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Chapter Eleven: Heaven's Not Enough

-"Soaked" by Adam Lambert

Rosalie struggled. She kicked, she scratched, she screamed but she knew no one was coming for her. She was an expendable pet. She managed to get out of Mike's grasp and was banging on the door.

"Help me! Angela! Please, somebody help me!" she screamed, banging harder on the door. It was locked from the outside. There was no way she could get out without breaking down the door.

Rosalie yelped when she was thrown against the door, Mike's hand wrapped around her throat and squeezed. The ring on her collar pressed painfully against Rosalie's windpipe and she could feel herself start to lose consciousness. Everything was becoming jumpy like the flashbulbs of old-time cameras. Rosalie was dropped onto the floor, Mike on top of her, restraining both her legs. She felt fresh tears prick her eyes when Mike reached down and pulled up her dress.

"Nice." He mused to himself, pulling her Victoria's Secret panties off.

Rosalie was screaming as loud as she could, begging him to stop. Her chest was hurting from not getting any oxygen. The corset was cutting off most of her air intake and Mike sitting on her wasn't helping. She lashed out, her nails catching Mike on the cheek.

"Let go of me!" she yelled, scratching him again.

Mike's face grimaced and Rosalie's face exploded with pain. He'd punched her square in the eye. She started to cry harder.

"Edward…please help me…" she sobbed, knowing even he couldn't hear her.

Mike was taking off his pants. Rosalie couldn't watch. Not again, she couldn't' go through this again. She searched for anything in the room she could defend herself with. She could feel Mike's weight shifting and her own eye begin to swell in pain. With that swollen cerulean eye Rosalie spotted her weapon; her way to even the playing field. It was a silver towel rack attached to the wall.

Rosalie willed herself to see what Mike was doing. He was unclothed from the waist down and she could see her struggling was turning him on. Thinking quickly, and remembering the self-defense class she'd taken with Vera, Rosalie pulled her knees back and successfully caught Mike in the groin. He yelped and collapsed next to her, clutching his groin.

Groping the slippery floor Rosalie pulled herself up, latching onto the towel rack for support, and tried to wrench it out of the wall. She gave a grunt of frustration,

"Come on you son of a bitch!"

Mike was recovering from the low blow and she could clearly see he was angrier than before. He might not only rape her but kill her too. This thought had Rosalie tugging at the rack with all her might. Finally it broke free from the wall and Rosalie swung. She didn't aim or calculate her blows, she just swung. The rod connected with Mike's jaw. It sent him sprawling on the ground, almost doing a pirouette when he fell. Rosalie was reminded of the old Tom & Jerry cartoons.

"Fuck you! Fuck you!" Rosalie yelled each time she brought the weapon down on Mike's head.

His hands were outstretched in an attempt to shield his face but Rosalie wasn't having it. She hit him harder until she stopped hearing him moaning. She'd lost count by fifteen. Mike's hands had fallen to the ground and he could barely breathe through his crushed nose and bloodied lips. His face was now the equivalent of ground beef and his chest was swelling with internal bleeding. Mike sputtered, gasping for breath, until he finally breathed his last.

Mike Newton was dead.


Edward felt that something was wrong, just as a heart know when a bit of it returns.

"Edward?" Bella asked, waving her hand in front of his face.

Edward hadn't realized he'd stopped talking and was staring directly at Tanya. She was flitting around to the guests, being a perfect hostess. Edward felt something primal break loose within him and he scarcely thought he could contain it. He set down the champagne flute in his hand and strode over to Tanya. Her thoughts were loud and clear.

"Tanya, I must speak with you." He practically barked.

Tanya barely recognized his casual tone, "Yes Edward dearest but can't you see I'm with guests?"

Edward gritted his teeth, "Now Tanya."

"But darling-"

"NOW Tanya!" he roared.

All eyes in the room were on him. Bella was standing, flabbergasted, Emmett had joined her but had a smirk on his face. He could see Jasper pinching the bridge of his nose with embarrassment and Alice had a look of pure fright on her face. It wasn't often the vampiric elite argued in public.

"Edward, dear, what's so important?" Tanya snapped, "Can't you see you're making a scene?"

"Making a scene?! Tanya…" Edward was for once at a loss for words, "Where's Rosalie, I'm leaving."

Tanya's eyes flashed, "No idea." But thoughts betrayed her; Edward could see Rosalie clearly in her mind being led into the room of no return.

"You poisonous bitch." Edward hissed, running past her in a blur.

He reached the top of the stairs in an instant, leaving the party guests scandalized and surprised beyond belief. Edward could smell Rosalie's sweet scent along the corridor and he followed it until he found himself staring at a large black door. He held out his hand and pushed the door lightly. It didn't budge.

"Edward?! What's going on?!" Bella cried, whizzing up next to him.

Edward ran his fingers through his hair, "Rosalie's in trouble."

"Here," Bella dug her Chucks into the carpet and launched herself into the door. It flew off its hinges and hit the floor with a thud.

"What?" she shrugged, "I didn't want you to fuck up your tux. It's nice."

Edward shook his head and stepped into the room. He helped Bella over the threshold. The pets in the room scuttled away from the light flooding in from the hallway; hiding their naked bodies under chairs and chaise lounges. Edward didn't bother with them. He could hear Rosalie crying…somewhere. He could hear her panicked thoughts.

I killed him…I killed that boy…

"Rosalie?!" Edward yelled, coming upon the next door. It was also locked. He called for her again, "Rosalie are you in there?!"

He could smell her but he could also smell fresh blood. A lot of blood.

"Please go away!" Rosalie's voice choked out.

"Just unlock the door, my Rose." Edward said calmly.

"No!" she replied, "Just go away, I don't want you to see me."

Edward was about to speak but Bella stopped him. She had an idea of what was going on. Bella pressed her body lightly against the door,

"Rosalie…it's Bella, can I come in?"


Bella bit her lip, "Please Rosalie, it'll just be me. No Edward."

Edward wanted to protest but stopped when he heard the door click open. Bella slid inside the small crack and disappeared from view. Edward sat against the door listening.



"This wasn't your fault, Rosalie." Bella said, holding a wet washcloth to her nose to block the blood scent.

Rosalie was still holding the towel bar, "He…he just attacked me…I was only defending myself…"

"I know that." Bella said sweetly, "Edward will understand."

"I'll be killed!" Rosalie started to sob.

Her hard-boiled demeanor was all but forgotten. Bella wondered what she was hiding. She knew under all the confidence and arrogance Rosalie was just frightened.

"How can you stand it?" Rosalie whispered, her arms were over her knees, pulling them to her chin.

"Stand what?" Bella asked, going to sit beside her.

"Being a vampire…being…this…why would you want this life?"

Bella sighed, "It wasn't planned. My brother Emmett, I think you met him, hulking dude with no filter on his words, was the one who turned me. It happened last year when I was in the school parking lot, a kid slid on a patch of black ice and the next thing I knew I was in the hospital." She paused, "Are you okay with me talking? You can stop me whenever you'd like."

"No…talking's fine." Rosalie said.

"Okay then, where was I… yeah I was in the hospital. Emmett was there and actually smuggled me out. After he did that he turned me. It took four days, four days of agony, and then it was all over. He took me to his sire, Edward's sister Alice, and she brought us to Volterra and I guess the rest is history."

"I don't want to be one." Rosalie said coldly, "I would never choose a life like yours for myself. I never want to be like you."

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