3:00 in the morning. A wondrous time, where people are in their deepest state of sleep, dreaming of good things, relaxing in the comfort of their pillows and sheets, only to wake up refreshed the following day.

That is, everyone except Mikuo.

Mikuo punched in codes at a rapid pace, taking a hefty swig of his espresso as he read through the arrangement of symbols and numbers.

This was his big break. Everything in Mikuo's life so far led up to this point, and he couldn't afford to mess it up.

Mikuo rubbed his eyes, took another large sip, and then continued typing.

Mikuo was a software designer, hired for his immense creativity and work quality (and possibly his looks? Mikuo knew he was handsome, so it made sense). The paycheck his employers provided was nothing short of generous, but Mikuo always pushed himself to the limit, aspiring to make each product better than the one before.

This new project was his everything, Mikuo's greatest masterpiece: A virtual computer assistant who can converse with the user, designed to help in all areas of research and technology, answer all questions, and hold conversation with it's user.

This was Miku Hatsune.