So. Long time, no see. Sheesh. Uhmmm...I'm not sure what to say, other than please forgive the year-and-a-half between this and the last update, especially to those that have been reading this. Sorry about that. I'm pretty sure my writing style has changed since I last updated. Anyway, without further ado, enjoy and tell me what you think!

The next hour had passed quickly, spent talking with the virtual girl about all varieties of topics and having her retrieve varies files and data. Mikuo knew he should have been disappointed that he didn't get immediate results, but he couldn't help his amusement as she set about her task with a mechanical sort of hum, a loading feature he'd applied on a whim. She dragged folders to herself from the desktop, disappearing inside of them before returning either empty-handed or in possession of the requested data.

Still, no matter how cute Miku was, Mikuo himself was a programmer, so he had to regard her with a critical eye. Adorable or not, people and businesses didn't buy software for being 'cute', but for efficiency. They wanted applications that ran in a timely manner, reliable and useful features, and that didn't bother them as much as Word assistants did (he swore to God, that paperclip was so annoying). Not to mention bug-free; Mikuo noticed with disdain that Miku had gotten stuck partway offscreen, seemingly attempting to return but her moving feet unable to take her anywhere. Her animations were visibly glitching from the program's sudden spike in processing and self-repair. Mikuo sighed and pulled up his system's task manager.

MikuHatsune .exe – Not Responding

He highlighted the program and moved his cursor over the options.

End Task

For a few seconds the laptop made slight crinkling noises as if protesting the excessive amounts of processes, all at once returning to normal operating speed, Miku nowhere to be found. The computer expelled hot air through the small vents on its side in a way that reminded Mikuo of a man who just stepped off the exercise bicycle in a gym, breathing heavily out of exertion and out of oxygen.

Mikuo groaned in sleepy frustration as he removed his headset, massaging his temples tiredly and flopping back in his chair.

Sleep now. Fix later.