe, she can hang out with us too." I said before I even realized what I had said.

She turned back around and looked at me with a slightly puzzled face, before it lit up with an oversized smile that in a way reminded me of Naruto's grin. Except that this smile was cute and made her take on a child-like, dreamy quality.

With my expert observant skills, I knew then that the girl was jealous of me taking up her brother's time, but seeing how I invited her along she seemed generally happy.

"Thank you Sasuke-kun."

I don't think she noticed how that little suffix made some part of me feel warm. I couldn't describe the feeling but it made me feel generally happy.

A lot of girls used that suffix on me and I found it nothing but annoying and stupid. The way they swarmed around me was some of the things that made me so angry. It's not like they knew anything about me.

But when this one little girl used the suffix, I only wanted to hear it again. And again. And again. And again. And again—

I watched her sitting across from me. She was looking down nervously at her food, but did nothing to touch it. She shifted often in her chair and I knew that she was uncomfortable. Only her parents were engaging in conversation.

Even Naruto was eating in silence, which for my Best Friend was the weirdest thing I have ever seen happen. Even at the age of twenty one he still acted Not that I cared much. No my attention was entirely focused on her.

My eyes never strayed from her. I ate my dinner that although Kushina had made sure as incredibly delicious for me and Naruto's return from college didn't satisfy my desire at all. No, only the pink haired girl that sat guiltily across from me could do that. My body heated up just thinking about her.

Yet I knew just looking at how she was unable to eat from her nervousness that what I had witnessed just earlier today was true.

And it made my entire being boil in anger.

I forced myself to look down at my plate and chewed on some of the food, despite not tasting anything but the metallic tint my tongue always took on when I was insanely pissed.

"Something up Sakura?" Naruto asked suddenly. I lifted my head from where my plate was to look at her from across the table. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Naruto was pointing at his sister's plate, indicating how it was still untouched.

"No, no I'm fine Naruto!" she muttered out.

Naruto looked at her for another moment before accepting he reply and digging back into his food. I didn't remove my eyes from her though. She must have noticed my stare because after a few more moments of our eyes clashing she awkwardly turned her head toward her untouched plate. She picked up a fork and started munching on them as a very tiny blush turned up on her cheeks.

Damn. She slipped them into her mouth and I caught a view of her tongue slipping over the fork before her mouth sealed over the utensil. God, I could picture her hot little mouth incasing my manhood that way. But then my own cock was replaced with someone else's as I again remembered what I had stumbled upon earlier this day.

I gripped the ends of the table with my fist to the point I was afraid I would make imprints of my fingers in the wood. I wanted to growl out across at her, scream at her for daring to touch anyone other than me, but I stayed quiet knowing that such an outburst would get her in trouble…

I smirked as an idea popped up in my head.

An idea that would insure her inability to touch another or to see that boy ever again. I would make it so that she could never touch anyone again. I had to return to college in just a few days and I would die before ever letting her touch that man, no that weak little boy ever again.

I watched her flip a piece of her chest-long, pink hair behind her shoulder, a habit that I knew she did when she was nervous since after all I had known her for almost twelve years. Now almost at the age of eighteen, a legal adult, she was more beautiful than I had ever known. I could picture her underneath me, that gorgeous silky pink hair, tumbling over her breasts as she moaned out my name. Her eyes only on me as I made her scream in agonizing pleasure. My cock twitched in my shorts and I forced myself to change thoughts so that I did not get a hard on at the dinner table.

'Focus Sasuke.'

"Sakura?" I spoke with growing smugness knowing that this would work perfectly, though I doubted that anyone else could hear the emotion in my voice.

She lifted her head up and I was once again met with those innocent eyes. I glowered for a second realizing that they were not so innocent anymore. She was chewing some of her food, so instead of giving a direct reply she nervously nodded her head to show that I had her attention.

I stayed quiet for a minute waiting to make sure that her parents were listening after all if they weren't this was basically pointless. I didn't have to look to tell Naruto was listening, after all anything concerning his little sister was worth listening in on. When her parent's stopped their conversation I knew that they were listening now.

Despite her asking me not to mention anything I knew deep down she was fearful and she had every right to be.

"Did that guy make it safely home from your house? I mean I hope he doesn't get sick or anything seeing how he was walking around the house half naked. Actually I pretty surprised you're not sick considering how you were dressed."

Her fork fell from her tiny, dainty hands. Her mouth dropped and her eye widen in disbelief. I kept my face blank though I wanted to smirk at her. She made a chocking noise for a split second before she went dead quiet.

I heard a weird gasping noise from Naruto's direction. Then a booming voice from where her parents were seated.


After our first meeting I found myself spending a lot more time with Uzamaki Sakura. I learned many things about her and soon whenever I came over to my second home, she would always be waiting on the stairs.

Then she gleefully jumped up and called me with that name I adored.

"Sasuke-kun, Nii-san!" I don't know why, but me being the name she always called first, even before her brother gave me a sense of pride.

I never failed to notice that look of adoration in her eyes directed solely at me. She became happier the more time I spent at their home.

I learned from Naruto that Sakura was picked on frequently by other children her age. And that fact made her insecure and unable to befriend others, so she spent most of the time at home playing with her older brother. A reason as to why she was so inclined to meeting me the first time.

When Naruto said I was probably her first friend, something about it just clicked in my head. Something that was saying that I should, no—need to be her first. That I need to be her friend. And I listened to the voice directly.

I could tell the difference in that small girl right away. She changed from that shy girl that clutched to her older brother's arm for defense to someone who would laugh. She even stopped clinging to her brother like a lifeline after a month or so of befriending me. For some reason that made me happiest. I always found that habit of hers annoying.

I learned so many different things about her. Some that reminded me of her older brother, but most that made her an individual. Sometimes I found it hard to believe that they were siblings. Except when it came to ramen, the way the two siblings all but shoved the stuff down the throats constantly reminded me of that fact. Seriously never get in between two Uzamaki and a bowl of ramen…I know from experience.

Yet I could still tell that she was secluded from the rest of the children her age. I noticed that she kept her hair in that same style I first saw her with. She kept her bangs long and made sure they hung over her forehead. I also learned from Naruto that her forehead was usually the source of teasing.

Did she know that keeping her bangs like that made her more of a target?

That was around the time I came head to head with the person that were hurting her. I was walking home from school—one of the rare days that I didn't go over to my best friend's house after school. It's not that I didn't like my family, but my parents spent a lot of time away from home and my older brother though nice was exactly my favorite company. But that day my parents were back from a business trip and wished that I attend a very, very rare family dinner.

So as I headed back to my house I happened to walk by a park and noticed a small blob of pink in one of the fields. When I actually turned and paid attention I also happened to notice that the little pink spot was surrounded by a bunch of little girls Sakura's age.

Out of curiosity—completely not related to the strange urge to see the cute pink headed girl—I walked to a spot I could hear the conversation.


I noticed that Sakura was seated in the center with her head in her knees, obviously trying to ignore the group of girls surrounding her.

"Geez Sakura, there's no doubt in my mind that you by far have the biggest forehead in the universe!" Another one of the girls commented, resulting in the others letting forth a fit of giggles. Sakura didn't respond.

"Billboard-brow! Aren't you embarrassed about having such a HUGE forehead! I'm really happy that I'm not you, I really might die of embarrassment then." Some of the girls laughed even louder at that point. I was seriously about to step out and stop their continuously taunting antics but hesitated when the girls suddenly stopped laughing and looked down at Sakura, who still had her head between her legs.

"What was that Billboard-brow?" The same girl who was I supposed the leader asked.

Sakura slowly lifted her head up and stared the girl straight in the eyes. Her eyes narrowed into a glare that I recognized as my own and then smirked up at the females. Obviously she had picked up on a few of my traits that I often showed to Naruto.

"Well, I would rather have an oversized forehead then lack a brain." Sakura sneered the words out and when the leader did not comment she stood up still smirking as she whipped a little bit of dirt off her pants and proceeded to push one of the girls to the side as to clear a path for her to walk by.

"See you can't even make an adequate comeback. I bet you had all those little taunts planned out before hand. Am I right?" She continued to walk away, smirking all the ways and disappeared from sight.

I laughed.

I actually laughed out loud.

Something that even my best friend was rarely able to make happen. The expression on those girls faces when Sakura told them off was hilarious. I highly doubted those girls even knew what the word adequate meant. Sakura was one of the smartest first graders I have ever met in my life. She probably was even smarter than I was when I was her age.

When the girls started to pass on from the shock, they were not pleased at all with being outsmarted by the little pink nymph.

"That, That! Wait till we see her tomorrow at school! She will never—"

"You're not doing anything to her." The first grader's snapped their heads toward my hiding place as I stepped out into their view.

To my surprise every single one of their faces all lit up with deep red blush.

"S-Sasuke-kun!" A few of them managed to stutter out.

Oh that was great! I was even popular with a bunch of little first graders. I had to wonder where they even learned about me from. We went to different schools and had three years age difference yet they still knew who I was.

I stopped walking when I was little over five feet from them. My hands were shoved in my pockets and I stood still with slightly narrowed eyes as I watched them gap at me with wide mouths.

"S-S-Sasuke-kun, what are you doing here?" The leader asked.

Did I ever mention how much I hated anyone other than Sakura using that suffix? Maybe I could tolerate it with people I knew, but with these people who I had no idea where used it, it seriously made me get angry. This just fueled my already angry attitude at these girls.

"You're going to leave her alone."

"N-nani?" Again with the stuttering. Sakura never stuttered when she talked to me and yet she was so shy.

"I said you are going to leave her alone." With that I turned around and started to head out of the park and continue on to my parent's home.

"W-wait Sasuke-kun!!"

I paused but did not turn around.

"What is billboar—Sakura toward you?"

That was something I hadn't thought about. What was Sakura toward me? Honestly this was a question I had never asked myself before. So the answer was something I had not obtained. But I knew the girl wanted and answer, so I said the first thing that came to my mind.

"She's my best friend's imouto."

And yet that answer seemed like a lie.

When Naruto and I had been seated on the coach in the living room while Sakura had been dragged into the kitchen by her father, I felt momentary regret. I knew that her father was supper protective over her and I knew that I was basically feeding her to the lions, but just the thought of letting her go wild her Senior year of high school drove me wild.

The thought of those weak, insolent teenage boys seeking her affection drove me to the edge. Sakura didn't need a boy. She needed a man, she needed me. And I would go through hell and back before I even could picture the idea of her dating another. Someone who was not me.

Someone who was not me.


Only me.

Mine. But yet she wasn't mine and that's exactly why she couldn't be allowed freedom while I was not there. Since freedom meant that…

Someone like that red-headed freak could take her for their own. Yet, he already had. Damn it! My hands fisted at my side as I tried to calm myself down. Naruto was looking back toward the kitchen, and the worried look showed his concern over his little sister.

Who wasn't little anymore.

Could he not see that? I did. Everything about Uzamaki Sakura was grown up.

Her voice. Sexy

Her attitude. Feisty

Her body.Delicious

Her heart.

The same heart that no longer belonged to me.

FUCK! That heart that she tried giving to me so many years back. The same fucking heart that contained the love for me that I threw right back in her face.


I knew that Naruto was probably watching me, but I was a pro at keeping my face emotionless, when in reality I was withering in anger. Yet for someone like Naruto, who had been my best friend for twelve years, might be able to read past that façade of lies. I wouldn't doubt that he knew I had been lusting after his little sister for the past two years. Though I couldn't really be sure.

"YOU HAD A BOY OVER AT THE HOUSE!" My thoughts were interrupted by Minato Uzamaki's booming voice. He was all but screaming in rage.

It pissed me off a little that he would dare to even think of screaming at Sakura that way. My Sakura. Oh, but then she wasn't mine and that was the reason this had to be done.


I heard Sakura's quiet pleading voice, though I wasn't able to pick out any of words she was saying.



I knew at this rate she might very well be grounded for the rest of her Senior year. Good, she couldn't be around boys that might interest her. I hated the thought of that occurring.


My body froze. Naruto turned from facing me to stare at the door his mouth hanging open.

How FUCKING dare he.

How fucking dare that bastard call her a slut!

Did he even know his daughter at all? Sure I needed him to ground her and protect her until I was able to return from college, but daring calling my Sakura a whore.

I wanted to punch him in the face at that moment. I almost made the motion to stand up and fucking call the jackass out for saying something like that to my cherry blossom, but suddenly a teary eyed Sakura burst into the room.


Crying because of me.

No that was wrong.

She was crying because now she couldn't be able to see that boy again. She knew full well, that her father was going to punish her. Forbid her from seeing that mere, teenage boy again.

She continued running as I watched her pass us both, booking it toward the door. Naruto called after her. She didn't stop, but instead nearly ripped the door off its hinges as she threw it open and ran outside toward her car.

Naruto stood up and ran after her.

I followed at a cooler tempo. When I saw her in her car, tears in her eyes trying to drive away from the scene, I couldn't help but smirk at her.

Because Uzamaki Sakura would soon be mine.

I heard her call me like always.


I didn't acknowledge her presence, but I rarely ever did for anyone. I heard her feet come up from behind me, but I stayed focused on the small creature at the base of my feet. I heard her skid across the sidewalk in her sneakers as she stopped just a little bit behind me. I saw he shadow try to lean over me, wanting to see what was the thing keeping my interest.

The small, green snake coiled up just in front of my feet stayed completely still, not moving as it's yellow eyes looked back at my own. Its pink tongue came out from its mouth, scenting the air around it.

I heard her shriek a moment later.

'I should have figured she would freak out from a snake. After all she is a girl.'

"S-Sasuke-kun…" She stuttered out from behind me.

That was surprising, she rarely ever stuttered around me. So that meant she was truly afraid of the reptile. The way she nervously said my name with that suffix made my heart thud in my chest. I almost turned around to look at her, but the snake's movements interrupted me.

I had to move my leg to allow it passageway as it slithered by.

I turned around to watch it part and was just in time to see Sakura let out a scream and jump out of the snake's way. She landed hard on the ground and the thud, actually made me flinch a little. I was afraid she had hurt herself, so I walked up until I was right at her feet.

She made a soft sniffling noise as she continued to have her face on the ground.

I knew then that she was fine.

Silly girl.

"Why are you so afraid of them?" I asked.

She didn't speak for a few moments and I was about to comment her annoying behavior when she responded with the shake of her head. I knew her well enough to know that she didn't want to tell me the details of the situation, but it didn't quench my curiosity.

"Come on Sakura." I persisted.


I snorted. Of course it was the dobe. Who else would cause a seemingly fearless girl to gain the fear of a tiny little cold-blooded snake?

"Should have figured." I then reached toward her upper arm, taking a hold of it with my hand. I was surprised at the feeling that it gave me to touch her like that. Even when it was the simple gesture of helping her up.

When she didn't respond I gently pulled, until she started to stand. I pulled her up and finaly she turned around and looked me in the eyes.

With those beautiful emerald eyes.

The ones that made my heart speed up.

For a reason I did not know. Yet it made me happy to the point I gifted her with one of my rare smiles as she continued to look at me. Then I started to turn away from her.

What I didn't know was that her leg was a little in-between my legs and thus when I made the move to turn around it got caught. I watched her fall forward and tried to catch her as she slammed into me.

The extra weight however caused me to lose my footing and fall backwards. The next thing I knew my head hit the ground hard causing pain to shoot threw me. I saw her shut her eyes, waiting to hit her head against mine. In a spit second I managed to maneuver just a bit so that our foreheads didn't collide.

Her nose hit mine and then everything froze over for me.

Something warm and wet hit my lips.

My eyes widened as I realized that my lips were connected with Sakura's.

I couldn't move, I wasn't able to.

Even as her eyes opened slowly to revel those beautiful gems, I wasn't able to.

My eyes just stayed wide as they clashed with that bright green.

My only coherent thought was that I was kissing Sakura Uzamaki.

My best friend's Imouto.

Something about it sounded wrong, but everything about it felt right. My heart was beating a thousand miles an hour at that point.

And then I realized something.

I was about to turn a thousand shades of red.

Quickly I moved my hands to her shoulder and shoved. She immediately responded with a blush that reminded me of a tomato. The most delicious thing in the world.

I was happy when she jumped off, because at that thought the blush came across me cheeks faster than anything I had felt in my life. I made sure my raven bangs covered it though. Just the thought of Sakura seeing my blush was horrifying.

I heard a muttered apology from the pink headed first grader, but I wasn't sorry at all. And that made me blush more.


I forced it down and finally after about thirty seconds I managed to control it. I put on my emotionless mask as I looked to meet her eyes. I almost blushed again when my eyes landed on those plump, pink lips of hers.

I stood up quickly, brushed off my shirt and proceeded to walk away.

When I heard no pursuit from behind me, I turned around and raised one of my eyebrows in question.

"What are you waiting for?" I asked.

She smiled one of the most daziling grins I had ever seen in my life. My heart started pounding in my chest rapidly. Faster than ever before. She ran quickly to catch up to me and smiled all the way back to her house.

That was when I realized that I possibly liked Uzamaki Sakura more, than just my Best Friend's little sister.

A lot more.

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