I hope you guys like this story! It's much darker than anything I've written. If you're not a fan of S&M than this might not be for you. But this little plot bunny has been running around in my head, dunno I think plot bunnies feed off Swine Flu (that's what I had when I got the idea). I'm a HUGE fan of Rosalie/Edward stories. I don't there are enough of them out there. This is AU, like the Cullen's are members of the Volturi. Everyone from the movie will play their respective character. This story will be somewhat graphic; you know violence, sex, and language.

The Trinity of things your parent's don't want you to know.

Plot: Edward is a born and bred Volturi guard. He fears nothing and cares for no one. Alice thinks he's far too uptight, so she and Bella buy him some company. AU, E/R

Edward/Rosalie, AU other canon couples

Chapter One: What Sound

Edward Cullen was not a happy vampire. He had no reason to be unhappy, yet every time he spoke his velvety voice sounded more like an annoyed whisper. As the son of Carlisle and Esme, the unspoken favorites in the Volturi court, Edward could have anything and everything he wanted. From expensive sports cars to designer clothing; he had it all. And it wasn't as if his family used these things to replace affection; Esme was probably the most affectionate being on earth, vampire or human. Edward had just become bored with life. A considerable problem if you live forever. Alice and Jasper, some of his closes friends, suggested he adopt a human pet.

"They are quite entertaining Edward." Alice said.

They were taking tea in Esme's large sunroom; of course it wasn't tea at all, but warmed human blood. Edward swirled the blood in his china cup lazily,

"Perhaps, but don't you find the temptation somewhat annoying?"

Jasper, Alice's stoic blonde mate, merely gave Edward a glance, "Not really."

Jasper had purchased their pet Seth for Alice as an anniversary gift. Edward thought about the creature with slight distaste. Alice treated him more like a child; always pampering him. If Aro or the rest of the Volturi ever found out about that they'd be quite put off. Pets were just that, pets. Not children. Speaking of Seth; the pet was sitting by Alice's chair looking quite content as she occasionally stroked his hair. Edward, although he'd never admit it, thought he was a stunning specimen. He looked in his late teens but with a very muscular body and tanned skin. His eyes were a deep brown-gold and his shaggy hair was an inky black.

"Besides, I'm fine on my own." Edward insisted, mussing his copper hair.

Alice gave Seth a fond look, "Pet's tend to soothe our moods, and yours have been quite taciturn. I think a little companion could do you some good."

Edward sipped his drink, "You're forgetting about Tanya."

Jasper and Alice's moods instantly went South when Edward mentioned…her. Tanya was the daughter of Caius and had taken an interest in pursuing Edward as her life-mate. Alice and Jasper thought she was far too volatile for their dear friend.

Alice wrinkled her pert nose, "What about Tanya? We all know you hate her."

Edward looked to Jasper for some defense but the blonde shrugged, "It's true. No one likes her. If she wasn't Caius' daughter then we wouldn't put up with her."

Don't lie Edward. Everyone hates that horrible hag. Alice thought.

Sometimes Edward didn't want to hear everyone's thoughts but Alice was right. Jasper gave his watch a quick glance and then looked to Alice.

"Oh that's right!" she smiled, "Thanks for reminding me Jazz."

Both of them stood gracefully, Seth included. Most pets would have to wait until their master's stood but Alice was very liberal and let Seth have a lot of leash. Edward slightly chuckled at the contrast between Alice and her pet. Seth towered over her; just reaching Jasper's imposing height of 6'2. Alice was incredibly short, even in her death-defying stiletto heels. Both Alice and Jasper always dressed sharply; today Alice wore a deep navy pencil skirt and a light blue blouse. As he liked to match, Jasper was also wearing dark wash jeans, a blue button down shirt, and an ash grey jacket. Seth's color pallet was the same, except he wore a long-sleeve black shirt that clung to his chest.

Alice gave Edward a small kiss on the cheek, "We'll see you later Edward."

"Yes and perhaps I'll think about your… idea."

Alice gave a small squeal of delight before she and her party departed from the room. Edward sighed, motioning for one of the servants to clear the table. It was true; he had been a little moody lately, but nothing too out of the ordinary. He was the total definition of a Byronic hero. Always brooding about something or other.

Maybe he really did need company.


"Are you pretending to sleep or something?"

Edward looked up, meeting the exuberant crimson eyes of his closest friend, Bella Swan. She was beautiful, like all vampires, but still retained a cherubic quality. She had a small heart-shaped face and a gentle mouth. Today, her brown hair was hanging loosely about her shoulders. Bella was a tomboy, always gallivanting around in Chuck Taylors and ripped jeans, much to the Voltruri's dislike. But her ability as a mental shield was far too valuable to discard, never mind her strange dress. This was why Edward enjoyed her company. She was different and he could never predict her actions because he couldn't hear her mind.

"No I was just thinking." He replied.

Bella grinned and plunked down into the seat Alice previously occupied. She leaned forward, her elbows on her knees, and gave Edward a look.

"You're brooding again."

Edward gave a crooked grin, "Am I? I hadn't noticed."

"Give it up." She said, "I won't let you suffer in silence like those Ann Rice vampire nightmares. Alice told me about what you guys talked about and I agree."

"Agree? Bella I thought you hated the idea of pets." Edward said.

Bella pulled her long hair over her shoulder but it only fell back into place when she spoke, "Well not if it might help. And you won't be a mean master, you know, like Santiago and the rest of them."

Edward's eyebrows knit together, "I don't think I'm responsible enough for a pet." He chuckled, "I might forget to feed it or something."

"Edward…" Bella said in a teasing tone, "This could really do you some good. And you're the most responsible dude I know. I mean really? You've had animals before right?"

Edward often forgot he'd been human at some point. That life had been a forever ago. Bella was newly turned by her brother Emmett; older vampires could usually tell by their vernacular and casual dress.

"I think I had a cat once." Edward said, trying to remember.

Bella nodded, "Exactly. And did you ever forget to feed Fluffy?"


"Great! So a person should be no problem!" Bella suddenly jumped up and swiftly pulled Edward from his seat, "There's a new shipment of pets in. I'll call Alice and we can help you pick out one."

Edward let out a groan. Would this ever end?

The chapters will be much longer than this but I just wanted to give you guys a taste. This is definitely a dark story, I can't stress that enough. I hope you enjoyed this chapter though. Next chapter we meet Rosalie; I don't think she'll be too happy about being a pet. What do you think?