Chapter 4

Relena couldn't take this anymore. It had been only a few days since her marriage to Trowa but nothing went the way she wanted them to. She had Wufei breathing down her neck, she had a husband who loved the darkness more than the light and never stepped out of his rooms. The cook and guards wouldn't talk to her anymore. Alyce was starting to lose her fear of the castle, but only a little, and it didn't help that Quatre kept popping out of nowhere all the time. Relena just didn't know what to do!

Relena looked around her at the great hall. She and Alyce had worked so hard to get it clean and it looked like they had done nothing at all. It got dustier faster then they could clean. It all looked like one big disaster. What they needed were some maids to help around the castle. She had tried to talk the Red Knight into letting some of the villagers come to work, but all her trying was in vain. His answer was always "No". No, villagers don't work at the castle. No, she wasn't allowed out of the castle. No, she couldn't write to anyone. "No" to everything!
Without being able to write she couldn't find out what was happening to Peacecraft castle, nor write to the Pope so she could get the annulment she so desperately wanted.

Well, Relena was a Peacecraft and a Peacecraft never gave up. She was going to keep trying 'till The Red Knight said yes. To anything!

She always ate with The Red Knight at dinner, she'd try again then.



"Why not?" Relena asked.

"Because townspeople cannot come here."

"You said that already and I want to know why not."

"Because I said so." Trowa said in a quiet voice.

"Well that is not good enough for me."

"I do not want people walking around in my castle. That is why." Trowa said trying to keep his cool.

"You won't have a castle if you don't take care of it. It's going to crumble right round you."

"Don't worry, I have help who work on the castle so it'll not crumble."

Help? Relena had not seen any people working on the castle. 'He lies,' Relena thought. ' 'Tis but a trick to shut me up.' Then the most absurd thought entered her mind, of little devils and demons working on the castle at night.

Relena shook her head to clear it.

"Fine. If you won't care for you own castle, let me write to my steward so I can take care of mine."

"No." Trowa said flatly.

Relena wanted to strangle him! "And what is the reason for this nay say? It's just my steward, I don't see the harm in that."

"How do I know you're not writing to a lover with a plan to leave?"

"How dare you!! You have insulted me too far. How dare you accuse your own Christian wife of having a lover!!"

"You mean my Christian wife who wants an annulment?"

To keep herself from jumping at Trowa, Relena gripped the chair as tight as she could.

"And how do I know if you have not a lover," Trowa continued to taunt "'tis not like I know if you're a virgin."

'How dare he!' Relena thought. She did feel a little guilty for what she was doing. No, she was not writing to a lover. But she had been planning on sending her letter for the Pope to her steward so he could send it to the Pope himself. Relena didn't know how long her patience would last. She tried demanding, she tried begging and now she was going to try something only her sex could do. She started to cry.

"I don't know why you would say such a thing." Relena cried. "All I was trying to do was find out about my home. I'm so worried..."

Trowa, was so shocked, he didn't say a thing.

"And all I wanted to do was to get some help so I can make a place in this castle for myself."

when Relena started to cry it was only fake tears, but now real tears started to come out, and once they started she couldn't stop them.

"It's just so dusty and cold.... an... and dark. That's no place for me." Relena didn't know what

she was saying anymore, it just came out. "All I wanted was to go outside in the sunlight and have some help cleaning but you denied me everything I want! I'm not allowed outside, I can't write to anyone I know and I can't get help to make YOUR castle look better!"

Relena took a deep breath but it did nothing to calm her, she just kept crying.

"Alright, Wufei will escort you to the village on the morrow." Trowa said in defeat. "But you are still not allowed to send any letters. And once a week you can go out to ride your horse but only for one hour and only with an escort." he said firmly.

Relena didn't mind. She won this battle, she had won two battles in fact, and she was able to go outside and could have help. She was sure she would win the other battle in time too.

"Oh thank you!" Relena cried with joy. Relena jumped up, hugged Trowa and gave him a kiss on the mouth.

She didn't know who was more shocked, The Red Knight or herself, but neither of them stopped the kiss. Trowa was about to take the kiss deeper when Relena yelled in pain. One of his dogs, thinking she was trying to hurt him, bit her. He hit the dog over the nose before he turned to Relena. She was already halfway out the door.

"I'll...... I'm going to clean this." Relena said holding out her hurt hand. Then she was gone.


That Night Trowa couldn't sleep, he kept remembering how Relena's rosy lips felt. Oh how he cursed his demon dog for biting her and ending the kiss. He never expected her to hug and then kiss him full on the lips. He didn't think letting her go to the village was so important to her. It made her so happy.

But the thought of Relena's lips and happiness was only half of the reason why he couldn't sleep. The other reason was he knew that in the morrow she will learn of his little joke, and her happiness will turn to hatred. But he said she could go and there was no stopping her now, she would hate him if he went back on his word. He was a dead man ether way he looked at it.


Relena was so mad that she stormed into Baron Barton's bedroom. "You!!" Relena didn't care what the big dog's did, she was mad and she was going to show it. But Relena was taken aback when she saw in the dim room that the dogs were not there.

Trowa knew that Relena was going to be mad when she came back and decided to not have Killer and Satan in the room then she come back from the village.

Relena walked right up to Trowa and demanded: "Why?!"

"'Why' what?" Trowa knew full well what she was talking about but he thought it best not to seem like he did.

"You know what I'm talking about. Wufei told me afterwards what a funny joke you played on me. If the villagers didn't fear you so, they might have stoned me to death for just saying your name. And the stories they told Alyce..." Relena closed her eyes with the memory of those stories. They were going to give her nightmares for a month. One in particular, it was a story of a young girl; she couldn't have been more then nine years old. She had gone all by herself to Dark Castle, soon after The Red Knight had came home and kicked everyone out. She had gone, just out of curiosity. When night came around and the girl hadn't returned home, her mother was worried sick. That night the villagers looked all over but they couldn't find her. The next day they found the child. She was found by the side of the road. Wolves had eaten the little girl. The look on the girl's face was one of surprise and fear. Everyone who saw her was horrified. Since then, no one's ever gone to the castle. It was said that if you did, the Red Knight would call upon his wolves from hell, to hunt you down. Relena shivered once more at just the thought of the story. Relena could just imagine what a story like that could do to poor Alyce. Relena bet that Alyce was going to sleep in her rooms again tonight. "Why do you let them fear you? Why do you not ride out and show them that you're not a monster but a man? I tried to tell them but they don't listen. The tales they tell..." Relena shuddered.

"How do you know they are just tales?" Trowa asked.

"Why do you like to be alone?" was all she could say.

"My legend is well known to all. I can not help it if they fear me." Trowa said sadly.

"But why?" Relena asked not understanding. "Why do you want your villagers to fear you?"

"It's better then them being disgusted with me." Trowa said in so low a voice that Relena had to lean in to hear. Relena felt pity for him, till his next words.

"I knew you wouldn't listen to me, and you never stopped with your complaints. So you see now why I didn't want you to go to the village."

"That's right, you bastard, how could you send me to the village without any warning?"

"Would you have believed me?"

He was right, she wouldn't have believed him, but she didn't want to admit that.

"Yes, I would have." Relena lied. "That Wufei was no help as an escort, all he did was laugh at me and Alyce. When we left he said things like: 'the Lord has not lost his humor'. I was humiliated."

Relena couldn't hold back the tears anymore. "Why do you hate me so much?"

Trowa, with a deep sigh, replied, "I don't hate you."

"Well, you don't act like you like me. You knew what was going to happen in that village and the times when you just said "No" and didn't tell me why. You could have warned me a little so that I wouldn't have brought Alyce along. The villagers sacred her within an inch of her life! I had to drag her back to the castles after she heard those tales. That was the meanest thing you could have done to me. Alyce is my friend and it's my fault that she is afraid! 'Tis all my fault..."

Relena repeated the last part over and over again.

Trowa didn't know what to do so he put his arms around her and just held her.

Relena, feeling the embrace, sank deeply into it. After some time passed Relena stopped crying, and she realized where she was and who's arms she was in.

"I think I had better get going," Relena said trying to get up.

But Trowa wouldn't let her go. He put his face between her neck and shoulder. "Why am I so attracted to you?"

Relena didn't have an answer for Trowa's question. She moved her head to look at Trowa but he moved his head at the same time and their lips met. He tastes so good Relena thought, she decided that she liked Trowa's kisses, and being in his arms. Trowa hands want up to Relena's hair, and started to pull out the pins holding it up. With Relena's hair down and loose, he buried his hand in it, holding her head in place as he deepened the kiss.

Neither of them heard the door open but they did heard Wufei talking.

"Trowa I have the papers on.... the... I'm sorry," he said with a bow. "I didn't mean to disturb you. I'll go."

Relena jumped out of Trowa's arms. "It's okay, I was just leaving." Relena ran out of the room, she didn't stop when she heard Trowa call out her name.

When Relena's footsteps couldn't be heard anymore, Wufei turned to Trowa. "I'm sorry, I thought that she had left, for I didn't hear any shouting."

Trowa took a calming breath but it didn't help. "You will knock the next time you want to enter my rooms."


"And you well act nicer around my wife. For she is my wife and will be my wife 'till I die. Now get out."

Wufei just nodded. He wasn't sure if he understood. All he knew was that Trowa had changed and that girl was to blame.


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